Are Dildos Allowed on Planes?

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Are Dildos Allowed on Planes?


For a lot of folks travel can serve as something of an aphrodisiac, inspiring some pretty hot sex. With that in mind, vacation may seem like the perfect time to explore with your favourite dildo or maybe even try a dildo out for the first time. Not so fast, though. There’s a very big question we need to answer before we hop a flight with our favourite manufactured phallus in tow: Are dildos allowed on planes? Today we’re going to talk about how to fly with your dildo without causing unnecessary drama. 

Are Dildos Allowed on Planes?

The very very short answer to this question is, generally speaking, yes. The longer answer involves a couple of factors including where you are going, how you pack it, and what TSA has to say about it. 

The first thing you want to think about is where you are going. Some countries such as India and the United Arab Emirates, have restrictions on sex toys so it might be best to leave yours at home if you are traveling to those places. Do your research ahead of time to find out if sex toys are restricted where you are going. 

Now you want to think about whether you want to check your bag or put your dildo in a carry-on. This is important when packing sex stuff because some things are permitted in carry-on bags while other things absolutely need to be in a checked bag. For example dildos and handcuffs are allowed in a carry-on bag while whips and other BDSM gear are not.  The TSA  can help you figure out what goes where with their handy dandy “What Can I Bring? search tool. You can enter the name of whatever item you are unsure about and you’ll quickly be able to see if the item is permitted, whether it needs to be checked or can be carried on and whether there are any restrictions or special instructions that you need to know about.

So now we know that dildos are not just allowed on planes, but they can even be carried on so you don’t have to part with your sexy friend for travel. That said, the TSA is still a concern. Something to be aware of is that your checked baggage is subject to search while they are out of your possession. If this happens you will receive a little note telling you that the TSA searched your bag. This is typically no big deal and the good news is, you don’t have to be there for it. When you are carrying a dildo in a carry-on bag, however, you have to face the TSA yourself so let’s talk a bit about how to make that experience as smooth as possible. 

How to Get Dildos Through Security

1. Be Organized

As someone who once had a TSA agent rifle through my underwear because I tucked a dildo into the pocket of my suitcase along with my unmentionables, believe me when I tell you, it's better to keep your toys organized and accessible. Lots of products come with cute storage pouches which can make for convenient, hygienic storage but also, a clear plastic bag is ideal for this task as it allows screeners to see what’s in it without them having to actually handle your sex toy, which I suspect is preferable for everyone. Also, make sure your dildo is somewhere that allows it to be accessed without tearing your whole bag apart. 

2. Be Sure Nothing Buzzes

So, we’re talking about dildos right now so the risk of having your luggage start vibrating is significantly less than if we were talking about vibrators but if your dil comes with a bullet vibe or has a motor you want to be sure it doesn’t accidentally start buzzing as you go through airport security, drawing unwanted attention. For any battery operated toy the answer is simple, remove the batteries when you pack. For a rechargeable toy you can check to see if your particular toy has a travel lock (usually that means that pressing the toys buttons in a certain way makes it so the toy cannot be turned on) and if it does not, you will just want to try to run out the battery prior to packing. 

3. Be Careful with Your Lube

If you are packing a dildo, you are probably packing some lube too (please pack some lube!) and if you want to carry that in your hand luggage, you will have to follow the same TSA rule that applies to your shampoo. That means you will need to bring less than 3 ounces and it should be in a quart-sized zip-top plastic bag.  

4. Be Cool

This one is important because attitude matters and if you are acting suspicious, you will be suspicious. TSA staff are specifically trained to keep an eye out for people acting odd and to pick up on any out-of-the-ordinary behaviours so don’t act odd or behave out of the ordinary. I know that might be a tall order if you are nervous about a stranger finding your dildo but remember, you are not doing anything wrong or illegal and lots and lots (seriously LOTS) of other people travel with sex toys every day.  Stay calm, cool, and collected and your trip through the TSA baggage screener will be less fraught for everyone. 

5. Be Comfortable and Confident

Let’s say the worst-case scenario does happen and the TSA screener searches your bag. The best thing you can do is tell the truth. Once I was stopped by a screener who gave me a whole speech about how he was going to search my bag and it was very important that I not touch, move, or hide anything during the process. Knowing that the silicone dildo I was traveling with was probably the problem I said “No problem but just FYI there is a silicone dildo to the left of your hand”  the screener said “Yeah, that was the problem. People usually aren’t so cool about that. You just made my job easier.” and I was on my way. Traveling with a dildo is a mark of sexual confidence and you should wear that mark with pride. Being confident and comfortable can make any bag search a lot less embarrassing and may even get it done faster!


So there you have it folks! Dildos are, in fact, allowed on planes and, with a little forethought and preparation, you can travel with one drama-free. Keep that in mind the next time you are preparing to fly the friendly skies! Visit us today to find the best dildo for you!

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