Why Buy Luxury Sex Toys?

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Luxury Lelo Sex Toys For Men Women and Couples


You may not walk around in red-bottom Louboutins or start your day with a cup of collagen coffee, but that doesn’t mean you need to be, shall we say, 'finacially careful' when it comes to your sex toys! You probably put lots of thought into what goes in, over and around your body - you avoid drunchie meals, low quality mascara, and the Tinder dates that don’t bother getting you off. Those good choices, like the sex toys you choose, are ultimately your responsibility, just like your pleasure! Plus, learning how to get yourself off helps you teach others how to do the same (if that’s what you want, of course).

We know you’ve heard it before, but sometimes (a majority of the time, actually), higher prices mean better overall quality. That definitely goes for LELO sex toys, a collection that's considered  the epitome of luxury for very good reason. Lelo creates lovely pleasure pieces in their very own manufacturing facility, which is placed strategically near one of their major global offices. This means that they have complete control over the process of a product, from ideation to creation to getting it into the hands of pleasure seekers. Not many sex toy manufactureres can say the same. 

The manufacturing process of a LELO toy is thoughtful and thorough, because you simply can’t have luxury without a foundation of quality. After all, a LELO rabbit vibrator, couples ring, suction stimulator and beyond is something that's going in and around your body. It needs to be made using the best quality materials while making you feel damn good at the same time. If you've already experienced one of their adult toys, you’re a testament to the phrase that they exemplify as “pleasure you can feel.” 

Quality aside, LELO has created some of the most innovative toys in the industry. From 21st century sextech to good ol’ fashioned 24k vibrators (no, really!), let’s go over some of the most blissful and luxurious sex toys that will leave you feeling like a million bucks.

SORAYA Dual Action Vibrator

Lelo Luxury Silicone Rabbit Vibe Clitoral G-Spot


The SORAYA is one of LELO’s best selling dual-action vibrators that’s crafted for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It’s perfect for those queens who seek blended and full-body orgasms. This rabbit vibe contains a flexible clitoral arm to be positioned perfectly against your anatomy so that the sensations are focused exactly where they ought to be. Some refer to it as the biggest sex heist of the year.


SONA 2 Cruise SenSonic Clitoral Vibrator in Cerise


SONA 2 CLitoral Vibrator


The SONA 2 is that extremely discreet, fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand kind of clitoral vibrator. Although it’s small, it has a large flat surface that packs a lot of pleasurable power. It can be used for solo play or nestled between you and your lover during sex. It also comes in three delectable scents, that paired with your natural pheromones, make for one arousing sensation. 


HUGO Prostate Stimulator


Lelo Hugo P-Spot Luxury Prostate Massager For Men


There’s nothing to fear in prostate stimulation besides some pretty explosive orgasms. This hands-free gadget increases the intensity and size of the male climax without the hassle of fumbling around legs for that perfect angle. The remote control makes for some kinky play too when it ends up in the right hands. Ever felt P-waves so good they radiated down your body? It’s nice, and incredibly naughty.


Smart Wand 2 Massager


Lelo Gigi Silicone Rechargeable G-spot Vibrator


We've already used the word a lot here, but this massager may be the actual embodiment of perfection. Updated from the beloved Smart Wand Original, the 2 features more vibration options, a sturdier handle and an even longer-lasting charge. The result? You've got literal hours of pleasure ahead!


MIA 2 Compact Vibe



Keep this lipstick-style vibe in your purse or on your bedside table, the MIA 2 is the tiniest LELO vibrator with a surprising source of arousal. It’s conveniently USB chargeable which means less charging time and more power. It’s perfect for traveling and can “scratch that itch” next time you’re out of town and in the mood. We challenge all women who believe “size matters” to give the MIA 2 a try. It’s a reliable good time. 


TOR 2 Cock Ring


Tor 2 Couples Cock Ring Wearable Lelo Vibrator


The TOR 2 is trivial in more controllable orgasms for a longer and more intense finish. This cock ring gently restricts blood flow for harder erections. The enlarged blood vessels expose more of the skin’s sensitive nerve endings, which means there’s a good chance your orgasm will be longer and stronger. The vibrations also stimulate the clitoris, offering a nice tease during penetration against the body. It can be worn in any position to bring some adventure into the bedroom. 


GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator


GIGI 2 G-Spot Vibrator


The GIGI 2 is another G-spot vibe that’s sculpted by the sex gods. It’s ergonomic and modern design will have both your cheeks blushing while hitting that spot that gets you off. It offers a strategically sculpted slender shaft with a handle for total control over your toe-curling alone time. It’s also fully waterproof and a great companion in your extra long and hot shower. 

Quality You Can Feel - Inside & Out 

Simply holding any of these toys in your hand is proof in seeing and feeling the tangible difference compared to inexpensive sex toys. The super soft and 100% premium body-safe silicone is obviously a must, and the gold plated details and ergonomic design are the cherry on top. While these toys are specially crafted in our factories, LELO very much so still embodies the thoughtful and sleek Swedish design that’s rooted in their identity as a brand. Intimacy should be simple and beautiful no bells and whistles and robotic rainbow tentacles necessary. It’s just you, your body, and your pleasure.


Before we take it all off and start putting these luxurious sex toys to use, we need to take a moment to appreciate the unpackaging experience that we might as well deem a “sensual ritual.” We did our research on looking up reviews from well known sexperts and a lot of them mentioned the same, that LELO really embodies the celebration of sensual expression with all aspects of it’s delivery. 

Try a luxury LELO sex toy for yourself, because you’re worth it.

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