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Sex Toys for Beginners That’ll Have You Begging for More | PinkCherry


If you’re shopping for your first sex toy, you’re in the right place. You might be full of questions. “What are the best first-time sex toys?” “Where do I shop for my first vibrator?” “How do I use a beginner butt plug?” The experts here at PinkCherry have all the answers and even more tips to make sure your intro to sex toys is a success – from shopping to storage and everything in between.


Starting Our Sex Toys: Beginner-Friendly Sex Toys

Truth be told, shopping for your very first sex toys can be intimidating. There are numerous varieties, different brands, and varying shapes and sizes. How can you know what’s right for you? Luckily, we have experienced veterans here at the helm to steer you in the right direction. We’ll help you navigate the vast sea of sex toy options, so you can choose your introductory products with ease.


1. First Vibrator

A vibrator is often a person’s first sex toy, and there’s a great reason for that. Vibrators are usually very user-friendly, both in design and in function. There are many vibrator types to choose from, meaning you can select what kind of stimulation you or your partner prefer. Vibrators also come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and vibration modes, so you can customize your experience.

There are two main kinds of vibrators for beginners – internal and external. While both can be used for external stimulation, you should not insert an external vibrator into the vagina or anus. Types of external vibrators are eggs and bullets, clitoral stimulators, pocket vibrators, finger vibrators, vibrating cock rings, suction vibrators, and some wands. These vibes can be used to stimulate anywhere externally on the body you prefer. Most common areas for usage are the penis, clitoris, or nipples.

If you’re looking for a first vibrator that can be used internally, we recommend something from our traditional vibrator line. Most of these offer simple shapes (both phallic and non-phallic) that are easy to operate.


2. Rabbits for Rookies

Looking for a vibrator that you can enjoy externally and internally at the same time? Rabbit vibrators allow you to simultaneously engage the vagina and clitoris. These vibrators include a long shaft for insertion into the vagina and a shorter clitoral stimulator or tickler, which is often a bunny shape (hence the name!). There are simple versions that have just a few vibration modes. Or you can choose one that gives you more customization with individual motors in the shaft and tickler. 

We recommend rabbits as an ideal sex toy for beginners because they give you room to experiment. You’ll be able to discover how much pressure you prefer and where you enjoy the focus of your sex toy engagement. You can use them alone or with a partner.


3. Pocket Pussy for the Pupils

Commonly known as a stroker, masturbator, or pocket pussy, these sex toys are a cylindrical tube where a penis is inserted. They are usually handheld, making them easy to operate. Other masturbators come in the form of blowup sex dolls or have a suction cup for attaching to a solid surface, allowing for hands-free use. You can find a full range of styles that mimic body parts, like the vagina, anus, or mouth, or you can select a version that doesn’t simulate intercourse in a visual way. You can find clear strokers or solid colors. Some have a single opening while others double or even triple your satisfaction options with multiple paths to pleasure.

Manual strokers will be powered by you, while auto strokers take over, letting you focus on pleasure with zero effort. Check the description, reviews and any available pictures of a stroker you’re eying before making your purchase. A little research can help you zero in  to ensure you zero in on the stroker sensation you’re after.


4. Beginner Butt Plug

Getting ready to go through the backdoor for the first time can be a thrilling decision. But don’t go rushing in too quickly! You need to take your time while listening to your body to avoid injury. The anus can take time to stretch or dilate for pleasurable booty play. For a beginner butt plug, we encourage you to look for a set of plugs that includes varying sizes. You can start by using the smallest size before working your way up to the largest.

There are other anal sex toys available for those not interested in our beginner butt plugs. You can refer to our line of anal sex toys for beginners to get a better idea of the best first-time sex toys for anal play.  

When starting out with any anal sex toy, your experience will be enhanced (and maybe less painful) with the right kind of lube. Read on for more information on the right personal lubricant for every situation.


5. Lubes for Those Still Learning

Lubes come in several different formulas to personalize your experience. They can enhance your intercourse and sex toy interactions by creating a slick surface on your skin or toy. This reduces friction, giving you more gliding ability and reducing discomfort from lack of moisture.  

  • Oil-based lubes should not be used internally. You can, however, use them for external play and sensual massages. Oil lubes can also break down the latex and non-latex materials in condoms, leading to tears. It can be extremely difficult to remove staining in clothes or bedding from oil lubes, so use with discretion.
  • Silicone-based lubes will last longer, requiring less reapplication. They don’t wash away easily in water, making them your first-choice for use in the shower. These do tend to stain fabric, like sheets and clothing, so have a towel or waterproof sheets at the ready. The other drawback of silicone lubes is that you cannot use them with silicone sex toys. Silicone interacts with silicone, meaning your toys can break down if you use the wrong lubes.
  • Water-based lubes are ideal for those with sensitive skin. They are easy to clean up and don’t usually leave stains behind on clothing or bedding. The downside of water lubricants is that they become sticky. Also, you may have to reapply these lubes frequently.
  • Other lubricant types include flavored lubes, erotic massage oils, and enhancing products (for penises and vaginas).


How to Get Your Hands (and other parts) on Your First Vibrator

Now that you know what best first-time sex toys to look for, where do you go to order them? How can you find out more information on how to use them? How can you care for your new sex toys to keep them working like the day you brought them home? When you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers!


Where to Buy Sex Toys for Beginners

The thought of entering an adult entertainment store can be daunting. While the ability to see products firsthand can help you determine the correct sizes and quality, you might feel embarrassed. We applaud those who have no qualms regarding being open about their sexuality, who can proudly select items publicly. We stand with those who don’t feel the same way, offering another, more private shopping medium – our online store, When you visit our website, you can browse items from the comfort of your own home without the eyes of other shoppers or salesclerks. Charges from our company will appear under our parent company’s name, TBMBM Inc. Our shipping labels read the same to give you complete privacy.


You’ve Got the Best First Time Sex Toys, What Now?

Once you get your new sex toys home, what do you do? Open your packages carefully to avoid damaging any of your items. Read over any instructions, packaging, and other materials included with your purchase. Disinfect your toys before use using mild soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleansers. If you’re confused on how to use your new sex toys, you can read “how-to” and “tip” articles in PinkCherry’s blog or get advice from Dr. Sunny.


Don’t Forget Proper Cleaning and Storage

One of the most important bits of information we can give you is about cleaning and storing your new sex toys when you’re finished using them. Thorough cleaning is always a must with any sex toy to prevent health complications from bacteria and mold growth. Avoiding any charging ports, you can clean your toy with mild soap and warm water or your choice of sex toy cleaners. After you pat them dry, you can store wherever you wish. Still, keep in mind that storing toys separately (especially silicone ones) is best to prevent damage. You can find several options for sex toy storage that even inhibit bacteria growth with BioShield technology.  


Shop Sex Toys for Beginners at

Find everything you need, whether it’s a first vibrator or a beginner butt plug, at We’ve made shopping easy with a Sex Toys for Beginners category. Once there, you’ll find our top picks for best first time sex toys that certainly won’t be your last. Plus, browse our clearance section for cheap sex toys that will bring a lot of pleasure!


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