Private Tube Personal Trainer Masturbator

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Product Description
So, you probably won't be reaching for this flashlight-shaped stroker when the power goes out, but once CalExotic's Private Tube Personal Trainer Masturbator is all yours, we're willing to bet that you'll be reaching for it when the good ol' left or right just isn't doing the trick! 

Tucked safely (and secretively) inside a sturdy ergonomic case, the removable super-soft Real Skin sleeve flashes a pretty pussy at the exterior and features a very special, ultra intense texture inside. Not only is it bouncy and clingy, gripping, releasing and massaging like the real deal, but this particular sleeve was designed to help improve stamina and performance. With regular use, you'll be able to practice holding out as long as possible in the face of tons of stimulation. 

Oh, and speaking of tons of stimulation, we know you won't say no to some sexy, slippery warmth, so before diving inside, remove the sleeve and soak it in some heated water for a few minutes. Pop it back into the Private Tube casing, add lots of lube (which you could also warm up!), and away you go.

Now, the Personal Trainer is tight, make no mistake. Luckily, if you need a little more space, the suction level adjusts easily thanks to a simple cap at the base. Unscrew to let more air through, or tighten up for a firmer grip.

To clean your Private Tube Personal Trainer, take out the sleeve and rinse it well using warm water. Please don't use soap, but for tougher cleaning jobs, you can use a little diluted isopropyl alcohol. It's very important to let the insert dry completely before storing it away, so leave it out until then. With a lot of use, the sleeve might get a bit sticky, if this happens, just sprinkle it liberally with pure cornstarch or the included Renewal powder to restore softness. 

Something to note is that the Trainer (and all Private Tube strokers) sleeves require a LOT of lube to help things glide along smoothly, so make sure to stock up before your session- a good water-based lube is your best bet, please avoid both oil and silicone formulas, as they can break down the material.

* Measurements below represent the Personal Trainer Masturbator with top cap removed. Penetrable length is approximately 9"(23cm)

SKU: CE-7210-10-3 | UPC: 716770093943 | MPN: SE-7210-10-3 (0)


SKU: CE-7210-10-3 | UPC: 716770093943 | MPN: SE-7210-10-3 (0)

  • Orifice: Vagina
  • Length: 9.5"
  • Special Features: Closed End, Open Ended, Realistic
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Based On 7 Reviews
Private Tube Personal Trainer Masturbator

Very Nice

Slightly bigger than I thought it would be however it gets the job done rather well.

Private Tube Personal Trainer Masturbator


It's fun to use solo or with someone and it's super easy to clean and maintain :)

Private Tube Personal Trainer Masturbator

Delivered Early!

Package was delivered early so I dropped everything I was doing and tried it out! Amazing experience, I had to take a nap after.

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