Lingerie - How & What to Pack for a Sexy Summer Getaway

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Lingerie - How & What to Pack for a Sexy Summer Getaway


It's almost summertime y'all, and that means it's time for sexy vacation lingerie, toys, and tips! Why is vacation sex better than your average romp? For starters, most people are more relaxed and confident on vacation. Plus, you and your partner are both likely to be less inhibited. This natural boost of body-confidence makes wearing sexy lingerie even more fun than usual. Sure, you may enjoy stripping down to a sexy bra and panty set on date night - but vacation lingerie can take you to a whole new level. Lingerie for traveling isn’t just what you wear before rolling into bed with your partner. On vacation, sexy lingerie is your hotel wardrobe. Imagine having breakfast on the balcony in a sheer gown with slits up the side and nothing on underneath. Or padding around your room in a short silky robe, your partner can’t stop untying. Looking and feeling sensual is part of the pleasure of your trip.

Vacation sex also tends to be more adventurous, intense and romantically charged, which can enhance feelings of intimacy and connection with your partner. Even if that partner is a local hottie you’ll probably never see again;  memories of mai tais and oral sex til sunrise will live in your heart forever. And they will never forget the sexy tourist in the hot pink, peek-a-boo panty.

If your partner is the person you “plan to have and to hold” for the long haul, romantic vacations are almost more of a necessity than mere luxury. They say relationships take work, but what they forget to mention is that sometimes, that work involves champagne, lingerie and a few nights away from home. Oh the sacrifices we must make in the name of love!

But while vacation sex is usually pretty damn great- it can be downright AMAZING if you plan it right and pack accordingly. Having a few tricks in your bag (and some sexy lingerie for traveling) is the best way to guarantee you and your partner have incredibly orgamic sex for your entire trip.


Getting In the Mood

The excitement of jettisoning off to a novel destination is a big libido booster. In fact, as you start planning and packing for your trip, your anticipation begins to work like an aphrodisiac. When you begin to think about pleasurable experiences (specifically ones you know you’re very likely to engage in), your brain releases dopamine. This feel-good chemical is responsible for feelings of desire, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little turned on while packing your sexy lingerie.


Lingerie: Tips on What to Pack

Diana Vreeland famously, “the eye has to travel” when it comes to fashion and it’s doubly true for fashion designed for the boudoir. The visual and sensual importance of lingerie as novelty cannot be overstated. Choose things that invite the eyes to travel and hands to wander by picking things that have interesting details. Sexy lingerie for traveling should include a distinctive variety to make each erotic escapade feel new and exciting.

Try to have at least one sexy lingerie outfit for each day of the trip. It doesn’t need to all be brand new but get as many new things as possible. This may sound decadent but your lingerie wardrobe for the trip can be worn throughout the summer. The sexy lingerie will be an erotic reminder of the trip. Most likely you will take a few things you already own. Like your best t-shirt bra for practical reasons or perhaps a chemise you haven’t worn since before the kids were born. Nostalgia can lead to very primal and loving sex, it can also que an instinct for reenactment. So definitely take that chemise or its equivalent. Just mix it up between the old and new.

If you manage to leave your hotel room, pepper in a few sexy lingerie pieces that work well under clothes and that are comfortable. Be sure your partner sees it.  A visible bandeau, bra or bralette can be a fashion-forward part of your ensemble that looks chic to AND is super erotic to your partner. Brazenly wearing a new bra will have them thinking about removing it all day. Another fun way to draw attention to your sexy daytime lingerie is to walk in front of your partner and flip your summer dress or skirt up. Flashing your panties is a classic move that works at every age. It’s this kind of sight-seeing that makes a vacation memorable!

Pack pieces that differ from your usual favorites and ones that are unique to each other. If your flirty pink panties lead to an afternoon delight, switch to something more sultry to wear that night. Each day and night is a chance to express your creative sexuality. You can switch up textures like velvet, silk, lace, and vinyl. Try bright, bold colors and neons. Keep your choices seasonally appropriate with fresh spring/summer shades and patterns. Reds and metallics can be tricky because they can easily look like items leftover from the winter holidays. Avoid this by  choosing a cherry or poppy red over a darker hue. Swap shimmering metallics shades like champagne gold and iced blue with yellow gold and holographic anything.

Remember that people are more relaxed and confident on vacation, making it the perfect opportunity to try new things like role-play costumes. Not many people talk about “vacation sex role-play” but bringing the two together can result in an obscene (in a very good way!) amount of fun.

You can even keep the role-play  going over the course of your trip by playing a version of yourself instead of a sexy archetype like “slutty nurse.” This type of role-play can be subtle or elaborate depending on you and your partner. If you’ve never played “the sexy stranger” game, the change of scenery and general anonymity that comes with being on vacation makes it the perfect time to try it. Especially if you add lingerie accessories, like nipple pasties, high heels, and maybe even a wig.

The easiest way to experiment with the novelty of a new persona is to wear sexy lingerie that isn’t exactly your taste. Deliberately shopping for things you’re less drawn to can feel weird, but wearing it can be invigorating because it allows you to push the boundaries between what “feels like you” and what feels more daring. Sometimes the effect of this is similar to wearing a costume and it’s fun for one night; other times these purchases can lead to learning something new about yourself and what you find sexy. **This advice only applies to shopping for oneself. Please do not get your partner something that you think is out of their comfort zone.

Last but not least, remember to take fresh cotton panties or shorts to sleep in. Lingerie is not meant for sleeping and vaginas need non-restricting, breathable fabrics to get their beauty rest.


Bringing Sexy Pack

When it comes to packing your lingerie, separate things so you don’t arrive to find your string teddie tangled and your rhinestones items ensnared with your lacey things. You can use tissue paper to wrap specialty items to avoid snags and tangles or wrap ‘em in a towel. Lay your pieces out on a towel, fold the towel longways and then roll it. This can take up extra room in your suitcase but when you consider how small lingerie is compared to your other clothes, it all evens out.

Take a garment bag. Dirty panties and lingerie can get lost, tangled or ruined pretty easily. Having a place to put them after use will help keep them safe.

If you use tissue paper for packing, take an unopened pack with you for packing for your return. Ideally, you would reuse what you have but tissue paper is delicate and not meant for life on the road. Be a little precious about how you pack your lingerie. It adds to the anticipation mentioned earlier, but it also garners a sense of well-deserved pride. 

Bras should not be crushed or twisted in the middle with the cups stacked like tupperware containers. Instead, stack your bras with cups in order of most coverage and support to the least. This will give your bras the comfort and support they deserve.

The same stacking method works for panties as a way to save space and keep them organized. Panties that have the most coverage are on the bottom, with progressively smaller pairs on top. You may want to do a panty inventory so you don’t leave your hotel with panties in the couch cushions, under the bed or on the balcony.


Packing Sex Toys:

The biggest concern most travelers have when packing sex toys is a fear that they will get stopped by TSA and it will be mortifying. But honestly, it’s unlikely to be stopped for sex toys. Most TSA agents are  pretty cool about sex toys because they see them in carry-on’s every single day. If you’re shy about such things, no worries, just pack your naughty bits in your checked baggage. If you’re taking your sexy accoutrements on the plane with you, the best way to fly under the radar is to hide in plain site. Don’t try to masquerade your sex toys and lube as other things because those other things could look really suspicious in the x-ray machine and will almost certainly require closer examination. When it’s obviously a vibrator or a dildo, there’s no need to ask a lot of questions. 

Have batteries for the toys that need them, but do not leave them in the toys. A vibrating carry-on is suspicious even if it’s probably a sex toy and could make people in line get squirrely. Double check that you have all the things that go together. You don’t want to arrive and not come as planned because someone forgot the USB charger  or the harness. Avoid traveling with porous toys such as jellies because those materials are very temperamental and need to be packed in separate fabric bags. Never in plastic ziplock bags with other toys. Lube and toy cleaner in TSA approved 3.4 oz sizes. Have a separate ziplock for your lube, even if it is brand new and never been opened.



Remember, your sexiest vacation starts with you and your partner. Romance isn’t about where you go or what you do, it’s about how you treat each other along the way. To paraphrase, great vacation sex is about the journey, not the destination! Prepare for takeoff with sexy travel lingerie from Pink Cherry. Check out the incredible variety of bras, panties, teddies, babydolls, bodystockings and sexy costumes. Your best vacation ever is in the bag. Have fun out there wanderlusters!


Bon Voyage!

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