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Butt Play And Anal Sex Toys For Everyone


Your butt does a lot for you, so isn’t it time you did something nice for your butt? We’ve gathered together a fantastic assortment of the best anal sex toys you could possibly ask for. In this article, you’ll find a little bit of everything anal, including some key butt play tips, sexy & stylish butt plugs, intense anal vibes, and much more. You’re welcome! Grab a drink, get comfy, and read on to explore the exciting world of anal sex toys.

This is the perfect time to state the totally obvious before we go any further; anal sex play is great! It really is. People of all genders and orientations can enjoy anal play (no matter what’s between your legs, we’ve all got a butt!), and just like any other type of sexy activity, there are many different ways to do it. That fact alone explains the amazingly diverse array of anal sex toys that exist, but (butt!) there’s much more to the butt than most people think.

Today, we’re exploring the incredible variety of anal sex toys that you can choose to have lots of backdoor fun with. If you’ve already got a little - or a lot - of butt play experience under your belt, you’ll definitely love this collection of toys. However, if you’re an anal play first-timer, you may be wondering why anal sex and butt play is so popular, and why it gives such intense pleasure. Well, let’s discuss!


Why the Butt?

It’s no secret that the human body is home to tons of erogenous zones, including some very innocent-seeming spots like the ears, nape of the neck, and small of the back. As it turns out, the anus (inside and out)  is one of the most potent of those erogenous zones for many folks. The area in and around the anus is extremely sensitive, and when stimulated just right, can be seriously pleasurable. 

The butt is also home to the prostate gland, a powerful sexual hot-button for men that’s sometimes compared to a woman’s G-spot thanks to some intense orgasmic pleasure potential when stimulated. Guess what? To get to the prostate (also known as P-spot), you have to, shall we say, go in through the rear door!

So, to sum up: Like most sexual doings, anal play can be super-pleasurable, BUT it’s incredibly important to understand the basics of how to do things properly. Ready? Here we go.  


Getting Started with Anal Sex

First off, it’s not unusual (at all) for anal first-timers to be a little nervous. Taking the ‘in-through-the-out-door’ pleasure plunge can be intimidating for even the most seasoned of us. Don’t fret, a little knowledge and some tips on what to expect can go a long way to help you relax and really get into the experience. 

Of course, first and foremost you absolutely have to be on exactly the same page as your partner. Butt play, and penetration, particularly,  is NOT something you want to have sprung on you last-minute, right? Same goes for your partner. You need to properly plan for anal.

The most common question almost every anal beginner wants to know is: “Will it hurt?” Short answer: NO. Not if done right, that is. There may be a little discomfort if you’re not relaxed enough, if you rush things, or if you don’t use enough lube, and the sensation of having something ‘up there’ might take some getting used to, but anal penetration should never be painful. If it is, stop.  

Relaxation and comfort is key to pleasurable butt play. Spend some time gently caressing your or your partner’s anal area, softly probing with a fingertip or small-sized anal plug. Before you go probing or penetrating, though, here’s the most important anal tip we can pass along: LUBE UP! Lots and lots of a good sex lube will annihilate friction - a main cause of anal discomfort. Trust us, a drop or two won’t be enough, so be extremely generous with the lube to keep things nice and slippery.

This should be pretty obvious, but we’ll say it anyway: when it comes to butt toys, beginners should start small. You can always work up to something bigger if you feel up to it, but diving in with something too big right from the start probably won’t end well.  That said, most anal sex toys for beginners are smaller in diameter (width), girth (thickness), and length - perfect for experimenting and getting comfy with the sensation of anal penetration. 

Okay, quick PSA on cleanliness incoming. One of the biggest anal hang-ups people have concerns (gasp!) poop. We’re all adults here, we know that the butt acts as an exit. That said, it’s probably cleaner than you think. If you shower up before the anal show begins, you should be just fine. If you’re worried, lay down a towel or even a specialty sex blanket.  You could also make use of a good beginner anal douche or enema, but it’s not strictly necessary. If it’ll make you more comfortable though, go for it! Condoms are, of course, also an option. Use ‘em over fingers, toys, and, definitely during anal sex.

Finally, the golden rule of anal sex and butt play (after lube, that is!) is that the person having their butt penetrated needs to ALWAYS be in control.  If it hurts, if something doesn’t feel right, if you/they hate the sensation and you say stop, then things STOP. Immediately. Your butt, your call! Bottom line :)

So, now you’re all caught up with the basics of anal play, let’s take a look at some brilliant butt-intended sex toys. These are all perfect for playing around with a partner or solo, and they’re all great options when it comes to helping get your butt ready for bigger things to come, if that’s the goal!


Amazing Anal Sex Toys 

Silicone Anal Trainer Kit

Beginners, rejoice! This kit has everything you need to get started the right way with anal sex play. Featuring three different graduated sizes of flexible butt plugs with extra-wide bases, this kit will help get you comfortable with anal play the easy way. Water-based lube is recommended with these plugs, so be sure to get a fresh supply of your favourite lube to go with this kit when you order.


Booty Sparks Heart Gem Butt Plug

Feeling fancy? Well, this beautiful butt plug has some added style that you’ll definitely love. Made from super-shiny aluminum, and featuring an elegant heart jewel design on the base, this butt plug definitely adds some bling to your sexy activities. 



OMG Plaisir Wearable Clitoral & G-Spot Vibe In Pink

Two words that accurately describe this vibe are ‘silky’ and ‘creamy’. Sound good? To take your anal play to the next level, this fantastic anal vibrator features a sensational tapered & flared design that feels amazing. With six rumbly rhythms this anal vibe is a favourite of our customers.


Sweet Treat Silicone Anal Beads

These beads are the perfect style for beginners, with a gradually-tapered design and easy-to-hold ringed handle, all made from top-quality soft silicone. Smooth to insert, they’ll gently stretch the anal opening step by step, and feel incredible at each bump. If you’ve never used anal beads before, this is a great toy.


Sweet Treat Silicone Anal Beads


Anal Fantasy Ass-Gasm Cock Ring Plug

This is a 2-for-1 sex toy! The Anal Fantasy Ass-Gasm Cock Ring Plug combines a silicone cock ring for harder, longer-lasting erections, with a perfectly sculpted prostate plug that will hit exactly the right place for maximum pleasure. Guys, you’ve REALLY got to give this toy a try!


Scandal Crotchless Pegging Panty Set

Ladies, listen up! It’s your turn to do the thrusting. This playful set comes complete with everything you need to get started with anal pegging, including a sexy panty-styled harness and perfectly-shaped dildo that will deliver big pleasure to the posterior of your partner. Give it a try to discover the pleasures of pegging.


Scandal Pegging Strap-On Panty Set L/XL


Fun Wand

This elegant prostate massager wand is beautifully shaped to provide the perfect tool for stimulating the p-spot for intense pleasure. Ideal for solo-play or for your partner to take control of your orgasm, the Fun Wand is purely blissful and is sure to become one of your all-time favourite sex toys.


Fun Wand


Ultimate Douche

Closing out our list of anal sex products is the Ultimate Cleansing System. This easy-to-use anal cleaning kit is the perfect way to freshen up and get ready for a great time with your anal sex toys. It’s comfortable and does a great job of getting your butt prepped and ready for anything.


Gear Up to Explore the Back Door! 

So what did we learn today, folks? Here’s the summary: anal play can be a lot of fun, and with the right tools, advice, tips and sex toys, it’s easy to start exploring the pleasure possibilities. Oh, and USE LUBE!

To explore even more sex toys here at PinkCherry, check out our anal vibes, prostate massagers, butt plugs, anal beads collections, not to mention the rest of our anal sex toys.  Your butt will thank you!

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