The Thrill of Outdoor Sex & How to Do it Safely

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Thrill of Outdoor Sex and How to Do it Safely


When the weather is warm, the days are long, and the nights are comfortably balmy, there are more reasons to spend outside than sand, surf, and outdoor recreation. Outdoor sex is a great — and greatly underrated — way to add excitement to your sex life, as it combines pleasure and sensuality with the implicit thrill of getting caught.

But, while outdoor sex is not technically illegal, there are a number of considerations to take into account — from privacy and respect to hygiene and protection — if you decide to move your sex life from the bedroom to the beach (or the forest, alcove, or alleyway, as the case may be). Here are a few tips for how to ensure a safe, fulfilling outdoor sex encounter:

1. A little planning goes a long way…

If you and your partner have always wanted to take an al fresco romp in the hay, there’s nothing wrong with a little planning ahead. There are a number of things you can discuss and decide before having sex outdoors, including (but not limited to):

Location: Are you going on a camping trip soon? Planning a picnic or beach day? Taking a trip to a new city or country? Special trips or small excursions that you’re sharing with your partner are also great opportunities to kick things up a notch with some outdoor playtime. If you plan to go this route, use Google maps to check out some spots in the area where you’re travelling that may be best suited to outdoor sex. These spots should be secluded and private: look for alcoves and alleyways if you’re planning an in-city romp, and forested or tree-dense areas for more rural sexy encounters. Outdoor caves or steep rock faces, where you’re obscured from nearby hikers, may also be ideal.

If you’d like to have outdoor sex in the town or city where you live, do a bit of the same: map out a location where you and your partner are (relatively) certain you won’t be seen or caught, and then make a plan to find yourself in that area, whether for a date night first, or specifically to do the deed. 

Toys and gear: While outdoor sex may not provide as many opportunities for utilizing toys as indoor sex does, there’s no reason why you can’t still pack your favourite vibrator, stroker, or dildo. You may also want to consider a small, travel-friendly sex toy for more discreet outdoor play. Be sure to pack your toys in a sex toy storage bag  something that keeps it clean and sanitized, and bring sex toys cleaners to wipe the items spray to clean the toy before you put it back in your purse or backpack for the trip home (you should also bring sanitizing wipes for personal use). If your outdoor sex date involves penetrative sex with a penis, you may also want to bring condoms, to avoid any awkward-to-clean-up messes while you’re in a public place. 

Timing: It may go without saying, but the best time to engage in outdoor sex is at night, when your chances of getting caught are significantly lowered. It is also worth checking the weather forecast — while getting caught in a torrential downpour may take things to sexy new heights, it may also, ahem, completely dampen your and your partner’s spirits. 


2. ...but spontaneity is sexy

If you’re out with your partner and the mood has struck so strongly that the thought of making it back to your bedroom seems simply impossible, get it on outdoors! Of course, even in this scenario, some planning — and caution — is important: you’ll still need to do the legwork of finding a private, secluded area. And, without any advanced planning, there may be some messiness that you won’t be able to deal with until you get home. But, hey, that’s all part of the fun — embrace it!


3. Keep it safe 

As we noted earlier, outdoor sex itself is not technically illegal, but having sex outdoors within the view of other people is considered an indecent act. If you and your partner are caught, you could be charged with section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada, which has a maximum sentence of 18 months in jail.

So, while exhibitionism is a turn-on for many, it may not be worth risking jail time. Choose a spot that’s not likely to be visible by anyone, meaning those who might be walking closeby or gathering in nearby parks, or from any nearby windows or balconies. Having sex outdoors comes with the implicit risk of getting caught, anyway — there’s no need to amplify that risk by purposefully putting yourself within the sightlines of other people. 


4. Keep it respectful

As sexy as you (and your partner) are, let’s be real: not everyone wants to see you having sex. And if they do, they likely don’t want to see if without first consenting! If you’re planning to engage in outdoor sex, part of the reason why you should keep things as private as possible is because exposing yourself to others, without their consent, is a form of sexual assault. 

Plus, it’s important to choose your outdoor location respectfully. Places that are community-oriented, or places of worship — such as schools, drop-in centres, churches, temples, or mosques — are not appropriate locations for your outdoor romp. 

In addition, make sure you’re only engaging in play that you know your partner likes! Talk beforehand and/or during your outdoor sex encounter about what you both want and need from the experience. Having a solid idea of what type of encounter you and your partner are looking forward to will only improve the experience, whether it’s spur-of-the-moment or planned in advance.  


5. Lean in to your surroundings (literally)

Your outdoor sex excursion is likely going to involve a few discomforts, as dirt, sand, bugs, and other outdoor trappings are inevitable. Instead of letting uneven terrain and unusual surroundings spoil the mood, get into it! Getting a little bit dirty is all part of the fun. Plus, you can use props and supports, such as outdoor walls, tree trunks, steps and benches to your advantage: standing or sitting, rather than laying down, is probably best for outdoor sex, and using your surroundings to prop yourself or your partner up may lead to some fun — and immensely pleasurable — new positions and sensations. 


6. Stay alert

As we noted, the fear of getting caught is, for many, one of the main appeals of outdoor sex: it adds a heightened level of danger and excitement that many find extremely titillating. But you shouldn’t engage in outdoor sex with the hope of being caught, so make sure that — as best you can — you’re keeping your eyes and ears open for people who may at risk of stumbling onto your sexy scene. 


7. Have fun! 

Keeping things safe and respectful shouldn’t — and won’t! — get in the way of your next (or first) outdoor sex experience being a ton of thrilling, scintillating, memorable fun for both you and your partner. Remember to make sure you’re both respecting each other’s boundaries, prioritizing each other’s pleasure, and getting as down and dirty as possible (or, as comfortable) in your outdoor setting of choice. Enjoy! 


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Written By: Rebecca Tucker

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