What are Ben Wa Balls & How to Use Them?

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What are ben wa balls?


Ben Wa balls have been around for centuries, and during that time, they’ve picked up a lot of cool names. Because they can help you strengthen your pelvic muscles, they sometimes go by the name of kegel balls. 

But they can also help with sexual stimulation and work as an adult sex toy. They’ve got other fun monikers, including pleasure balls, orgasm balls, Venus balls, geisha balls, love balls, and our personal favorite: jiggle balls (not to be confused with jingle bells)!

In the words of Cosmo writers Carina Hsieh and Rachel Varina, “[W]hile Ben Wa balls might seem simple, there’s much more to them than what you saw in Fifty Shades of Grey. (Read: the iconic scene where Anastasia Steele, wide-eyed with panic, asks Christian if he will put the Ben Wa balls in her butt. Relatable!).”

Rest assured that Ben Wa balls don’t go in your booty -- they go in your vajayjay … and they’re all kinds of awesome. 


What exactly are Ben Wa balls?

WebMD states, “Ben Wa balls are small, weighted balls designed to be inserted in the vagina. They usually come in pairs and are sometimes linked together by a string. They may also have a string that dangles and can make their removal easier. They come in various weights and sizes and can be made from many different materials, including metal, glass, silicone, and plastic.”

If you’re wondering how large they are, they vary, but metal Ben Wa balls sorta look like metal ball bearings. These vaginal balls go up your vaginal canal, and then you can  squeeze them or move them around. Basically,  Ben Wa balls help you easily contract and release different PC muscles. It’s kinda like sexy weight lifting for your pelvic floor and vaginal canal. 

While traditional Ben Wa balls are also called Kegel balls, according to erotic educator Taylor Sparks, experts usually distinguish between Kegel balls (used to strengthen the pelvic floor), and Ben Wa balls (or Ben Wa balls) as being for sexual pleasure. 

According to OB-GYN Dr. Howe, it can be beneficial to use Ben Wa balls in a few circumstances. Talk through this kind of use with a doctor if you’re experiencing urinary leakage, have given birth, or experienced the kind of pelvic trauma that has weakened your PC muscles. Why? Because they can help with “focus and directed intention to exercises designed to rebuild that support and strength.”


Will Ben Wa balls make your vagina tighter?

“Let’s get one thing straight,” Hsieh and Varina say. “You don’t need to worry about how ‘tight’ your vagina is. I don’t care if you’ve given birth or how many people you’ve slept with—the whole ‘tight vagina’ thing is something to never ever worry about. Seriously.”

That said, Ben Wa balls can help with vaginal elasticity. They can help to strengthen your kegel muscles (your PC muscles, or pelvic muscles), which can make a world of difference. 

Now, in Healthline’s words, “It is not possible to have a loose vagina because vaginas are elastic and meant to stretch. Your vagina can become slightly looser with age or childbirth, but won’t necessarily be ‘loose’ … Your vagina is elastic. This means it can stretch to accommodate things coming in (think: a penis or sex toy) or going out (think: a baby). But it won’t take long for your vagina to snap back to its previous shape.”

That said, if you want to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and generate more friction during sex, then yeah -- they can help! And obstetricians and OB-GYNs are known to recommend Ben Wa balls to improve vaginal elasticity and bladder control. According to Sexologist Marla Renee Stewart, “People who might pee a little when they sneeze or experience some form of vaginal prolapse tend to get the most out of Kegel-ball-induced vaginal workouts.”


How Ben Wa balls can help your physical health

As stated, they can strengthen your whole inner world when it comes to your vagina, which can help with many. According to pelvic floor experts at Intimate Rose, kegel exercises can help with:

  • Urinary Incontinence, Embarrassing Leaks when Sneezing, Coughing or Laughing
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles
  • Childbirth Recovery
  • Weakening Vaginal Muscles
  • Lack of Sensation In Intimacy”


How Ben Wa balls can help your sexual health

So here’s the deal: An insanely strong vagina doesn’t automatically equal mind-blowing orgasms. However, according to a head gynecologist at VSpot Sexual Health Spa, Monica Grover, having strong pelvic muscles can boost the amount of friction both partners feel during intercourse, which can build all kinds of pleasure … including the type that leads to the big O.

In other words, Ben Wa balls can also help you experience more pleasure during sexual activity. If you’re a vagina-owner who has experienced pelvic pain during sex (either intercourse or otherwise), you’re not alone. 

Exploring things like Ben Wa balls can help you connect with your vagina on a whole new level, sensitizing it and strengthening super-active muscles during P-in-the-V sex (or dildo-in-the-V sex … whatever you’re into). When your vaginal muscles are stronger, you can avoid things like urinary incontinence and,  experience stronger orgasms! Many Ben Wa users report this.

It’s also important to note that inserting Ben Wa balls feels good! It’s not just about them being kegel exercisers -- they also feel pleasurable all on their own! Yes, they “count” as a sex toy.


What kinds of options are there for Ben Wa balls?

Many Ben Wa balls come in a set of two, and many of them are connected so the two balls stay “together.” Lelo luna beads, for example, come in a set that includes two 28gm and two 37gm beads, both of which can be combined in a silicone harness to help you tailor your kegel routine.

You can get Ben Wa balls on their own, or in a kegel kit that includes other fun stuff, like a bullet vibrator. In the words of one woman who went the kit route: 

“After 4 kids, needed a little extra resistance/strength-training. Kit allows graduated skill/strength building, with a special kicker...the bullet … I took those purple lovelies for a spin. Oh my. Vibrations with every step, shift, move...not to mention the balls movement with every Kegel grab. 15 minutes - had me flush with first-lust arousal. Partner was pleased, to say the least. Took a drive that ended up being a bumpy road...mercy. A gentle fanny pat or two...sends me through the roof! All are easy to clean. Already seeing physical improvements (pelvic floor/stronger gasms); partner has noticed my ‘grab’ strength improve too. Sexual health and fun all rolled into one.”

You also have a choice when it comes to weight. The balls will be lighter or heavier depending on the material they’re made from. You usually want to start lighter and work your way up.

In the words of one user of a heavier Ben Wa ball set, “The weight of them is definitely good. I'm suddenly more aware of my Vaginal Posture & I like it ;D It gives a slight tickle when there's movement inside and clenching down to keep them in is (to me) a bit arousing. I don't want to take them out.”


How to use Ben Wa balls correctly

There are a few things to know here. First up, wash your hands! Then wash your balls (teehee) with soap and water, and dry them. 

Next up: Lie down so you’re comfy (spread eagle is always a popular position!). Now get your balls all lubed up and,  your vaginal opening. There are lots of options for lube; just remember that if you’re using a silicone toy, you want to avoid silicone lube. A nice water-based lube is a good choice. 

Time for insertion! Much like many things in life, slow and steady is best. A lot of Ben Wa balls are connected by a piece of plastic or string (which should also have lube on it), and that’ll go inside your vagina, as well.

Once both balls are in, you want to get them up as far as is comfortable. This may vary by day (some days you may feel more open than others), as well as by session. As your body gets used to the sensation, you may be able to have them go deeper. Just make sure the string or loop meant to stay outside your vagina does so; that’s so that you can easily get them out when you want to.

They should feel nice and secure inside your vaginal canal; if they feel like they’re going to slip out or if you can see that a ball has come out a bit, gently insert them back up there. You may notice a tingly sensation, a subtle feeling of pleasurable pressure. It’s different for everyone!

Now here’s the fun part: Squeeze your PC muscles to keep the balls inside you, and if you want to, go about your day! Yes, that’s right -- you can actually keep the balls in. It’s extra fun to see what kinds of activities press on you in just the right way. Bending down to get the groceries or reaching up to put them away can be super hot! If you want to use Ben Wa balls for pelvic floor exercises, you’ve also got lots of options. There are entire YouTube tutorials dedicated to this.


Any risks to Ben Wa balls?

Medical experts suggest you shouldn’t keep Ben Wa balls in for more than four hours. They also caution against using them if you’re currently pregnant or post-partum. It would be best if you gave your body time to heal.

Also, make sure your balls are safe! Use ones made for this purpose, and nothing from a material that’s porous. You also want to be sure to clean them after every single use.


Choosing the right weight/size for you

Much like anal beads, there are many choices for Ben Wa balls!

The best Ben Wa balls for you will be the ones that fit you right. If you’re just starting out, we recommend you start with either silicone balls or lightweight ones. You’ll also want to ensure that the balls are linked to one another and have a string to remove them. As you advance, you’ll be able to forgo these kinds of smart balls, but if you’re a beginner, it’s a good idea. 

Most Ben Wa ball sets have two balls, though some have more. Start with two and work your way up or down as you get more comfortable with everything. Once you are comfy, you can advance to metal balls, larger balls, or even beautiful glass balls. You can also try a single ball, which will give you a different kind of sensation. 


Can you use Ben Wa balls during sex?

We thought you’d never ask! In a way, you can. If you’re flying solo, you can touch your clit while those puppies are in, and enjoy all those sensations. You can also bust out that bullet vibe and get that going. You can try out different positions to see how the balls interact, as well.

Sexperts differ on whether to use them during intercourse. Some say yes! Just make sure your partner only penetrates you shallowly. Others say to only use them during foreplay (you’ll get more and more aroused as time goes on) and then pull them out before the big show. Explore the best sex toys for women that can spice up your bedroom fun.

Here’s another pro tip: Ben Wa balls can make anal sex feel even better, because when someone (or something) penetrates your anus, it’ll push the balls right up against your G-spot, intensifying everything.

Since we’re on the topic, don’t use Ben Wa balls as anal toys; they could get stuck up there. Stick with anal beads.


Now what are you waiting for? Get out there and start ballin’!


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