Come Together with the Top 10 Sex Toys that are Perfect for Curious Couples

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Whether you’re planning a sexy surprise for your partner on Valentine’s Day, or are eager to experience something exciting and new as part of your sensual playtime, there are all kinds of incredible sex toys that can enhance the pleasure for both of you! In this list you’ll find a great collection of sexy toys to enjoy together as a couple. Now, it’s time to cuddle up close with your lover, and read on!

Take a look in to your lover’s eyes & we’re willing to bet that you’ll conjure up all sorts of different ways that you want to give them pleasure, and have them return the favour for you. Well, why not add some fun new tricks in to your sexy skill set with some awesome erotic toys for couples?

We’ve gathered together a tantalizing collection of incredible toys that you can use together with your partner in a wide variety of sexy ways. Some are designed for her, some are designed for him, and some are simultaneously sensual for both of you. Whatever your pleasure, you’ll definitely find a thing or two in this list that will get you both fired up and ready for a night full of sexy action. Let’s start off with a classic toy that’s the go-to vibrator for countless people around the world.

Original Magic Wand

They don’t call this toy ‘magic’ for nothing! The Original Magic Wand is one of the most well-known sex toys all over the world, and there’s no secret as to why. This sex toy provides incredible vibe sensations to all the right places on your body, and on your partner’s body, too. It’s got adjustable speed & intensity settings so you can start slow and ramp things up as your sexy play goes on, and on, and on. You can also get fun attachments to help your Magic Wand reach new places, inside and out! They also make a rechargeable battery-operated model of Magic Wand vibrator so you can take it anywhere, even when there’s no power outlet close at hand. Wherever you and your partner want to get your sexy on, your Magic Wand will be right there with you both.

Black Furry Hand Cuffs

You have the right to remain sexy! With these soft & furry hand cuffs, you’ll be able to act out all kinds of fantasies with your partner & experience the amazing sensations that come from surrendering yourself completely to the moment. The cuffs feature a faux fur cushion that feels great on the skin, and a secure & sturdy design that feels totally escape-proof (but don’t worry, there’s a safety release on both cuffs, just to be extra careful). With these, you and your partner can be bad, and also be very, very good.

Lock-N-Play Remote Panty Teaser Vibe

Take pleasure in unexpected sensations when you hand control over this wearable panty vibe to your partner and let them decide what you feel, and when you’ll feel it. This is a fantastic little vibrator that is discreet and features a compact remote control that you can easily take anywhere, and we mean ANYWHERE. Choose from twelve exhilarating settings that vibe and pulse at the touch of a button, and enjoy the ride no matter where you decide to take it!

Clone-a-Willy Kits

Clone your favourite cock with this clever kit! If you’ve ever wished that your man could be in two places at once, this is the dildo kit for you. It’s easy and fun to make a perfectly-shaped replica of your guy’s manhood, complete with vibrating insert! Using the Clone-a-Willy kit is a fun and unique experience that you can enjoy together, and when you’re done you’ll have a perfect duplicate cock to enjoy together, or whenever your man is too far away to get the job done. Choose from natural colours, bright neons, or even glow in the dark Clone-a-Willy kits!

We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator 

Put your smartphone to good use with this sexy piece of technology. Oh, what an age we live in, right? We’ve got super-computers tucked conveniently in our pockets and purses, and now you can go way beyond using them for sexting & connect to the We-Vibe Chorus vibrator for couples! The We-Vibe is the perfect shape to hit all the right spots for her, and deliver plenty of sexy sensations for him, too. Use the We-Connect remote app for your smartphone, and you can control the party in your partner's pants from anywhere across the globe. The future is now!

PinkCherry Come Full Purple Vibrating Cock Ring

Sometimes the simplest pleasures are some of the best, right? We agree! That’s why the next sex toy on our list is an awesome cock ring, complete with an integrated vibe that you’ll both love. It’s textured shape and soft nubs deliver wonderful sensations for her, and the snug fit helps make erections harder and last longer. You can also slip it over your favourite dildo to add some vibe action to it. Slide it over, switch it on, and get ready for a sexy experience together!

PinkCherry Couples Vibrating Cock Ring Come Together

BJ Blast Oral Sex Candy


Now this is pleasure that really pops! BJ Blast oral sex candy is available in several different flavours, and turns blowjobs in to totally different kind of fizzy, bursting, popping experience. He’ll be head over heels in love with the new sensations, and you’ll get to enjoy a bonus sweet treat as he enjoys your every move. Choose from strawberry, cherry or green apple flavours. Definitely yummy!


Real Skin Whoppers 6 1/2 Inch Dildo with Harness


Never used a strap-on dildo before, but curious to give it a shot? Well, the Real Skin Whoppers 6 1/2 Inch Dildo with Harness is perfect for first-timers and couples who are excited to try pegging. The harness is comfortable to wear and easily adjustable, and the kit comes with everything you need. The included dildo has a great shape and size that hits all the right places, and very comfortable for beginners. Give it a try, and we’re sure that you and your partner will have a blast with this strap-on dildo set.


Sex Games for Couples


You’re both sure to win big when you play one of these sexy games with your partner! Sometimes when you have a craving to try something new, but aren’t quite sure what that ‘something’ might be, a sexy game can be the inspiration that you need. These two games are great fun for couples & get you exploring your sexuality together.


In Sex! Card Game, couples are encouraged to get outside their comfort zones and experience some new fantasies and ‘what if’ scenarios in a playful and clever game format. The suggested activities are a nice balance, not too soft and not too hard, so all kinds of couples should have a lot of fun with this game!


For couples who can’t wait to go down on each other, ’The Oral Sex Card Game is simple and sexy fun that is guaranteed to get you both eager to keep playing over and over again. Just be aware that some couples have reported getting so turned on playing this game that they just can’t control themselves. You may never end up actually finishing a round of the game, but you’ll definitely finish each other off!


Hempseed Edible Massage Oil Set


If you’ve never used a long, sensual massage session as foreplay, you don’t know what you’re missing! These silky-smooth massage oils come in a set of three different flavours that will have you hungry for your partner in no time flat! The tastes are gentle, but the sexual heat you’ll feel is definitely going to be intense. Light some candles, turn on some sexy tunes, and relax as you and your partner take turns giving each other the ultimate sensual rub-down. Get creative, and we’re sure you’ll both get the happy endings you’ll be craving!


Shop Together, or Surprise Your Partner


We hope that these sexy ideas have turned you on to bringing some new toys in to the bedroom for you and your partner to enjoy together. Of course, you can also have a lot of fun with your partner even during the sex toy shopping experience! Crack open a bottle of wine or whatever your favourite beverage might be, settle in on the couch together, and browse all the sexy products until you find the right one (or two or three) that tickle your fancies.


Once you settle on your selection, we recommend sneaking the laptop or tablet away from your partner before you submit your order and adding one or two more little surprises of your own to your order. That way, when your package arrives, you can surprise your lover with something even more unexpected.


We have no doubt that the anticipation of that box showing up on your doorstep will be almost too much for you and your partner to bear, so make sure you clear your schedules for the day it arrives and get ready for a super sexy unboxing session!

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