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Let’s talk lube, shall we? Slippery, slidey, moisture-adding, friction-banishing lubrication is a key part of sex, but it’s not something that usually gets a ton of attention. For a lot of people and a whole lot of sex acts, the right lube is crucial for enjoyment and even safety. So, our goal is to help show lube a little love!

In a perfect world, your body would produce plenty of lube, on demand, no problem. But in some cases, and for any number of reasons, production just can’t keep up with demand. Plus, when it come to anal sex, you absoutely NEED some lube help, since your butt doens’t make any of it’s own. So, if you're feeling a little dry, playing with sex toys made of certain materials, exploring anal or just wishing for some extra glide, it’s time to get cozy with a great lube.

Water-based< lubes are terrific for the sexiest of sexy doings. It’s definitely versatile. Safe for all toy materials and condoms. Perfect for skin-to-skin contact. Easy to clean. A good water-based lube should be in everyone’s bedside table/toy chest. The one downside? They can eventually dry out and get sticky or tacky. The good news? Slipperiness re-activates with more moisture. Just add a little more, water, a little more lube, or even saliva, and you’re good to go again.

Don’t want to re-apply? Silicone lubricants rarely quit and can even be used in water. Safe for most toy materials and condoms, the only enemy of silicone lubes is (weirdly!) silicone toys. You can’t use silicone lube on silicone, folks! Silicone also tends to be harder to clean from skin and fabric. But longevity and an intense glide easily trump that con. For the best of both worlds, try a water/silicone hybrid lube.

Oil-based lubes are a bit of a dark horse. Not very versatile. Don't play well with most toys. Should never be used with condoms. (Latex and oil is a no-no!) But they shine when it comes to masturbation -- particularly if you’ve got a penis. Extra slippery and usually very thick. Perfect for stroking and external massage.

We also have sensual massage oils, gels, and sensation enhancing products. Plus lots of luscious body care offerings.

So, get clicking (with lube of course), and be sure to remember to leave a review on the lubes and other product(s) you wind up purchasing. Be sure to take advantage of our free Canadian shipping on all orders $59+.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best natural lubricant for sex?

Most sexual lubricants will not cause side effects. However, some users can experience irritation and/or allergic reactions in response to certain ingredients in some lubricants.

Do lubricants for sex have side effects?

Some research suggests that some sexual lubricants can inhibit sperm motility. It’s recommended that glycerin-free lubricants labeled “fertility-friendly” or “sperm friendly” be employed while trying to conceive.

Does personal lubricant affect fertility?

Every body is different, but there is evidence that some sex lubricant ingredients, including glycerin, nonoxynol-9, propylene glycol, and chlorhexidine gluconate, can trigger inflammation or irritation and should be avoided by those with sensitive skin or who are prone to infections. Additionally, fragrance and flavoring can similarly cause irritation. Consult a physician if using lubricant seems to cause irritation or infection.

Can personal lubricant cause infection?