Muko Lubricating Jelly 150grams

Based On 61 Reviews

Muko Lubricating Jelly 150grams

Based On 61 Reviews

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Great Lube, Great Price (Anonymous)

The discrete bottle label is also a plus.

Amazing (Anonymous)

Really great, stays thick as needed, no need to reapply.

perfect consistency (D)

perfect consistency for urethral insertion play and sterile

very happy with the purchase and will continue to but and use this product

Product description

A no-nonsense top selling personal moisturizer, Muko Lubricating Jelly's medical grade water based formula adds lots of pleasurable, friction-free slipperiness to sex and toy/device play.

Bacteriostatic, non-conductive and 100% water soluble, this unscented jelly features a nice thick texture that easily coats desired body areas and penetrators. Non-irritating to the skin, Muko is also non-toxic orally. Safe to use with all toy materials and condoms. Non-staining.

  • Size: 5.3 oz
  • Flavor: Unflavored
  • Special Features: Unscented

SKU: SOURCE-013198 | UPC: 840853013198 | MPN: SM1319/MUK150 (55)

SKU: SOURCE-013198 | UPC: 840853013198 | MPN: SM1319/MUK150 (55)

Ratings / Reviews

Favorite lube (Megan)

Great stuff. Nice and thick. Stays where you need it to. Discreet packaging. Useable for just about anything you need it for. It's my favorite, and I'm pretty picky.

Perfect for Dilating and Dilation (Anonymous)

It has the perfect consistency to remain on the dilator and spread smoothly when it comes in contact with the skin. I love it for dilating my vagina.

Just like the office (Billy)

Jelly lube is amazing to begin wtih and these medical grade works perfectly!

First Place Winner (Danielle)

This lube will always be my top choice. Since it's a gel lube, there's never a huge mess when using it on toys or personal areas. It also stays moist for a long time, but since it's water based, you don't have to worry about your precious toys being ruined.

Top notch. Also non-irritating for those with sensitive skin!

Slip sliding away (Anonymous)

This is the best lube ever and no irritation on sensitive skin. Highly recommended.

The best! (Anonymous)

I've bought this twice recently. This stuff is the best lube I've ever tried. It's super thick and is medical grade, it lasts forever. It's not sticky, there's zero scent. Will continue to buy this forever.

Great lube (Anonymous)

This lube is simple but gets the job done extremely well and is not sticky.

Sterile, good for preventing UTI (DV8_IN)

My Fiance was constantly getting UTI's before we switched to this lube. Now not so much. Plus its thickness helps with urethral sounding!

Excellent lube. Best I've used. (Anonymous)

I prefer and trust this lube over all other popular brands I've tried. I've had one bottle, and have ordered 2 more. Well worth the great price here. I hope they continue to manufacture it, and this site continues to sell it as it's difficult to find elsewhere.

Decent lube (Ron)

Nice and slippery at first, after a while it felt like I was wearing a condom, and wasn't. Worth a try.

Works wonders (Kelta)

Love this, so worth the buy, super cheap but really good, a little goes a long way with this bad boy too.
Lasts very long time, no sticky residue, no foul odors, no odd stains if spilt on bedding.
It's a seriously great value and I will definitely be purchasing more once I run out

Great Lube (Ben)

Love this lube, it's great, lasts for quite a while before reapplication is necessary. Much prefer this to every lube I've tried so far!

Fantastic! (Anonymous)

This may be the best live I've ever purchased!! Bought to facilitate my solo-anal play (I'm a male), and I can say it does the job better than any other! It's nice and thick with a great consistency. Definitely recommended!

Water based lubricant gel doesn't get much better than this (Dan)

I've searched for water based lubricants for years and Muko definitely satisfies all of the requirements. The fact that it's jelly gives it an extra coating of viscosity, allowing it to stay wet longer. Easy to clean up and won't stain.

Best Lube Ever (Anonymous)

Water-based, great consistency, no stain, cleans up easily, and finally, a little goes a long way

Good and thick (Anonymous)

I like the thickness of the lube, doesn't run on the hand. It is closer to a jelly and is great on toys. My bottle doesn't feel like it was full, maybe they filled it with more air so it is easier dispense?

great product (Anonymous)

Works great ! Super slippery and lasts. Nothing more to be said.

Can't be beat. (Josh)

This is by far the best lube the girlfriend and I have ever used. Its water based so we can use it with all her toys plus it is the best for anal sex.

Stays put (Elle)

Stays put and does the trick... best ever.

Best Lube I've tested (Brad)

Excellent, high quality lube. Good price and it gets the job done.

Great stuff (Steve)

This is the best lube out there thick and lasts forever

Top rated (Mike)

I have tried many lubes on the market, but this beats the rest as a long lasting general purpose lube. It's nice and thick so it goes where it's supposed to go and also lasts well through nice long and lingering sessions. Next time I will order a larger size.

Great lube! (Anonymous)

Colourless, odourless, doesn't leave residue, easy to clean, lasts a long time! This is perfect in every way. Excellent smooth texture, nondescript bottle, good price. Only weird thing that might throw you is that it comes out of the bottle in a semi-solid jelly. It immediately starts to break down into a liquid when you rub it though, so no complaints.

Recommended (Anonymous)

We use this lube particularly with toys. It is nice and thick, stays where you put it, and doesn't fail when you need it the most.

Amazing! (Anonymous)

Wow, this is an amazing lube! It's really thick and bit sticky, but it works great! It doesn't dry out as fast so that's definitely a bonus!

Best on the market (Anonymous)

Hands down the best lube I have found. Very thick and stays in place, meaning you use less than any of the other water based lubes on the market. Stop reading and buy it!

Great lube (Anonymous)

Find it dries out quick but a little water helps it glide again Nice and thick so it goes where you want it to go without dripping Do yourself a favour and order a bottle of this one

Excellent! (Anonymous)

Great value, no odour, cleans up easily leaving no residue or stains. Plus, discreet packaging!

Best of the Best, and Canadian (SexyHR)

I always love buying Canadian products, and this one happens to be epic.
It works remarkably well, without any of those lingering feelings other lubes give. Doesn't require mass amounts and because it's a jelly, it wont run when you are needing it in a tight spot.
It's somewhat more incognito than other lubes. It wont stand out if someone spots it from across the room.
If doctors and hospitals use it, then it's worth a shot.

Great lube (Anonymous)

This is a great lube, especially for anal.
Give it a try!