Icicles No. 38 Hand Blown Glass Whip

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The product was exactly what was displayed. It is gorgeous, sleek and sexy. My wife was and is throughly pleased with it and we will be making more purchases.


Love at first sight

This has now taken its place as my fave whip. The length of the tassels is perfect and i just love the glass handle, it s just the right size for me to get a firm grip. I also really like that it warms as i hold it, and is smooth and the end is cool to rub and tease my partner with - or myself ;)


A Piece Of Art

I ordered a ton of stuff and this one is my absolute fav!!!! So gorgeous I want to display it.....and so multi functional. A must have for anyone with discerning taste. I will definitely be purchasing more glass objects d'art!

Product description

A breathtakingly gorgeous, amazingly functional flogger from the hand-blown Icicles collection, the Glass Whip will satisfy even the most discerning connoisseurs of pleasure combined with pain.

This lush whip features a heavy, supple 18 inch fall of leather tresses, leather is a coveted material in sensual play for very good reason, everything about it is sexy, from the aroma to the whisper softness that sting at a moments notice. Long and lush, the tails can be swished a flicked to suit your pleasure pursuit, they're certainly soft enough for beginner play but absolutely worthy of more hard-core scenarios, too.

Passing perfect control into the hands of the holder, a smooth, weighty handle is absolutely dreamy, it's crystal clear with a deliciously swirly raised texture and large spherical handle. Not only does this glass piece serve as a base for the sexy leather whip, but doubles as a dildo for unforgettable vaginal or anal penetration.

Thanks to glass' incredibly hygienic properties, clean-up is a breeze, just wipe well with a good toy cleaner or soap and water, the leather, of course, should be kept as dry as possible, and spot cleaned, if necessary.

  • Length: 26"
  • Insertable Length: 6"
  • Girth: 5.1" at largest point
  • Width: 1.5" at largest point
  • Materials: Glass
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Textured Surface, Waterproof

SKU: PD-2938-00 | UPC: 603912314656 | MPN: PD2938-00 (13)

SKU: PD-2938-00 | UPC: 603912314656 | MPN: PD2938-00 (13)

Ratings / Reviews


Great flogger. My wife and I just love this toy.


Fun sexy pretty toy but a few buts

Gorgeous handle & sleek styling.
Nice for my lover to use
For penetration, the grooves on the handle were a little sharp on my sensitive pink parts!
First use, a bit of unfinished leather from the backside of the suede ribbons shed a bit. Seems to be ok now.
Fun and sexy. Would buy again.


Beautifully hand blown

This is great my girl loves how it feels, how it doubles as a dildo is amazing my girl Came in less then a minute and always wants to use it


Can't go wrong

Got this and it's a really versatile toy. It gets really warm when inserted for a while and gives an amazing friction feeling when you turn it. Highly stimulating without being too big and perfect for couples.


Excellent Whip

My girlfriend and I very much enjoyed this. I ve always wanted a glass dildo and wanted a new whip, so this combine was just the obvious choice for me.
The whip is loud upon contact, but besides that, we both loved this.



By far the prettiest toy i own. Amazing for all kind of play. Love to have a dildo and a whip in one toy. However, the whip is soft and gentle. Great for beginners or soft play. Maybe not the best thing if you want more kick.



Such a good toy! As a flogger you can really let loose with this one. If you like hot skin after a good flogging this is a great tool. The glass handle also makes it great for pony play. Highly recommend, great toy, lots of diverse uses!



This flogger is a piece of art. We absolutely adore It! It is stunning and eye catching! The glass bulb is a bit large for me, but I'm really small to begin with. But hey, for a piece this pretty...challenge accepted!


Solid multi-purpose toy

This whip is gorgeous - a real work of art. Heavy but well balanced, the suede thongs are the perfect length to deliver a good tickle or sharp sting. The glass handle does great double-duty for anal play after the flogger has been used! Well made and (relatively) easy to clean... this one will be used for years.


Great product

Great toy although the leather has a very musty smell when we opened it. Hopefully airing it out will help.


Lovely Glass; Flimsy neck & Twisted Tails

Overall: 1/2 (3.5 stars)
This is my first glass toy, but not my first flogger.
I wanted a flogger with a heavy handle, and the appeal of being able to then turn it over to use for penetration was irresistible. I was hoping that the glass would be formed in such a way that it would hold the neck firmly in place, but instead I discovered a rather flimsy knot (if it can even be called a knot) wrapped around the straight glass. Ultimately, I can tell this flogger will require more maintenance than I hoped.
That said, it is beautiful. The bulb and ridges of the glass feel amazing. The tails are soft enough that this flogger works well for soft pain play or stinging precision. It's no $200+ high end flogger, but it is an affordable and beautiful toy.
I am VERY happy with the purchase, but it's not a 5-star flogger.


Pleasantly surprised

My boyfriend and I agree that this is our new favorite toy. A must have for the bedroom when you want to double your pleasure.


Good flogger big pleasure

I really love the flogger. I'm not used to have something this big in. But if you like it bigger and strong. definetly a very good choice.



If you are looking for fun and satisfaction in a toy,,, look no further!! Pure enjoyment for both of us!


Incredible! This is Art!

Wow this was on our wishlist for sometime, we finally got it. The most amazing flogger on the market hands down.
The soft leather is just right and the length perfect.
The exquisite handle is just a work of art. The bulb head hits her G-Spot every time and she just explodes in orgasm. The texture is very nice her pussy, (she loves it) and allows for a solid grip so no worry of dropping it while swinging it. It can sting or thud in the hands of skilled swinger, making it very versatile tool.
We took it to a party and all the women (and a few men) were drooling with passion over this.
Would love another in a different colors for a pairing with sexy outfits.

Thank you Pink Cherry and Icicles!


beautiful flogger

its a beautiful flogger with its crystal handle which is also heavy which helps for beautiful impacted marks and the raw hide tail are very durable and leave awesome marks i recommended this flogger to everyone


A Unique Implement!

I've never seen anything like this whip and I had to get it. It is very useful as a punishment implement and as a sex toy. Definitely one of the nicest pieces in my fun collection.



Wife loves this toy. A little tease then please. Watch out if the faux leather gets wet it leaves black coloring