6 Best Sex Swing Positions

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6 Best Sex Swing Positions? How To Use Nipple Stimulators


Of all the many, many fun sexy products available to intrepid pleasure seekers, I think sex swngs are some of the most exciting. That said, they’re also some of the least discussed and, for a lot of folks, most daunting -- no one wants to end up with a painful sex injury. A lot of sex toys and tools are fairly straightforward, but adult swings can be a little more complicated. So today we are talking about sex swings: what they are, how to use them, and which fun sex positions work best for getting you Cirque du So-laid! So strap in, and let’s talk about sex swings!

What is a Sex Swing?

What is a sex swing, exactly? Basically, it’s a hanging suspension apparatus that involves straps and balance points to hold you and/or your partners in place while you play. This allows you to be hoisted into the air and placed into fun sex positions that aren’t possible on the ground. They allow for a supported, weightless sensation because, well, they take gravity out of the equation.

Today we’re talking about two types of sex swings: suspension swings and door jam swings. 

How To Use A Sex Swing

The first step in using a sex swing is the most mundane but also the most important: Safely setting it up. This process will vary depending on what kind of swing you choose. Setting up a suspended swing will involve using tools and finding a secure place to anchor the swing.  A door sex swing will be easier to set up as it will only require a door - these types of adult swings can come with their own challenges, though, as not all doors are created equal.

All that said, the first step toward successful sex swing use is to carefully read all of the instructions that come with your specific swing. Then you need to take the time to safely and securely get the swing in place. Remember, safety first!

Now, because I know you didn’t come here looking for a safety lecture and probably want the nitty gritty on getting down and dirty with a sex swing, let’s talk about some of the best, most comfortable, most creative, and most pleasurable ways to put your sex swing to use!


6 Best Sex Swing Positions

The best position for your sex swing will depend largely on what type of swing you are using. We are focusing on two types of swings: suspension sex swings and door jam sex swings. There are lots of fun sexual positions that will work in both types of swings, but because of proximity to walls/doors, there are other positions that won’t really work with a door-mounted swing. For that reason, I have divided my list into two categories: positions for suspension swings and sexual positions for door jam swings.

Sex swings allow for a whole new world of erotic possibility but these 6 super-sexy positions should help you start your exploration off on the right foot. 


For Suspension Sex Swings

Suspension sex swings like the WhipSmart Pleasure Swing are probably what you first pictured when you thought of a sex swing. They are suspended from the ceiling, or sometimes with a sex swing stand, and they allow for that weightless flying sensation you crave. Here are three great suspension sex swing positions!



It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s your partner being relentlessly pounded from behind! Seriously though, who doesn’t want to experience the weightless sensation of flight? If you’ve watched porn, odds are you’ve seen this sex position done without a sex swing harness and sure, it looks cool but let’s be honest, the logistics of it make it more a fun fantasy and less something you can actually do without people getting hurt. With a body sex swing, however, the receiving partner’s weight all rests on the swing, making it both secure for them and a breeze for the penetrating partner who doesn’t have to hold them up.

How it works:

The receiving partner lies face down on the swing’s harness so that their lower belly is resting on the seat and their chest is resting on the back support. The partner doing the penetration gets behind the receiving partner,  stands between their legs and holds onto their hips so they can safely put their feet into the harness’s stirrups. Once everyone is in position, the penetrating partner can penetrate either the vagina or the anus and then use the swinging motion of the harness to go as hard and deep as both partners enjoy. 

Cowpoke Swing

This is a swinging version of the classic receiving partner on top position. What’s great about it is that depending on your comfort, experience, or stamina, there are different degrees of the intensity you can go for. You can take it easy and make it about rocking and grinding together, possibly with the penetrating partner’s feet planted on the ground or you can go hard, with both partners’ feet off the ground as the partner on top controls the intensity, possibly making for a hard and deep ride.

How it works:

Start off with the penetrating partner sitting back in the swing with their feet on the floor.. The receiving partner then straddles them and holds on to the swing’s straps for support as both partners grind and rock against each other. 

To take it to the next level, have the penetrating partner lie back in the swing and place their feet in the stirrups. The receiving partner straddles them, so both partners are suspended in the air. Once in position, the receiving partner can start riding the penetrating partner, holding onto the swing’s strap both for support and to build a little momentum. Be aware that in this variation, the penetration can get quite deep. 

Spirit of 69

69 is a perennial oral sex favorite, and using a swing to do it can really take the pleasure up a notch. 

How it works:

One partner is on their back in the swing, with the straps around their back and the lower part of their seat and their feet in the stirrups, leaving them completely suspended. The other partner stands, straddling the suspended partner’s head, and keeps their feet planted on the ground. From there, the standing partner simply bends over and -- voila!-- 69.


For Door Jamb Sex Swings

Door sex swings like the Fetish Fantasy Deluxe Door Swing are more affordable, accessible, and easier to set up as they simply attach to a door. That said, they are more limited in terms of position options. Here are 3 positions that work great with a door swing!


Stand and Deliver

Have you ever noticed how much standing up sex happens in movies? Trust me, it’s a lot and I understand why. There’s definitely something next-level sexy about pinning your partner to the wall while you penetrate them. Logistically, however, it can get a little tricky. Thankfully, a door sex swing can make stand up sexual intercourse not only doable but super easy and fun!

How it works:

The receiving partner sits on the sex swing with their back facing the door. The standing partner comes to stand between their legs and penetrates them. The receiving partner can wrap their legs around the penetrating partner’s waist, or you can experiment with different positions knowing the swing and the door are holding them in place.

Supported Superhero

Yes, we talked about the Superhero in the last section, but what if you want to give it a try, but your home and/or budget doesn’t allow for a suspended sex swing? No problem! I’ve got a variation made just for door sex swings. This one gives the receiving partner a bit more support as they can place their feet on the wall/door. 

How it works:

The receiving partner stands with their back to the door and their lower belly on the swing’s seat. The penetrating partner comes to stand behind them, between their body and the door. With the penetrating partner supporting them, the receiving partner leans forward to rest their weight on the swing and takes hold of the hand straps. From here, the receiving partner can walk their feet up the door, coming into a horizontal position. The penetrating partner takes hold of their hips or thighs and starts thrusting. Once you get going, the receiving partner can bend their knees to remove their feet from the wall for a free-floating experience.

Bon Appetit

Zero gravity oral sex. It just sounds cool! Also, the experience of being pleasured while you can relax in mid-air is unlike anything else. This position can work for any kind of oral sex (cunnilingus, fellatio, analingus) with a little position tweaking. 

How it works:

The partner who is on the receiving end sits or lays back into the swing with their legs spread. The partner who is giving pulls up between their legs and gets down to the business of cunnilingus, fellatio, or analingus. Want to take it to a whole other level? Have the receiving partner flip over so they are on their stomach and their seat is high in the air. Either way, they are facing, this position gives the giver unfettered access to the genitals and anus, allowing them to provide a thorough oral sex experience, and the receiver can lean into the swing for a weightless sensation. 


So there you have it, six super sexy sex swing positions! Are you ready to shop for a sex swing of your very own? Great! Let Pink Cherry help you out! They’ve got a huge selection of suspension and door jam swings are well as all the accessories you need for the gravity-defying sex you want!



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