How To Measure Your Bra & Waist

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Measure yourself for bras and lingerie the right way

Bras - How To Measure Yourself

First, let’s find out what size your bra should be. Get a buddy or go to a bra store. Keep in mind, boobs shrink and grow depending on the time of the month for some. Maybe you knew that, maybe you didn’t. Also, if you’re working out, one of the first places you lose fat is from your breasts, so if you’re in the middle of a new routine, wait, or be willing to deal with a little discomfort until you plateau.

Start by grabbing a flexible measuring tape and measure in inches. Your trusty household metal one won’t work so if you don’t have a flexible one, grab a piece of string and measure it after you’ve...measured.


Bras - measuring under your breasts for band sizing


To find the size of your band, measure right under your ladies all the way around, in inches. If you measured an odd number such as 31, your band size could be 30 or 32 as well. If you scored an even number, you’re pretty much set on it being that number.

Now for the Cups...


Bras - measuring yourself for proper cup size


A good idea is to bend forward to get all of your boob tissue in. Have the tape measure sit right where you’d do it up in back and go around the largest part of your breasts. Got that number? 

Now some math.

Take the band measurement. Let’s say it was 32 and the breast size was 36. Subtract the bust size from the band size.

This will find your cup size for you. Well, this handy chart will.


Less than 1”























There you have it! In the end, 32D.

Keep in mind that all bra sizes aren’t identical across the board. There’s no universal size chart which A) sucks, and B), is why we give you different charts on each of our product pages depending on the style and designer. Chances are, designers have different charts for their different lines or brands. We just make it easy for you and attach the one that you need for each piece on the product page. Now that’s some PinkCherry love you got there! 

There’s such a thing as sister sizes which can help find the perfect fit if either your band size or cup size is too big or too small. 

Let’s use our original measurements as the example. 32D.

Someone with a 32D bra size could also wear a 38A, 36B or 34C. It really depends on the size of your breasts compared to the band size. It’s all about comfort in the end.


Bra measurement size chart


Now that we know what your boobs fit into, let’s move on.


How to Measure your Waist


How to measure your waist size properly


Take a deep breath ‘cause we’re going to measure the number one trouble spot for most women. The stomach. 

We all have insecurities about our tummies. I’ve heard it from every single woman I’ve had a lengthy conversation with. We at PinkCherry 100%, truly believe that your body is the perfect body just the way it is, so grab your measuring tape and get ready to high five yourself for being yourself! 

Be sure not to measure over your clothes, that just won’t do. Your waist is usually right above or directly on the belly button, in between the ribs and where your hips start. Now, stand up straight and breathe normally and don’t suck in. Let it go! Make sure the tape isn’t too tight or too loose or tangled either, then double check what you got. Done.

High five!


How to Measure Hips

How to measure your hip size properly

Get in front of a full length mirror for this one. The hips are a lot easier to measure on your own but a mirror is helpful anyway. Again, do not measure over clothes.  

Stand up straight with your feet together. If your feet aren’t together, this could give you a larger measurement than what you actually are and who wants that? Your hips are usually wider than your waist, you know, for baby reasons. Even if you’re not having kids your hips are bigger. I find this to be rude, but what can a girl do? Wrap your string or tape measure around the widest part of your hips making sure the tape measure fits snug-ish. Bam!

Now you’re all measured up and as perfect as the day you were born! You can put your clothes back on and start diving down a rabbit hole in PinkCherry’s Lingerie section to find the perfect piece to make yourself feel as beautiful as you are!


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