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PinkCherry Your Body Your Rules

Come one. Come all. Come together or come alone. Come for yourself or someone else. Come join the revolution that is “Your Body. Your Rules.” Come with PinkCherry.


As we all know, there are heated debates going on all over the world right now about sex and bodily autonomy. Some of these debates center on issues of sex pertaining to pleasure and to procreation. The discussions on a person’s rights to their body are even more nuanced, ranging from healthcare to physical safety. Too often, the debates we hear and the headlines we read seem to focus on our differences rather than the inherent sameness of the human race. That is why PinkCherry has chosen to join the conversation in the spirit of coming together. We don’t want to add to a “us versus them” narrative. Instead, we are here to speak up for YOU. All of you.

Recently, you may have heard about PinkCherry's "Your Body, Your Rules" campaign or, if you still regularly receive and read the newspaper, seen one of our ads in the flesh — er, paper. As leaders in the pleasure products industry, we believe it is our responsibility to advocate for our community of customers, creators, manufacturers and countless others who rely on our business and services. So when it comes to your body and your rules… we know a thing or two about why that message matters so much right now. As part of this initiative, we have penned the “Your Body. Your Rules.” manifesto to help clarify what this campaign and our values are all about. Hint… it’s all about you.

  • We believe bodily autonomy is a right all adults deserve to have honored by others. It is your body and you are in charge of it. Whether you are in the privacy of your bedroom or doctor’s office, or out in your community - you have the right to feel good in your body and make intimate decisions. Your body deserves respect. Your body deserves pleasure. Your body should be kept safe from harm. Your body is yours. Adorn it in lingerie, delight it with sex toys, feed it yummy things, and give it a night on the couch if you want. It’s yours to enjoy.
  • We believe in sex positivity. That means that when it comes to your orgasmic bliss - we are here for it. Based on feedback from thousands of happy customer reviews, we have data proving that people love making love. Alone or with their partner(s). But we also know the happy, post-coital state is easily interrupted (or worse, never started) because of an old social construct that said sexual enjoyment was a bad thing. The good news is that we, as a society can change that. However you practice the many types of sex, whether you orgasm or not, we believe you have the right to enjoy it.
  • We believe in destigmatizing sexuality, for you as an individual and for the community at large. Certainly sexual pleasure is stigmatized, but so are various sexual acts. As long as you are safe, consensual and non-harming to others, then have fun exploring what feels good for you. We also reserve judgement of other people’s preferences. Everyone is on their own journey and many will discover their own likes and dislikes can change over time, in different contexts, or with different partners.
  • We believe in consensual sex. This includes any sex act you partake in. We believe consent is defined by a resounding “Yes!” from both (or all) involved. Forcing or attempting to force another person to do something they don’t want to do sexually can happen in ways that are physical, verbal, and even psychological. We believe consensual sex is free of guilt-tripping, coercing, hurting, insisting, or manipulating. You have the right to your body and they have the right to theirs. Mutual desire is what makes sex so damn good!
  • We believe in safe, accurate, and accessible information regarding sex. The science of human sexuality and biological functions deserve understanding. We believe in working to grow that body of knowledge and helping others gain access to information that can help them make good decisions.
  • We believe that you make the rules when it comes to your body and sexuality. What you fantasize about, how to talk to your partner(s) about everything from pleasure to procreation, and your prerogative to choose what is best for your body when faced with medical need… we believe in your right to those things. And we believe in you.

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