How to Hide Sex Toys: 10 Discrete Storage Ideas

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When purchasing a sex toy, you probably consider many aspects. 


You’ll likely be excited to get your new purchase charged up and ready for usage. You might remember to purchase a coordinating lubricant and even a specially designed sex toy cleaner. 


But…did you think about where to hide sex toys


It’s great if you’ve got a plan, but we’re here to help if not. We’ll cover all the reasons you may want to carefully store your sex toys. And stick around as we go over 10 ideas and products to achieve your concealment goals.


How to Hide Sex Toys

How To Hide Sex Toys

 Worried your kids might find your toys and ask you all about them? 


Or maybe you still live at home and would be totes embarrassed if your pops discovered your new rabbit. You might even be trying to hide your favourite form of masturbation from your spouse (or getting a new toy ready for them as a surprise). 


Whatever your reasoning for wanting to know how to hide sex toys, we’ve got the info to make sure junior doesn’t get his hands on your handcuffs. 


You can apply the following concepts to any concern, whether it be how to hide sex toys from the kids, how to hide sex toys from parents, or how to hide sex toys from a wife or husband.


Why is Storing Sex Toys Important?

When you consider how to hide your sex toys in your own home, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing so with intention. 


Sure, throwing all your sexy time accessories in a box will keep them out of sight, but that won’t make sure that they stay clean, damage-free, and organized on top of remaining hidden. 


Providing the utmost care in storing your sex toys will:


  • Promote Cleanliness

  • Prevent Damage

  • Provide Discretion

  • Pursue Organization


How to Hide Your Sex Toys to Promote Cleanliness

Whenever storing your sex toys, you need to make sure they are thoroughly cleaned and dried first. 


What happens if you don’t follow this important step? 


Your toys may have remaining bodily fluids and lubricants on them. This leads to bacteria growth. On some toys, like strokers, it can even cause mold to develop.


Using a dirty toy can compromise your health by creating a yeast or bacterial infection. Sticky sex toys are also prone to collecting lint, dust, and hair. Talk about a mood-killer.


Wondering how to clean sex toys properly? 


Here are some pointers:


  • You can use what you already have on hand for most toys. 

  • Gently rubbing them down with soap and warm water should do the trick. 

  • Be careful with toys that are not waterproof. 

  • If your toys feature any texture with nooks and crannies, you may want to gently use a brush with extra-soft bristles to get into every crevasse. 

  • Check the ingredients on your soap to avoid any harsh chemicals. 


You can also purchase sex toy cleaners made specifically for the job. There are many different products available, including mists, foams, and anti-bacterial solutions. Thoroughly dry your toys after cleaning with a soft, lint-free or microfiber towel.


How to Hide Sex Toys to Prevent Damage

If you’ve ever gone to use a sex toy and found it bent, the surface pitted, or unable to charge, you may have stored it improperly. Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen to you again! 


While there are affordable sex toys, some are also a costly investment. You don’t want to waste time and money having to replace them. You also don’t want to create more pollution if they have to be tossed out. 


When you’ve found yourself in this situation and trying to find out sex toy recycling, it’s okay! There are some companies that will recycle the motors and other parts from sex toys.


Learning how to hide your sex toys to keep them in perfect shape is easy! 


The best practice is to store toys separately so that they are not touching one another. 


It’s important to know what sex toy materials are in your products. Silicone interacts with other silicone when the two touch. This creates the pitting or holes in improperly stored sex toys. 


Heavier toys may leave an indentation on other toys when stored together. To avoid these issues, use individual cases or bags inside of a larger storage location. You can use specifically designed sex toy storage or plastic or cloth storage bags you already have on hand. 


Also be sure to store your toy in a climate-controlled location. Conditions that are too hot or too cold can damage the electronic functions in your toys.


How to Hide Your Sex Toys to Provide Discretion

There aren’t many worse feelings than having a private part of your life discovered unintentionally. 


This can happen when you don’t hide your sex toys in a location that keeps them completely out of sight. If you prefer to have your sex toys displayed proudly, that’s totally okay too. 


We’ll cover that more on that in a bit, but this section refers more to those who are worried about how to hide sex toys from parents, how to hide sex toys from the kids, or how to hide sex toys from a wife or husband. 


Find out more about individual products in our What are Sex Toys article.


You’ll want to select a location in your home that is your personal space. 


The bedroom, bathroom, or closet can provide a discreet location that already is implied as your private area. 


If your toy has a travel mode to keep it from accidentally turning on, you should activate this feature prior to storing. Choose a storage bag or container that is not clear or see-through. You can find many options in our sex toy storage ideas below.


How to Hide Sex Toys to Pursue Organization

Selecting a sex toy storage option that enables you to stay organized is a game-changer! 


When you’re in the moment, you don’t want to have to riffle through a pile of lubes and condoms to find your vibrator. With organizations, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for right when you need it. 


If you’re discovering how to hide your sex toys, you’ll want to do so with a system that works for you.


You can organize by category, size, color, and more to fit your personal needs. You can even embrace your inner Monica Geller and whip out that label maker to take things to extreme organization levels. 


Just promise us you won’t go Marie Kondo and get rid of all your sex toys, because we know they all bring you joy. Be sure to fully charge your toy before tucking it away, so you’re ready to go at a moment’s notice!


10 Discrete Sex Toy Storage Ideas

Now that we’ve talked about the why in how to hide sex toys, let’s talk about the where – as in options! There are seriously so many ways you can keep your sex toys hidden from your family members. 


Let’s go over a few options that work best at providing a safe place to store the goods.


1. Ziplock Bags

You’ve probably already got these in your kitchen. You can use any size to accommodate your toys. Ziplock bags also prevent leaks as they are waterproof, making them great for stashing your favorite lubes.


2. Plastic Containers

They can stack, lock, or snap closed. They can be see-through or solid colored, too. It’s really up to you! Regardless of which kind you choose, they provide a safe way to separate your sex toys and keep them safe from potential damage.


3. Rollup Travel Bags

Great for those who are on the go or want to keep things incognito. Rollup travel bags usually contain separate zippered compartments for an easy way to keep things organized. When they’re rolled up and tucked away, no one will be the wiser.


4. Diversion Safes

While using a real safe is also a great sex toy storage idea, safes that mimic other products will keep your little ones from wondering what’s inside. That dictionary over there? No one would think it’s hiding whatever A-Z-named toy you’re into. If you’re wondering how to hide sex toys from the kids, this is the answer!


5. Tacklebox

Got a small collection of odds and ends? We love the idea of a tacklebox to keep all your jewelry, balms, cock rings, and more safely stored. You could think of it as your first-aid kit for love!


6. Trunks

For those who boast a big collection of sex toys, we recommend putting them all into a larger trunk. This is also a good option for those who own larger toys, like sex swings, restraints, etc.


7. Suitcases

The best thing about suitcases is that they’re easy to move around, especially when they have wheels. You can slide them out from under the bed quickly or tuck them away whenever company is coming.


8. Shelves

Okay, we see you exhibitionists! If you want to proudly display your sex toy collection, there’s no better way to do it than a shelf. You can go with a wall shelf, bookshelf, or even one with individual cubbies.


9. Drawers

While it’s not ideal to store toys loosely, everyone needs options. If you can’t get your hands on some good storage for your sex toys, you can safely store them in a drawer. We recommend tucking toys into socks or between folds of a handkerchief or other clothing to make sure they’re out of sight and don’t get damaged.


10. Specially-Made Bags and Boxes/Containers

If you want to be sure your sex toys stay clean, damage-free, hidden, and organized, there is absolutely nothing that compares to storage items intended specifically for hiding your sex toys. Some toy storage options even feature antibacterial and lint-resistant fabrics. 


How to Hide Sex Toys - Shopping

If you’re ready to solve your sex toy storage issues, trust PinkCherry to help you make it happen. 


We have antibacterial bags and other sex toy storage options to fit toys small and large. And be sure to check out our Sex Toy Guide to find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know regarding sex toys.

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