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Under the Bed Restraints


Under the Bed Restraints

  • Under the Bed Restraints
  • Under the Bed Restraints
  • Under the Bed Restraints
  • Under the Bed Restraints
  • Under the Bed Restraints
  • Under the Bed Restraints

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Under the Bed Restraints


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Great fun, easy to use (Anonymous)

These restraints are super easy to get in place and work really well. They are easy to get into and out of and very comfortable.

Awesome (Anonymous)

Easy to install, we had a lot of fun with it!

Easy to use (Anonymous)

Love the item

Product Description

Easily securing a willing mate into the playful position of choice, PinkCherry's ultra versatile Under The Bed restraint set features extra long adjustable straps and four super-soft cuffs.

Fitting quickly beneath the mattress, this set's adjustable main strap can be placed lengthwise or across the width of the bed. Each of four felted cuffs clip to corresponding O-rings at the tip of four tethers via rugged swiveling metal clasps. Two on top capture the wrists while the lower two secure the ankles- each tether is adjustable. 

Easily wrapped up and stowed away, the Under The Bed Restraints can accompany adventurous couples just about anywhere. Fits any standard mattress.Cuffs fit up to approximately 5 inches (12.7cm) in wrist/ankle diameter.

Product Code: ZPC-000290
UPC Code: 823259000290

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Customer Reviews

Great Set Up! (Annoymous)

We both actually love this. It's super simple to set up as long as you can move your mattress and is fairly discrete should you want to hide it. The straps are completely adjustable and the tethers are strong. Once you are tied down, don't expect to get free. The added loops at the bottom of the bed allow for multiple positions outside of the standard starfish. A great product from a good company !

Best Purchase I've Made ((J))

At a fraction of the price of what you'd find at a store this thing performs wonderfully!
We've taken it for many test rides now and are more than pleased with our purchase. The value is incredible.
It fits perfectly between the mattress and boxspring, and can come out the sides or top/bottom of the mattress - depending on how 'exposed' you want to be ;). It's very tight, the cuffs are great quality very soft on the wrists and ankles. I also managed to use one of the cuffs (as they are fully adjustable) as an impromptu collar and it worked wonderfully and actually looked very nice!
Tugged on this quite a bit, it didn't give. No metal parts on the clips broke, bent, or warped and there is no fraying on the fabric parts whatsoever.
5/5 Would recommend to beginners or intermediate users alike!

Solid, basic. (Diana)

Well made but not a very "luxurious" model. Very happy with it for the price.

Dream come true (Sean)

I surprised my wife with these restraints the other night. I'd set them up in only a minute without her knowing, and later that night she found herself spread-eagle on the bed, mine to do with as I pleased. In concert with a blindfold and feather tickler, I soon had her trembling and writhing uncontrollably, which ended in the best sex we've had in years. Afterwards, she told me this was something she had always fantasized about and can't wait to be tied up and helpless again.
This was our first bondage toy (but definitely won't be the last). The cuffs are soft and comfortable, yet secure - your partner will be completely helpless once strapped in - and they can be tucked discretely under the mattress, available at a moment's notice without the kids ever being the wiser. This set offers fantastic value and is a great jumping-off point to explore your bondage fantasies.

Very Satisfied (SpicyMarriage)

Easy and fast to install. Easy to hide from the kids/anybody. Materials seem solid and of reasonable quality. After strapping in my wife (which was fast and simple) she was unable to free herself, or loosen the straps by pulling. Being able to attach/unattach the cuffs in a variety of ways is a huge feature of this product.
We are very happy with the price and the product.

Simply Awesome (Anonymous)

I bought this for my husband for Christmas (we both had never been tied up before). I set it up beforehand and wrapped the empty box... Before going to bed he unwrapped his last present and boy was it ever fun! I tied him up and he was VERY turned on... it was amazing to watch him be that turned on! The next night was my turn and it was just amazing! He said it was the best buy ever! I definitely feel the same way!! This is a must buy for anyone wanting to spice things up in the bedroom.

Love It (Travis D)

I bought this for my girl for her bday! She knew I got her a sex toy of some sort but wasn't expecting this, she was excited and majorly turned on by it. We set it up which was super easy BTW and she had tried it on me first. I instantly gave in to it and wanted it, damn was I impressed. I love the feeling of being teased by her hands and lips and not being able to touch her, just makes me want her more. I then tied her down and caressed her body making her more wet than what she already was. Needless to say our session ended very wet and had to change the sheets. If any couple wants to spice up the sex in the bedroom I recommend getting this and a blindfold cause Holy crap not being able to see what someone is doing to you is one hell of a rush.

More than tongue tied (Paul)

Using these restraints gave us a whole new type of adventure. Along with the "sqweel2", this combo makes every" episode " unique.
The quick release straps make it stress free ( up to a certain point, I guess).
We just wish, two cuffs were sized for the lower thigh area. Lots of exhilarating fun for both of us.

easy to use (Anonymous)

Very easy to install, comfortable and really holds you down. Great value for the price.

Worth Every Penny! (Anonymous)

I have only used It a couple of times so far but I have absolutely no complaints. It has really enhanced the bedroom experience and I'm very pleased with The sites service so far. The restraints arrived exactly when they said they would and there were no surprises. Everything was as advertised. Great product and a great comoany.

Adding extra Spice VERY Easy (LuckyBuddy)

First thing I noticed is how 'minimal' this product is. Really is just a few strips of Nylon webbing. The BIG benefit of this is it is incredibly easy to install and stays under the bed without even knowing it. So 'normal' looking bed by day.... and 'fun' bed by night (or whenever you want). The straps go on easy and the adjustment is great for our Queen size bed. I tested pulling on the straps when fully strapped in and the bed bent with my pull, but the straps stayed in place. I didn't 'emergency get me the heck out of these' pull on them as I didn't want to break them, but they held up perfectly. I highly recommend them. Cost effective, comfortable, and adjustable. Great for experimenting and for casual use. Though you could 'beef' up the restraints for true 'not getting out' if you liked.

amazing (Kylie)

Me and my boyfriend have loved the sexual restraints it has aloud us to explore each others body further then we have both ever emagine and my boyfriend has gotten really into tieing me down and pleasing me with both his mouth and his dick and he mixes in my toys this has aloud us to try positions that we had not thought of before

So easy (J)

We used this on a Queen bed, it took all of 2 minutes to set up! Adjustable so you can make the restraints looser or tighter. I used my own cuffs which attached easily. It stayed in place over the half hour or so (who was watching the clock?) we used it. The only negative was that the cuffs included are too big for small wrists, out of a six inch strip of velcro only about an inch was fastened on my wrist. They didn't feel super secure, but I have my own cuffs so no big deal.

Nice (Control freak)

Easy to set up, worked well for first time user. Great affordable purchase!

good fun (Anonymous)

Works as stated. Lots of fun for us both!

Awesome product (Anonymous)

Highly recommended, awesome an easy to set up!!

So happy ! :) (Anonymous)

Very well made product. easy to use and set up, lol will be ordering more! thanks :D

Easy to use (Anonymous)

Love the item

Great fun, easy to use (Anonymous)

These restraints are super easy to get in place and work really well. They are easy to get into and out of and very comfortable.

Great price and easy setup (Anonymous)

This product was easy to setup, soft cuffs, and you can't beat the price!

Awesome (Anonymous)

Easy to install, we had a lot of fun with it!

Easy-to-use (Anonymous)

Sets up fast and fits our king size bed

Great (Anonymous)

Very good product just like described and very quick shipping

Excellent quality (Amadeus)

Excellent quality, perfect for kinky moment!
My gf will not be able to get out of that pleasure moment with those restraint!

Super Product (Anonymous)

This product is excellent. Easily adjusted. Easy to install. Easy to use. I'd strongly recommend this. Easy to tuck under the mattress and have out of the way but handy and ready whenever you want to use it.

Kinky...awesome (Anonymous)

It is a heaven on earth pleasure with this thing

Under the bed restraints (Bradley babcock)

Lots of fun and easy to apply would reccomend for anyone looking for a great time

Great Entry Into Bondage (Xtube)

I think at some point everyone gets an interest or develops a curiosity about the world of BDSM and the like. These were by far the simplest “toys” to set up, there are 3 instructions on the packaging and its quite straight forward, what you choose to do with them is entirely up to you, I will let you set your own fantasy up in your mind but I can say this whatever you decide to do to your lover, be respectful and play within your own pre-established limits and rules.

So good so far!! (Anonymous)

Easy setup and simple to use.

Good product (Anonymous)

Easy setup, cheaply made, but good for first time experience. Our shipment came in missing a metal loop and fastener on one of the cuffs. We did not realize this until it was all setup, the company offered to replace, but we thought it was more of a hassle to disassemble and ship back and got the loop and fastener from the hardware store. Customer service was really helpful though.

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