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Sexual Questions to Ask Your Partner To Get Them In The Mood | PinkCherry


What if we told you that you could get them in the mood for sex without a lot of legwork? That’s right, it’s time to let your words do the working. The right conversation can leave your would-lover salivating and ready for more – than conversation, that is. If you’re stuck on what sexual questions to ask your boyfriend, what sexual questions to ask your girlfriend, or, if you’re not into labels, what sexy questions to ask your partner of any gender identification or orientation, read on! We’ve got a whole list.


Fact: one of the most important aspects of a healthy sex life - and relationship, in general - is communication. Lucky for you, that communication doesn’t always have to be deep, meaningful or serious. Sometimes, your conversations can (and should!), center around sexiness. Dirty talk with your partner can keep things fun, interesting, and very stimulating! Whether you’re whispering some sweet nothings in their ear during foreplay or sharing your most erotic fantasies, asking sexy questions can be a great, and easy, way to turn each other on. Just be ready for their answer!


20 Irresistible Questions to Turn Up the Heat

Whether you’re married to, dating, or casually having fun with someone who owns a penis or someone who owns a vagina, we’ve got a whole set of inclusive, gender-neutral questions that’ll fit any relationship. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, get those questions popping!


1. Can you guess what I’m wearing under my clothes? 

Having your partner mentally undress you prepares them for what’s to come. You can even make this question into a game by stripping off an item of clothing for every correct answer. For every wrong answer, they can take off a clothing item of their own.


2. What’s your favorite part of my body? 

While your partner might have an answer prepared, some people might not think about this often. This means, they’ll likely think about your whole body, narrowing down their favorite areas. For those who already know, you can keep them thinking by asking what their next favorite part is and so on.


3. If you could play out any fantasy, what would it be? 

Sexual fantasies are often left as just that because the person may feel embarrassed to bring up their idea. Giving them the greenlight for discussion could present a whole new aspect of your sex life that you didn’t even know you were missing. If their fantasy isn’t the kind of sex or foreplay that you’re comfortable playing out, they’ll at least get turned on while talking it over.


4. What’s your favorite kind of porn? 

Many people have their favorite category of porn, whether it be relating to a type of person or grouping of people or relating to the sex acts involved. Finding out what your partner enjoys watching might give you an idea of new things to try or even lead to enjoying some skin flicks together.


5. Would you ever have sex in public and where? 

You might be surprised (or not) to hear that your partner has already had a taste of sex outside or in a public space. Take them back to how thrilling it was or begin your plans for your own public rendezvous.


6. Do you enjoy ASMR, like whispering in your ear? 

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It’s those tingles you get up and down your spine when you hear certain music, feel a specific texture, or see calming or jarring images. ASMR doesn’t have to be related to sex, but it is certainly a fun addition to heightening your partner’s senses for steamy sex.


7. What part of your own body do you like the most? 

Getting them to think about what they like the most on their own person might give them a boost of confidence before you get going. You can take their answer further by asking them what they want you to do to that body part once you get going.


8. What’s you’re favorite sex toy and why? 

If they’ve never used a sex toy before, this question might not pertain to them. If so, skip to the next question. For those who do use sex toys, thinking about the reasons their beloved accessory gives them pleasure might get them horny and ready to use it immediately.


9. What other sex toys would you want to try? 

Open their mind to creativity and trying something new in your sex life. Give them the go-ahead to masturbate more or try out a new toy with (or on) you.


10. What time of day is your favorite to have sex? 

Some people are hornier right when they wake up (good morning, morning wood). Others prefer to pick it up as the sun is going down. Many would rather get their kicks during an afternoon siesta.


11. Do you prefer rough sex or gentle lovemaking? 

Maybe they like one over the other, but maybe they like a combination of both. Find out whether it’s time to turn on the slow jams and light some candles or break out the bed restraints.


12. Do you like licking, biting, or sucking best? 

Among all our sexual questions to ask your boyfriend or sexual questions to ask your girlfriend (or whoever for that matter), this one is sure to turn them on. You can apply this question to any body part: nipples or neck, penis or palms, or even lips or lobes.


13. What do you think about when you masturbate? 

If what they’re thinking about gets them exhilarated enough to masturbate, you can bet it’ll turn up the heat for sex with you. Maybe they’re envisioning their celebrity crush doing things to them or perhaps they’re thinking of you.  


14. What is the wildest sexual act you’ve ever done? 

If it was wild, you know it’s going to be exciting. Recalling this memory might be the big ticket to turning them on. Who knows, maybe they’ll even want to relive the experience with you this time around.


15. Would you ever watch me masturbate or let me watch you masturbate? 

The thought of you masturbating might feel like a forbidden act to them and vice versa. But there’s no reason you can’t talk about this possibility becoming a reality.


16. If you could only have sex in one position for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

The answer to this question might give you some insight on your partner. Not only does a person’s favorite sex position tell you a bit about their body, but you’ll also find out whether they like to be the one in control or not. The thought of only doing it in one way forever might give you both inspiration on some new positions to test out.


17. What’s something un-exepected that turns you on? 

Maybe what your partner finds strange won’t be that strange to you. You can bring in this item, act, location, etc. into your own relationship if you’re up for it.


18. Would you rather be dominated or be the one doing the dominating? 

Some like their sex one way or another, and others enjoy a mixture of give and take. See if your hunk or honey is happy to change roles with you every now and again.


19. Where do you enjoy being touched the most? 

Set the mood by getting your partner to anticipate what they want the most. You can use the information you learn to strengthen your foreplay or tease them out until the big finish.


20. Do you want to play a game? 

Sexy games are a nice icebreaker to begin your foreplay. If you aren’t sure what questions to ask, you’ll love our Extreme Personal Questions Party Game. While this game is meant more for a group setting, you can still use the questions in a more intimate arrangement. If you’re looking for a game with more action, we’ve got you covered.


PinkCherry Has Answers for All Your Questions

Now that we’ve covered all our 20 questions that fit every relationship and gender, including sexual questions to ask your boyfriend and sexual questions to ask your girlfriend, we hope you take a minute to show yourself some love. 


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