Stainless Steel 12 Pc. Rose Bud Sounding Set

Stainless Steel 12 Pc. Rose Bud Sounding Set 4.67 3 (3)

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Sep 07, 2022

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If you're into sounding (or urethral penetration, if you prefer) you know that this practice isn't something anyone should go into without lots of prior research, time, patience and a great set of high quality tools. These are those tools!

Sounding is an extreme form of play that involves inserting a rod or plug up through the penis via the urethral canal. For some, it provides a completely unique sensation and lots of pleasure, since the head of the penis and urethral canal is jam-packed with nerve endings. Sounding is also used as a means to direct prostate stimulation, while some penis-owners get off on the extreme nature of sounding. In either case, it's not something to be done on a whim, so if you're interested, please do your research!

In body safe stainless steel, the 12 included Rose Bud Sounds are naturally extremely firm and quite weighty. Each probe (other than the first, which is straight and 11.5"/29.21cm long) is identical in shape and features a length of about 12 inches/30.5cm. A swell at each tip ranges in size and thickness from .04"/.1mm to 4.72"/120mm, so you or your partner will be able to choose the one that best fits your experience level and/or stimulation requirements.

Always follow a meticulous cleansing routine before and after using one of these (or any) urethral penetration deice. The Rose Bud Sound's stainless steel construction ensures extra thorough cleaning - boil them or bleach them for reliable sterilization. Always use the highest quality lube with any tool that'll be entering our or your partner's urethra - the best option is a sterile surgical or medical grade water based formula.
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4.67 based on 3 Reviews
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Stainless Steel 12 Pc. Rose Bud Sounding Set

Pure pleasure

I had been fooling around with sounding for a while, mostly with much shorter(and smaller) sounds. Then I decided to "jump in" to the big game. I looked at several types and decided on the Rosebud set. Nothing prepared me for the actual sizes an LENGTHS. I started small(6)mm. It would go so far then I hit a wall. I gradually went up in size. As I went up in size, the pleasure factor increased exponentially but I still "hit the wall at the base of my prostate. Using a 8 mm sound, I bent the sound approximately 30 degrees, lubed up again and tried once more. As the sound went in there was a slight resistance and then the most wonderful hot feeling as the sound touched the base of my prostate! I just left it there enjoying the feeling. Already, it was 10 times the sensation of the "finger" process. Slowly I gave a little push. As the bulb entered my prostate, I thought that the pleasure would make me pass out. I went right through the urethra. As the bulb passed through pushing on the walls of my prostate, the pleasure was incalculable. I had to lean against the bathroom wall in front of the toilet because the pleasure was so intense. I have since graduated to 10mm. The pleasure is just so much more intense. Yesterday, I used my trusty modified 10mm and I started "massaging" my prostate from the base to the bladder. I just kept sliding it in and out. I could feel it building and within moments I had a truly explosive orgasm. These sounds are truly wonderful! They are the proper sizes and lengths. Because of the thin rod, they can be bent very easily to accommodate your particular penile requirements. TAKE IT EASY. Use plenty of lube and go slow! I am going for 11mm now. my problem seems to be "the meatus" is putting up resistance. They ar very easy to clean and sterilize. With these rosebuds, you really don't need anything else to give yourself earth shattering mind blowing pleasure. Very highly recommended!!!

Stainless Steel 12 Pc. Rose Bud Sounding Set


I thoroughly enjoy using these, they are well made and give a great sensation. Easy to clean and maintain as well. Of course be very careful when starting out and go slow and I am sure you will love them!

Stainless Steel 12 Pc. Rose Bud Sounding Set

Good buy

These rose buds are good quality, I bought them to experiment with sounding and prostate stimulation, they are slightly flexible and the case seems to be made well. Little tip go slow and start off small, make sure everything is clean/sterile before you start, it s a unique experience that you will enjoy you will want to order some flexible ones as well, enjoy play safe