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The Best Vibrating Underwear From PinkCherry


If you had to buy one item to help you around the house and help you bring out your inner voyeur and give you a chance to relinquish control and just enjoy the ride, then we've got something for you to consider: remote-controlled sex toys. With the simple push of a button, everything in your life is about to get better. Not to sound like a snake oil salesman (we prefer lube over snake oil anyways), but vibrating underwear is a game-changer. And not just when it comes to your sex life, by the way. Don't believe us? Read on for a few ways that vibrating underwear might just be the thing that rocks your world.   

Vibrating Underwear Helps With Household Chores

Yes, that title might seem a bit misleading. Sadly, vibrating underwear isn't going to clean your house for you. It's not going to sit down and pay the bills or take the dog for a walk. As much as top scientists in the field have hopefully been working around the clock to make that a reality, so far there's just no way to turn even the best vibrating panties into task-completing robots. The prototypes were too bulky. And definitely not discreet enough. But what they will do is rescue you from the mundaneness of day-to-day activities by making them a little more, well, vibrant. Skeptical? Consider the following scenario: 

You've got a sink full of dirty dishes. You haven't washed them in days and have resorted to eating frozen dinners right out of the package — and you think it's perfectly acceptable to reuse silverware as long as it looks clean. You look long and hard at the sink. You reluctantly take a deep breath, decide it's time to be a grown up and resign to finally conquer the beast that's in front of you. But the big girl panties that you usually put on? They've been replaced by vibrating panties. You're skeptical at first, but before you start washing the dishes, you turn them on and suddenly…


Have pots and pans ever excited you so much? Have you ever been so tickled to just scrub and scrub harder and harder and… you get it. You don't need a special occasion for vibrating underwear. You just need to want to make an occasion special. 

Vibrating Underwear Helps You Get Off in Public without Being So...Public About It

If you've ever fantasized about having sex in public but were too scared to try because of the whole "it being illegal" issue (See section 173 of the Criminal Code of Canada for more information), then vibrating underwear — or any discreet vibrators & travel sex toys — could be just the law-abiding solution you've been looking for.

And in case you were worried... no one is going to hear a loud hum coming from your nether region. No one is going to see the remote and immediately think, "Oh...she's definitely wearing vibrating panties." Vibrating underwear is both quiet and discreet so you can stay incognito while you're practicing a little self-care. 

Still feeling nervous about having the Big O in public? Maybe try it out in low-key areas where you don't have much person-to-person interaction. Perhaps head to the movie theatre for a Tuesday matinee or choose a dimly lit restaurant where you don't have a chance for random conversation. If you do choose a restaurant, however, take our advice and wait until after you've given your order. Unless, of course, you want your waitress to think you're really tickled about the day's special. Seared jumbo scallops with artichokes, prosciutto, lemon and roasted asparagus? YES! OH YES! 

Once you feel a little more comfortable, you can head to the grocery store or even put on your favorite pair of remote-controlled vibrating panties for a day in the office. We can't think of a better way to enjoy another one of those "this could have been an email" meetings then with a euphoric rush going on between your legs. 

Vibrating Underwear Helps You Give Your Partner Control

If you want to relinquish a little control in your life, why not let your partner be in charge of the remote? And no, we're not talking about the TV remote. We all need boundaries after all. Remote-controlled vibrating panties are a fun, playful way to add a little excitement to your love life. You might be nervous about how this will go down, but in order to ease your fears, here are a few things you and your partner may want to keep in mind.

Set Some Ground Rules

Maybe you want to be in charge of telling your partner when they're allowed to turn on the vibrating panties so you can take out the element of surprise. Maybe you have some "no vibrations allowed" rules — they can't be turned on when you're talking to your parents or they have to be turned off when you request it. Maybe your partner has to be in the same room as you when you're wearing them. Whatever makes you feel comfortable about letting your partner take charge is what's going to make this experience all the more enjoyable. 

...Then Throw Away The Ground Rules

After trying them out and realizing how much you love them, get ready to throw away any of the rules you've set because you're having way too much fun. It turns out the element of surprise definitely ups the fun factor. And your partner is going to love having control of you and watching your reactions. They may even want to jump in and help you finish. If the only rule becomes that there are no could be in for quite the wild ride. You may even venture out in public and let your partner be in charge of the remote.  Who knows? Pretty soon you may want to add even more sexy strap-on vibrators and wearable sex toys to your repertoire. 

Let PinkCherry Solve Your Problems With The Best Vibrating Panties

Are remote-controlled vibrating panties the answer we've all been looking for? It's quite possible. They're more likely to get you off because the speed and pattern of the vibrations are consistent. They keep your hands free while you're doing other things (even if those other things are just sitting on the sofa watching the news), and vibrating underwear lets your inner voyeur come out and play. While they may not actually fold and put away your laundry or be the answer to finding world peace, we think you'll definitely feel pretty good about life when you have them on. Ready to give them a try? Order a pair of the best vibrating panties today from PinkCherry!




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