6 New Sex Positions for Couples

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6 New Sex Positions for Couples


So you're looking for some fun new positions, hmmmm? 

Maybe you're seeking the best sex positions for shallow penetration because your partner isn't into deep diving. On the other hand, perhaps you want to find a position that maximizes the size of your penis or penetrator for deeper penetration during vaginal or anal sex. Then again, maybe you simply want to be adventurous and experiment with new things like adult sex toys!


Whatever the reason, here are six of the best sexual positions for couples:

1. Coital Alignment

This one might not sound sexy, but trust us! It is. One study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy found that for women and clitoris owners who couldn't orgasm from missionary sex, those who learned the CAT reported a 56% boost in their frequency of the big O! 

According to NYC-based psychologist and sex therapist Megan Fleming, "Roughly two-thirds of women don't have an orgasm with penetration alone. CAT offers direct pressure and rocking and grinding that gives women additional clitoral stimulation."

It's basically a modified version of the traditional missionary sex position, but with an exciting twist. What's super great about it is that it frees up the hands of the receiving partner, so they can engage in all kinds of delights while being penetrated.

Here's how it works: Instead of the usual horizontal movement of missionary, the goal is to have the penis or strap-on pointing straight down towards the floor under the receiving partner. Once you get into that position, each thrust will cause the shaft of the penis to slide along the vulva and clitoris, creating intense sensations.

To heat things up even more, try using a vibrating cock ring in this position. The unique angles of Coital Alignment create friction and pressure on the receiving partner, and a vibrating ring will enhance those sensations even more. 

Pro Sex Tip: Choose a ring that fits both of you comfortably. There are lots of styles and sizes to choose from, and also sets that include a few different sizes –so you can be sure there will be one that works!

2. The Bridge

This one is extra fun in front of a mirror! Here's how it works: The penetrating partner sits on the edge of a bed or a sturdy chair while the receiving partner straddles their lap, facing away. Think of it as a sexy and playful lap dance with more action. ;)

"The Bridge" offers a few exciting benefits. First, it allows for deep penetration, which can be incredibly pleasurable for both partners. The angle and position make it easier to explore new depths of sensation and easily hit those sweet spots.

But that's not all. This position also amps up intimacy and closeness between partners. With the receiving partner facing away, there's an opportunity for intense eye contact in the mirror, or you can embrace and explore each other's bodies from a unique perspective. If you've ever wanted to bang where you can see the whole front of your partner's body (hey there, boobies or pecs), this one's for you!

The Bridge also allows for the use of sex toys like nipple clamps, nipple suckers, or bullet vibrators; hint, hint!

3. Cowgirl or Reverse Cowgirl

When it comes to different positions for penetrative sex, these are classic for a reason. In the cowgirl position, the receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner, facing them. In reverse cowgirl, the receiving partner faces away. 

Certified sex therapists often recommend cowgirl for several reasons:

  1. Control & Empowerment: The cowgirl position gives the receiving partner control over penetration depth, speed, and rhythm. This control can help her feel empowered and more engaged in the sexual experience.
  2. Clitoral Stimulation: In the cowgirl position, the receiving partner is on top, allowing easy access to their clit. This position enables them to grind against their partner's pelvis, providing direct stimulation to the clitoral area, enhancing pleasure, and boosting the likelihood of reaching orgasm.
  3. Intimacy and Eye Contact: The face-to-face nature of cowgirl promotes intimacy and connection between partners. Making eye contact, touching, and kissing during sex can deepen the emotional and physical bond.
  4. G-Spot Stimulation: The cowgirl position allows for various angles and movements that can target the G-spot—that sweet, sweet erogenous zone located on the front wall of the vagina. The partner on top can adjust their position to optimize G-spot stimulation.
  5. Overcoming Performance Anxiety: For some individuals, controlling the sexual encounter can help alleviate performance anxiety or feelings of being judged. The cowgirl position can create a more relaxed and comfortable environment, allowing both partners to focus on pleasure rather than performance.

Pro Sex Tip: Get a sex wedge so you can experiment and really get your angles dialed in.

4. Deep Impact

If you're looking for a sex position that allows for deeper penetration, try this one! Here's how it works:

Start in the missionary position; the penetrating partner is on top, and the receiving partner lies on their back. Now have the receiving partner lift their hips or place a pillow under their booty (oh, hi there, sex wedge. You come in handy again). This slight elevation changes the angle of penetration, allowing for deeper access.

Next, adjust leg positioning: The person being penetrated can wrap their legs around their partner's waist or rest them on their partner's shoulders. Experiment with different leg positions to find what feels most comfortable and pleasurable for both of you.

Finally, rock and roll! Literally. Once you're in position, experiment with rocking motions or gentle thrusts to find the best rhythm and depth. Communication is essential, so talk to your partner and adjust as needed to ensure a satisfying experience for both of you.

5. Yab Yum

Want to get tantric? Here's an excellent position commonly associated with tantra practice and is described in the Kama Sutra. 

To do it, the penetrating partner sits cross-legged on a cushion or a mat, forming a stable and grounded base. The receiving partner sits on the penetrating partner's lap, facing them. The receiving partner's legs wrap around the penetrating partner's waist, or they can place them on the ground for support, depending on comfort and flexibility.

This position forms what's known as a chest and heart connection. When both partners align their chests and torsos, it allows their hearts to come close together — a physical act that promotes emotional intimacy and energetic exchange.

Now make eye contact and embrace. You may be surprised by how much maintaining eye contact with your partner helps to deepen the connection and create a sense of presence and intimacy. You'll feel even more connected when you hug, wrapping your arms around each other or holding each other's hands. 

For next-level intensity, practice mindful breathing: Engage in slow, deep breathing together, synchronizing your breaths. This move helps align your energy and deepen your connection. Focus on your breath and the sensations in your body as you engage.

The yab yum position is not solely about physical pleasure, but also emotional and spiritual connection. It's recommended to approach yab yum with a mindful and present mindset to cultivate a sense of unity, intimacy, and shared energy with your partner. It might just become your favorite sex position of all.

6. Standing Positions

Whether you’re doing the shower sex thing or joining the mile-high club and bangin’ in a small, tight, enclosed space, standing up can be hot. 

“If both people are standing and have proper support, standing sex can be incredibly pleasurable both because of the biomechanics and positioning and the way it looks,” says international sex educator and sex hacker Kenneth Play

That said, there is a potential downside: height differential. “Whether or not this experience works for you depends a lot on both people’s height and size. For some, it might facilitate angles that feel better than usual, while for others, it’s awkward.”

If you’re doing the penetrative sex thing, make sure you’ve got a good grip under you, especially if you’re in the shower. High-quality shower mats are recommended here!

Also, don’t forget about oral sex while one partner is standing! To do it, your partner kneels before you (after getting some padding for their knees) and, well, goes to town! Flavored lube can be a fun way to enhance the experience and have it feel even more fun and memorable.


Remember that the most satisfying sexual experiences come from exploring and finding what works best for you and your partner. Enjoy exploring various sex toys for couples that may help you reach new heights with your partner. Have fun, be adventurous, and embrace the journey of discovering your unique pleasure!




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