5 Best Sex Toys for Men and Penis Owners

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Top 10 Best Sex Toys For Men and Penis-Owners


Whether you’re engaging in solo play, partnered play, or a multi-person sexy-time festival (also known as a “fun factory”), having the right toys to bring along makes any adventure that much more exciting and epic. 

The best sex toys for women and folks with vulvas include vibrators like the Hitachi Magic Wand and Le Wand vibes, and they’ve have been around for a minute to service the sexual pleasure and good vibration needs of vagina-owners. Still, adult toy companies are also just as hard at work making futuristic adult toys that are centered around males/penis-havers, as well. Yes, the era of penile and mens sex toys is upon us. Here are a few of the most scintillating categories:


1.  Cock rings

Are you or your penis-haver ready to turn your Johnson into a Hyper Vibration Action Johnson? Cock rings are here to save the day, given their ability to add extra sensations to the perfect penetration pleasure process. 

There are lots of different types of penis rings that can serve different purposes. It turns out that in addition to pleasure, cock rings can also help keep that Healthy Henry good and fully engorged. Cock rings can be the perfect way to keep blood inside the penis after a fruitful session with one of the many luxurious kinds of penis pumps out there (this can also be an effective and efficient way to handle erectile dysfunction).

Other cock rings serve double duty by including fun additions, such as a cock ring with an attached butt plug. These are fun for those who already know they like anal stimulation alongside other kinds of titillating action. 

There are many different varieties of penis rings for whatever type of sex play you’re interested in. For example, if you’re all about penetrative sex, while there are lots of non-vibrating cock rings, there are also vibrating cock rings that can add a li’l spice to the act of penetration by inserting some buzz into the action. Who doesn’t want that good clitoral stimulation including in the ins and outs of P-in-the-V sex? Or, in the words of one enthusiastic user of LELO TOR, a well-known couples’ cock ring, “TOR 2 felt like an amazing threesome without all the awkward position changing.”


2. Butt plugs and anal beads

Butts in general are pretty neat, and it’s surprising what types of things can fit in there with a little bit of determination and a whole lot of lube (properly and skillfully applied). That said, it’s essential to use something that won’t get sucked up into that rectum, such as specific anal toys like the best anal dildo toys, butt plugs. and anal beads. Why? Because any good anal toy will have a flared base — meaning that it won’t be able to slip too far and get lost in your or your partner’s anal canal. If this happens, you might need to visit the ER so remember: flared base, always. Also, note that some anal toys are designed to stay in for longer periods, providing a fun and full feeling as they sit in your booty.

Butt plugs can be made from a variety of different materials; sometimes they’re glass, sometimes steel, and sometimes silicone. The material of your sex toy for any type of sex is important, but in particular for anal play. This is because during butt stuff, you must, must, must use a personal lubricant.

Here’s the deal: if you’re using a silicone toy, you don’t want to use a silicone-based lube because it could mess up your toy and possibly expose you to infection. For a butt plug made of silicone, you want to use a water based lube. Silicone lube could degrade the quality of your silicone toy, which can cause pores or tiny openings. Those pores, in turn, can attract and harbor bacteria.

If you’re interested in something that will help open up the anus, there are butt plug trainer sets you can use on either yourself or a partner, to get acclimated to having something up there. There are also anal bead sets that start smaller, then grow in size; the idea is that each bead progressively disappears smoothly into that bottom (up to the base). There are a whole bunch of exciting options for butt things — mix and match and see what works for you!


3. Prostate massagers


In the world of anal sex toys for penis owners, a prostate massager is a sort of sub-set of butt plugs that are so thrilling they deserve their very own category. We’ve simply got to highlight all their prostate stimulation glory. 

While all human beings have rectums, only penis-owners have prostates, and prostates definitely deserve some good lovin’. Why? Because prostate orgasms can be an overwhelmingly tremendous experience for men and folks with penises. In the words of one man, “for me, a penile orgasm is a quick release, whereas getting a prostate orgasm is a full ‘eyes rolled back’ situation.”

Prostate toys functionally add some extra sensation to the prostate, which is a small, walnut-sized knot of tissue located between the bladder and the penis, in front of the rectum. The prostate is located roughly 4 inches up into the rectum, towards the base of the penis. Gently massaging, rubbing, or in general stimulating, that area can be both extremely vulnerable and also extremely pleasurable. 

Prostate massagers have been made to get just this type of job done, and products like the We Vibe Vector are just the right anal play tools to vibrate all up in there. A lot of these modern adult sex toys even come with their own apps, so you and/or a partner can adjust the vibration settings from the touch of a button, even from thousands of miles away!


4. Male masturbators

Mens sex toys have been around for a long time, but only in the last few years has the adult sex toy industry gotten to the point where there are smooth-sliding modern options, and a wide variety of them. 

These types of male masturbation devices can make sexy self-satisfaction much better: Whether it be through a stroker or masturbation sleeve; something mechanized that mimics getting ridden or receiving head; or something that’s in itself disposable and intended for single use. Want the sensation of getting oral sex any time you want? It’s available to you in the form of a male masturbator.

When it comes to strokers, they come in two varieties: closed-ended and open-ended. Closed-ended devices allow for suction, mimicking the sensation of penis-centered oral sex, while open-ended devices allow for a simpler cleaning process and have less of a suction feeling.

Now, if you’d like to get that futuristic blowjob-from-a-robot type feeling (oh, what a feeling), that type of thing has definitely arrived on the market. Devices like Autoblow AI have independent motors to provide all the stroking and suction action you need to get on with your bad self.

There are also more short-term use items like the Tenga egg, which is a disposable masturbation sleeve and uses the magic of the stretchiness of silicone to turn regular ol’ masturbation into a Super Stroker.

If sexual realism is what you’re looking for, male masturbators in the form of the pelvic region might be the right choice for you — in other words, toys that look and feel like a booty or vajayjay for you to penetrate. 

These toys allow you to have something to push up against while trying to be as similar to the sensations of an orifice as possible, such as anus or vagina. They’re made for different positions, so if your preference is to press up against dat ass for vaginal/anal penetration, or to have your “partner” in the laying-on-their-back type of position, there are toys molded to exactly that.


5. Pocket pussies

Pocket pussies are a subset of male masturbators aiming to also hit that realism factor. A pocket pussy is usually an open-ended stroker designed to mimic the feel of a porn star’s pussy, or to provide different sensations within the penetrative tunnel. Open-ended strokers like the pocket pussy are much easier to clean, allowing for soap, etc. to be able to pass through the opening entirely.

There’s a wide variety of pocket pussies, and each offers slightly different sensations — much like real pussies! If you’d like some variety in your personal sex life, pocket pussies can be a great option, allowing you to play with Narrow Naomi one evening and Expansive Elizabeth the next.

As stated, sex toys have already come a long way, and sex tech is opening up new frontiers all the time. There’s so much variety that adding sex toys to your own personal pleasure practice is fun and easy, as well as to a partnered practice. (You can also always rely on sex toys to show up between partners in the bedroom.) There’s no shame in wanting to share toys with your partner, and they can be a great way to add move novelty or sensation to the sexual expression and enjoyment.

If you’re going to use toys on or with your partner, it’s good to get familiar with them privately first. You want to know the ins and outs of how toys function so you’re not fiddling with installing an app mid-intercourse or struggling to figure out how to turn your rumbling cock ring off after everyone’s finished. Sex should be a fun experience, and bringing adult toys into the bedroom can enhance that!

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