There’s Still Time To Enjoy Outdoor Summer Love!

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Does summer bring out the passion in you? 

It could be because you’re naturally hot and sweaty during summer months because of heat and humidity, so this leads to less clothing and more skin, relaxation, and lower inhibitions. 

Warm summer months can make your body feel free and alive, and what better way to celebrate this euphoric feeling than with a romp in the hay, literally. 

Summer Makes You Hot – But, Here Come’s Fall

As the summer months wind down, you can still make time to enjoy some late-summer sex outdoors.

Sex is such a sensory experience that the great outdoors is the perfect place to expand upon sounds, scents, and sights. Just like studies have found the scent of cinnamon can arouse men, fresh air can be an aphrodisiac. 

Whether you decide to take your sexy adventures deep into wooded territory or to a secluded beach, there are a few items I suggest you bring with you in your backpack:

Outdoor Sex Backpack Guide:

  • Lubricant. I recommend choosing a lubricant with a cap that has convenient closure for travel. Really, lube should travel with you on any of your sexy adventures, indoor and out).
  • Sunscreen. Yes, I realize it’s the end of summer and you should have had time to work on your tan. But, let’s be honest, there are going to be some parts of your body being revealed that normally don’t see the sun—even at the end of summer!
  • Water. Did you know that being properly hydrated can extend erections and sex play? That means bringing plenty of water along with you wherever your outdoor sex adventure takes you. 
  • Rechargeable Pleasure Products. Make sure your sex toys are charged and ready for travel. Rechargeable sex toys are perfect for your outdoor sex-capades because there’s no need for you to worry about electricity or dead batteries. Might I suggest a waterproof vibe for your favorite swim hole? There are plenty of discreet-sized toys that won’t take up too much room in your backpack, but can give you your own personal outdoor fireworks. 
  • Blankets. Having pine needles or sand stuck to your nether regions may dampen your fun. Be prepared for sex, and an après-play picnic, by including a cozy blanket.  
  • Hand Wipes. Having hand wipes or intimate wipes are a good way to clean up after you get dirty. Just remember the hiker’s moto, pack it in, pack it out to avoid littering. 

End-of-Summer Sex Positions

Now that you know what to bring with you for your end-of-summer outdoor sex adventures, let’s explore a few healthy sex positions that can encourage passion and exercise hearts. Because you don’t want to give up your swimsuit bod yet, do you? 

Eye to Eye: By laying side by side facing each other both partners can enjoy healthy, loving communication with their eyes. This position also takes stress off body parts for couples, allowing for more comfortable movements. *Sunny Tip: This position is great for underneath a blanket!

Get a Leg Up: Much like the Eye to Eye position with connection and comfort, this position has one partner placing their leg over the hip of their lover. This position allows for deeper penetration. 

Take a Seat: Using a sturdy chair that can accommodate the weight of two people, or a campsite picnic table, one partner takes a seat while the other partner sits on their lap. This sex position can provide the pleasures of standing sex without straining muscles. 

No matter which position you choose, sex play can release healthy hormones into your body, like oxytocin, which works as a natural pain reliever and can help reduce headaches and muscle aches. 

Are you ready to check end-of-summer outdoor loving off your to-do list and enjoy exhilaration without walls? Let me share a few helpful tips. 

Additional Helpful Tips:

Find a good private location outdoors because you’ll find it freeing to be as noisy as you want, which can feel both sexy and primal. 

  1. Be sure to fully charge any rechargeable pleasure products that you bring with you. 
  2. Condoms and intimate wipes are not biodegradable so be prepared to pack them out.
  3. Although you’re in the wilderness, be sure to keep an eye out for other hikers or park rangers just in case you want total privacy. And, be mindful that there may be wildlife out there with you. A word of wisdom - do not get so engrossed in sex that you don’t notice the bear watching you.  

Keep in mind, outdoor sex isn’t just for couples – there’s nothing like a solo sex session in the warm sunshine of late summer to help prepare you for those chilly months ahead. 

Have you enjoyed sex outdoors? Is there a tip you’d like to share with me? I would love to hear from you! Share your experiences, tips, and results. Have a question about sex or sex toys? Let me know! I am here to help.

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