5 Sexy Things YOU Can Try Right Now!

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5 Sexy Things YOU Can Try Right Now!


Have you run out of new things to try in the bedroom? Are you sexually uninspired? Do you feel stuck when it comes to what sexy thing you should try next?

It happens. Everyone gets to a point in their lives where they need a sexual jumpstart—an infusion of sexy new ideas to get sparks flying and juices flowing. 

You’re in luck! In this article I’m going to share five self-expanding activities that you can try tonight (or in one case, tomorrow morning). Whether you’re solo or partnered, I encourage you to keep an open mind and review some of these sexy possibilities to enjoy. 


#1 Nuru!

What the heck is Nuru? 

I understand. This isn’t a topic that gets discussed often. Nuru is a Japanese erotic massage technique that encompasses body-to-body contact. 

Unlike a traditional massage where a person uses their hands to rub their lover, Nuru, which literally translates to ‘slippery’ in Japanese, is a technique where a person uses their own nude body to massage their partner. The other key element to a Nuru massage is using a specific, ultra-slippery oil to allow both bodies to sensually glide against each other. 


Try It Yourself: Arm yourself with slippery massage oil, remove your partner’s clothes, disrobe, slick up your body and use it to sensually rub against your lover. That’s right, you are basically rubbing your oiled body seductively onto your partners’ body. 

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Sexy Scale = 5 Stars

#2 Body Painting

BE the artwork!

While many people suggest using flavorful body paints to decorate your partner’s body, I recommend sensually adorning your own body. 

According to research, body painting emerged during 1960s when artists strived to find new way to express themselves in a form that will be sensational and shocking—apropos for this experimental time in history. And, still appropriate for those wishing to express their own sexual uniqueness. 

Consider using body paints to highlight your favorite parts of your own physique. Lead your partner on a visual treasure hunt across all your erogenous areas. 


Try it Yourself: Edible body paints can add an extra, delicious element to this sexy surprise. 

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Sexy Scale = 4 Stars



#3 Enjoy Morning Sex 

Create your own “Good Morning”!

Before you discount this sexy suggestion, stop and think about when was the last time that you enjoyed starting your day with an arousing romp. See? It’s time you enjoy this sexy delicacy again!

First, let me share that research found that the best time to have sex is about 7:30 a.m. because morning sex unleashes endorphins that lower blood pressure and reduce stress, setting you up for a chill day, hours of smiles, and a beautiful afterglow.  


Try It Yourself: Plan ahead and have lubricant on the nightstand. Wear something sexy to bed to set the morning mood. Set the coffee maker to start around 7:20 a.m. to help rouse your lover with an arousing aroma. And, if needed, wake up a little early for some personal foreplay before waking your partner up in the best way possible. 

Sexy Scale = 4.5 Stars 


#4 Play Games 

Everyone loves games. But bedroom games seem to be forgotten. 

Whether you choose perineal favorites Sex Dice or Truth or Dare, or an all-inclusive game with props included, bringing an element of play into your relationship can be sexy. 

Games help provide laughter and competitiveness, which can help heighten connection and amp up arousing emotions in relationships. 


Try It Yourself:  Look for a game that would appeal to both you and your partner. Even though most games serve as an excellent path of foreplay leading to sex, double-down with an additional prize for the winner. 

Check out a wide array of sexy games to inspire your next ‘Game Night’.

Sexy Scale = 4 Stars


#5 Lap Dance

Sexy entertainment for your partner. 

I find that many people yearn to get their partners to take them dancing—only to be disappointed when they decline. Well, lap dancing is an occasion where one partner can dance alone while both reap the sexy benefits. 

Let your partner know that you’ll be needing their cooperation, and then place them comfortably in a chair and begin your sexiest dance. The great thing about lap dances is that you don’t necessarily have to make the dance a striptease. You can turn your lover on without removing a stitch of clothing. 


Try It Yourself: If you’re nervous, consider blindfolding your partner as you grind against them. Choose sexy lingerie and candlelight, if that’s what inspires you. And be sure to seek out music that moves you—such as this Lap Dance Playlist on Spotify. 

Sexy Scale = 5 Stars


Quick Recap:

1. Nuru

2. Body Painting

3. Morning Sex

4. Sexy Games

5. Lap Dances


    Perhaps I saved the best tidbit for last. Did you know that research shows that doing self-expanding activities can rekindle sexual desire in long-term relationships? 

    This same research also found that when partners did these new activities together, sexual satisfaction was increased. 

    This research supports that trying new sexy things with your lover sparks feelings of desire and excitement, which can be beneficial for both partners. 

    So, what are you waiting for? 

    Are you ready to try something new and sexy? Have you ever surprised your lover with a new experience—how did it go? Please send me your questions and comments. I would love to hear from you. 

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