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Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit

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It's no secret that folks love their vibration! All manners of buzzing, throbbing and pulsating toys are a go-to for couples and solo lovers seeking sexy satisfaction. If, however, you feel like you could use something a little (or a lot) different in the stimulation department, it's time to try the sexy sizzle of electricity. The Obsidian Intensity Kit from KinkLab offers you, or you and your partner, a perfect way to play with some tingly, focused, totally unique sensation.

First a little background. Electrostimulation is a method of erotic play powered by controlled pulses of electricity. Stimulating and thrilling the many nerve endings hiding beneath your skin, electricity It can be manipulated in tons of creative, customized ways to immensely enhance foreplay, bdsm scenarios, sex and even self love. This type of device has been used for decades to various effect, some medical and some erotic, but the Neon Wand is one of the first solid state (one piece) electric ray wands, drawing from over 20 years of design experience and research.

A much more accessible, user-friendly member of the Neon Wand family, the Obsidian Neon Wand is a great choice for beginners to this type of toy thanks to its incredible ease of use and extra detailed instruction manual. That said, experienced e-stim fans will (and do!) downright adore the Obsidian's lightweight, maneuverable shape and included accessories. 

The Obsidian offers a range of sensation, from teasing, tickly touches to sharp, stinging bites. Generally speaking, this Wand will not reach the higher intensity levels that some people find painful. Of course, everyone is different. What one finds pleasurable, another finds painful, so please start slow with the lowest settings before cranking things up! 

Once plugged in, the Wand transmits power up through the lightweight, ergonomically shaped handle and into one of two included silicone electrode attachments. A huge range of sensations are possible, affected both by the power setting chosen, and the attachment used. In general, the smaller the tip of the electrode, the more intense the sensation, as there's less surface area to dispel the charge. 

Let's talk about the attachments! The 6.5"/16.5cm Flex Capacitor is a two-pronged treat featuring two slim, flexible silicone stems, each curving toward the other. Use it to surround desired sweet spots from two sides, or to target tiny areas individually. Since the surface areas of the Flex is so tiny, the sensation will be fairly intense.

The second attachment is the 14.5"/37cm Electro-Whip, a classic flogger. This whip sparks much more than curiosity with eight silky tails, each capable of delivering sensual sizzles. With the Electro-Whip, the sensation will be less intense, as the Wand's electrical current has more surface area to spread out. Drag it teasingly along your / their skin, or flick it harder for some sudden, electrifying sting.

A very detailed manual comes included with your Wand, it'll walk you through the history, unique qualities, operation and care/cleaning of your Obsidian, plus, it provides all kinds of tips and tricks on methods of use and ways to get the most from your e-stim toy. Presented in a self-contained foam lined case that's great for travel and storage, your Obsidian Neon Wand Intensity Kit will be good to go whenever you are.

* The Obsidian Neon Wand without an attachment is 9.75"/24.8cm in length and 1.9" /4.8cm in diameter. It weighs about 9.5oz/269.32g

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