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8 Types of Relationships Explained


What does the concept of love mean to you? At its core, this powerful sensation allows many of us to care for another person and create a fulfilling, mutually beneficial relationship. Many people engage in a simple relationship with one partner who has the shared goal of building a future together. However, there are others who simply wish to hook up and have sex with no strings attached — and there's nothing wrong with that! To put it bluntly, love is subjective and there are many different types of relationships that meet the needs of everyone. 

We at PinkCherry understand this, and in an effort to encourage our readers to discover what works for them, we're dedicating a series to highlighting eight types of relationships that can lead to more passionate love and hot, explosive sex (if that's what you want!). In this article, we'll touch on these types of relationship connections that you can make so you can see which align with your needs. 

Monogamous Relationships

Let's face it — monogamy is considered to be the most socially acceptable type of relationship. When it comes to dating, many people strive to meet a significant other in hopes that they could be "the one." After some time, people in a monogamous relationship typically get married and start a family if they wish to be parents. There are a few reasons why monogamy is rooted in "normal culture," which include:

  • It is based on the concepts of faithfulness and loyalty (to not cheat in the relationship).
  • It abides by values that often pertain to religion, society or expectations from family.
  • Monogamous relationships are thought to add to the population.

Perhaps the biggest reason for the popularity of monogamous relationships, though, is that a lot of people simply wish to love one, and only one, other person for the rest of their lives. However, that's not the case for everyone!

Polyamorous Relationships

Polyamory is the concept that a person can engage in loving relationships with multiple partners with the consent and acceptance of all involved. Some people may confuse this as an excuse to sleep around with many different people, but that is simply not the case (although it could be seen as a fun, thrilling benefit).

In a polyamorous relationship, also called consensual non-monogamy, the initiators are open to having more than one boyfriend or girlfriend, and each individual shares their relationship with all involved. While this may be considered more taboo than monogamous types of relationships, those who partake in polyamory generally find happiness across the board and still experience a great deal of love.

Friends with Benefits

Having sex is fun, but if you're not ready for the challenges or deep feelings involved with having a relationship, hooking up with a friend without any commitment is an amazing way to blow off some steam. Known as having "friends with benefits," this arrangement is less of a loving relationship and more of a way to include regular sex consistently and responsibly in your single life. However, while there is a lot of pleasure to be had from (consensually) fondling your best friend's private parts, FWB is one of those types of relationships that can get ugly very quickly if anybody develops feelings. Make sure you proceed with caution!

Open Relationships and Marriages

Similar to polyamory, open relationships break down the typical monogamous structure and allow for couples to see other people while being together romantically. Unfortunately, some have negative connotations associated with these types of relationships, often with those who start an open marriage. However, by exploring a mutual open relationship with your partner, you can be honest with yourself and discover the answer to the following questions:

  • Am I happy with my current relationship?
  • Would I be happier alone?
  • Would I be happier if this relationship crossed into polyamorous territory?

Long-Distance Relationships

Ah, the dreaded long-distance relationship. Sure, there are some who enjoy being away from their partner for extended periods of time. However, long-distance is typically frowned upon and seen as a high-effort challenge with an equally high risk of things not working out. Whether you live an hour away from your partner or on the other side of the country (or world!), LDRs require a strong amount of commitment and some end goal in mind when taking this route.

But, it's not all doom and gloom — long-distance relationships can make the heart grow fonder and make those involved stronger. Plus, sexting while in an LDR keeps things spicy, so if you're currently missing your sweetheart, make sure you have the right women's sex toys or sex toys for men to help your partner get off from afar. 

Casual Relationships

These types of relationships are like having friends with benefits, but they mimic traits of a standard, monogamous relationship. Casual relationships are seen as those where folks are invested, but not too invested, and involve being able to spend time with one individual without the serious, more formal expectations of a "real relationship." Most people who casually date do so to find the ideal partner, so they may enter multiple casual relationships until they are ready to settle with one specific person. Other people might be happy with only casual relationships — it just depends what works for your life!

Dom/Sub Relationships

Perhaps the kinkiest relationship on this list is the Dom/sub dynamic. Unlike the different types of relationships that we've mentioned already, Dom/sub is a power-oriented engagement. One person, called the Dom (dominant), takes control of the relationship while protecting and dominating the other person, known as the sub (submissive). The sub's responsibility is to serve and obey the Dom's commands, both sexually and emotionally. Since this type of relationship is rooted in a sexual kink, it is possible to engage in this only on occasion.

Asexual Relationships

For a lot of folks, one of the best parts of being in a relationship is the ability to have plenty of consensual, mind-blowing sex with your partner (or many partners). However, having a beautiful relationship is more than just having amazing sex, and for some people it's not about sex at all!

Asexual relationships involve people who lack the desire to have sex seeking out other asexual people with whom they wish to have a romantic relationship. However, it is possible for asexual individuals to be romantically involved with others who are not asexual — in fact, they may even be willing to have sex from time to time. These types of relationship arrangements require a lot of communication for both parties, and that is certainly its own rewarding form of intimacy.

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Regardless of your preferences, there is nothing more blissful than finding happiness in a relationship that truly fulfills your needs without shame or judgment from anybody. Whether you're into traditional or uncommon types of relationships, our team at PinkCherry is fully supportive of each customer's unique background, and we strive to offer the very best in couples sex toys to keep the spark going. Shop our store today or contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to starting a relationship with you!




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