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Erotic massage is a wonderful thing. Some might argue it’s the best form of foreplay yet conceived, the perfect slow build to prime the pumps for a really big finish. It’s all about taking your time, intentionally ramping up that sense of anticipation, and taking each other to previously unreachable heights. And to help you and your partner get there, we have an unbeatable collection of erotic massage toys and tools, dozens and dozens of products to help you explore and excite every square inch of skin possible.

Originally conceived of as do-it-yourself personal massager, the Magic Wand is the one that started it all once women realized how good it felt between their thighs. You can still use it for the purposes of legitimate massage, especially if your hands are tired. Just don’t forget about its almost mystical ability to put women over the top. Today’s operates cordless or plugged in and is fully rechargeable via USB. It can go for about three hours on one charge. Choose from its four intensities and five vibration options to find the settings you love the most and enjoy the silkiest silicone head imaginable.

For a more traditional massage, though, you’ll need some lotion, like the silky soft, intensely moisturizing, and blissfully natural Hemp Seed Massage Lotion from Earthly Body's Hemp Seed collection. Created specifically to encourage an unforgettable hands-on experience, this lotion inspires friction-free glide while filling the room with an incredible exotic scent. Featuring ingredients like almond, apricot, grape seed, sesame and hemp seed oils, vitamin E, and rosemary, Massage Lotion is 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

For massage addicts with an oral fixation, try Edible Massage Oil in vanilla. Delicious, lickable, and suckable, this formula is 100% vegan and safe to ingest. Not tested on animals. Petroleum and paraben-free.

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