Sex Toy Use Skyrockets During Covid-19

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Sex Toy Use Skyrocket During Covid-19 | PinkCherry


As with many things in life - the Covid-19 pandemic definitely included - sometimes, you have to take the good with the bad. Sure, we’ve had to stay home for most of the year, but staying home gave many of us a chance to get really creative. We’ve had to be innovative in new ways, in life, in love and, more to our point, in sex! 


At PinkCherry, we’ve noticed a huge surge in sex toy sales over the last year and into this one. When lockdowns began rolling in, so did orders for vibrators, butt plugs, dildos and beyond. In fact, we’ve been seeing double the average amount of sex toys heading out to their new owners. Speaking of “new” owners, many of those sex toy transactions were and are coming in from first-time toy buyers. 


Some of our best-sellers are vibrating body wands that can pull double duty as powerful clitoral stimulators, and exciting air pulse vibrators and suction toys. Read on to find out why you might want to join the thousands of Canadians who have turned to PinkCherry for their sex toys wants and needs.


How Sex Toys are Helping People Overcome the Impacts of Isolation

So far, 2021 isn’t looking all that different than 2020, but on a positive note, there’s still lots of time for that to improve! In the meantime, since much of the world is still practicing social distancing and/or quarantining, we’ll still be looking for ways to fight boredom and relieve stress.  Spending some quality time with our favourite, or brand new sex toys is a great, and very pleasurable way to do that, so it’s no wonder that sales have increased and continue to hold steady.


Staying Connected

Even if your partner is in a country shut down to travel or has to stay put for work, sexual intimacy is still very possible. Thanks to sex toys with smartphone or computer-powered app connectivity features, we can be virtually present with our partners in lots of unique and sexy ways, from anywhere in the world. Innovative apps like those from We-Connect, Satisfyer, Svakom, and OhMiBod allow one partner to control the other’s sex toy, and many included webcam and chat functions.


To start having virtual fun with an app-enabled sex toy, simply download the app that corresponds to your toy on both yours and your partner’s devices and link the app to your toy. Connect yours and your partner’s accounts, and you’re ready to play. If letting them control the vibrations isn’t your style, you can still use sex toys combined with a video chat or a good old-fashioned phone sex session.


Staying Safe at Home

Social distancing requirements have seen a lot of restaurants, movie theatres, sports complexes, and other social venues closing. This means dating life has slowed down quite a bit, whether you’re single and looking, or in a relationship. If you live with your partner, you can definitely try to replicate a date night out on the town, and if not, you can make sexy use of some of those virtual options we mentioned above. In either case, it’s important to keep your sex life active and exciting, and that’s something sex toys can certainly assist with. If you’re not partnered up, or just aren’t into dating right now, getting creative with your self-love and masturbation routine can help make staying home fun. 


Relieving Boredom

Speaking of keeping things fun, we’re all probably getting sick of the same old routines. We get up, do our virtual work (and/or help our kids with theirs), and repeat it all again the next day. Sure, there are hobbies, binge-watching TV, and staying physically active, but there will surely be some times when you’re feeling a bit stuck up in the repetitiveness. Luckily for you, you can chase away your doldrums with a dildo, fight boredom with a butt plug, manage the monotony with a magic wand, and fend off the tediousness with a tickler or paddle. You can even pass the time with a sexy board game. Many of these may even give you ideas for new sex positions and adventurous sex acts you might have never tried before.


Discovering Your Sexual Side

The pandemic has also given us time to do some inner reflection. With lots of days spent at home, it was only a matter of time before we began working to improve ourselves in one way or another. Many turned to creating new businesses, writing, developing hobbies, or even getting spiritual. According to our sales numbers, some also gave discovering their sexuality a try. We’re honestly not surprised with all the exciting new developments in the sex toy industry combined with improvements to virtual communication platforms. There’s never been a better time to improve your sexual wellness and to bolster a positive body image. Through masturbation and sexual engagement with your partner(s), you can learn new things about yourself – what turns you on, what you dislike, preferable textures and temperatures, and what kinds of stimulation to use on which parts of your body.


Relieving Stress

Countless events and conditions have caused mounting stress over the last year. We all faced incidents of learning how to live in a different format in one way or another. For some, this meant switching to working virtually or their children go to school remotely. As if figuring out all the platforms and technology isn’t stressful enough, many were placed under a lockdown with restrictions on when they could leave their homes. Others faced quarantine periods from exposures, battled a case of Covid-19 themselves, or lost a loved one during this time. Having sex may be the furthest thing from anyone’s mind, but it is proven that sexual activity can reduce stress. This is because of the hormones released when you have intercourse or masturbate. It’s safe to say, reaching for a sex toy when you’re feeling anxious, burnt out, or pent up might be a great way to feel better. You should still seek help from a professional if your emotions or mental state are feeling out of sorts.


Find Your New Favorite Sex Toy at

Even though you might not be able to have as much in-person sex during this time, things will get better! Until then, you can shop for all your sex toy needs with PinkCherry. You never know! You might find something that will become a staple in your current (or future) relationship.

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