Teledildonics: Using Bluetooth and Wireless Sex Toys to Deliver Long Distance Orgasms

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Teledildonics? What’s that? 


In a nutshell, teledildonics are anything that could be classified as a virtual sex toy. This means, a toy that can be controlled by someone else via an app or website over a Bluetooth or wireless connection. There’s a little more to it, but we’ll get to that later. Follow along as we cover the ins and outs of what it takes to make smart sex toys almost as good as (or even better than) the real deal.


What are Teledildonics?

Teledildonics are virtual sex toys that allow you to feel sexual interaction from afar.


Anyone else ever have flashbacks to those fictional Cyberdyne/Skynet commercials? You know, the one featured in the Universal Studios Terminator show? In case you have no clue what we’re referencing, the virtual technology featured in this Sci-Fi theme park attraction (and the movies) is getting awfully close for comfort. Thankfully, we’re not building massive robotic armies, but some of the fantasy predictions have come true.


One technological development we can thank our lucky stars for is the ability to connect with our loved ones virtually. When you have to be away from your sweetie, video calls are great, but today we’re going to talk about how you can make up for the sexual distance virtually through the use of teledildonics.


History of Teledildonics and Virtual Sex

Cybersex has been promoted for nearly 40 years to be the next big thing in technology. Ted Nelson is credited for coining the term “dildonics” in his 1974 in Computer Lib/Dream Machines. Initially, promoters of this possibility talked about bodysuits, headgear, and gloves that could be used over computer or phone line connections to simulate sexual stimulations. The first Cyber-Sm suit was created in 1993 and was able to connect users in France and Germany.


Since then, teledildonics have evolved for convenience and reliability as well as customization and heightened efficiency. Talk about high-tech sex tech!


How Do Teledildonics Work?

Today, most teledildonics products are easy to use after the initial setup process. While all high-tech sex toys usually utilize Bluetooth connection, you can check your product manual for specifics. For most virtual sex toys, you can follow these simple steps:


1. Fully charge your smart sex toy and any corresponding remotes.


2. Download the brand’s remote-control app to your phone or tablet. The partner controlling the toy from elsewhere can also download the app or go to the website.


3. Create your user account.


4. Connect your toy to the app using Bluetooth.


5. Connect to your partner’s account and give them access to your controls (or vice versa).

Who Should Use Teledildonics

Everyone! Seriously, everyone can benefit if they’re interested. Still, we would say teledildonics are a saving grace for many couples engaging in long-distance relationship sex.


Going without sexual intercourse while living or working far apart can be a true test for a relationship. Having virtual sex can keep you connected in ways you never thought possible. Teledildonics makes it all work.


Whether your partner is in the next room over or across the globe, you can implement remote control sex toys for a fun way to liven up your sex life.


Sex Toys Used for Teledildonics

Most recently in the teledildonics world, several companies have been vying for our (ahem) attention. This is thanks to the initial 20-year patent on “interactive virtual control of sexual aids” expiring as of 2018. As years go by, we will probably see more sex toy brands joining in on the virtual sex sector.   Every brand has their own features and functions. To find one that is best for you, consider if you will enjoy the toy itself and then compare app features. No two brands are the same, and no two toys within a brand are the same. Here are some well known brands offering remote controlled sex toys that we love:


• We-Vibe - The VIP of variety, We-Vibe is one of the top brands in teledildonics. There are options for both vaginas and penises. Some of these remote-controlled sex toys are built for external stimulation, while others are meant for internal pleasure. Paired with video and text chat, virtual sex has never been better.


We-Vibe sex toys are amazing for solo play, but they are most known for their couples’ wearable vibes. Soft silicone makes for a comfortable experience wherever you decide to take your Unite or Jive.


The easy-to-use We-Connect smartphone app helps you unlock bonus vibration patterns and even lets you create your own playlists. With We-Vibe, you can make your long-distance orgasms feel right at home.


• Satisfyer - Need satisfying orgasms from afar? Satisfyer has your back (and your sexy parts, too). This brand is know for pairing innovative technology with the best sex toy materials available to bring you sexual satisfaction that is out of this world. The teledildonics products are currently limited to mostly cock rings and clitoral stimulators, but we’d bet they’ll continue to add to their offering of fabulous smart sex toys in the future.


Satisfyer has a whole line of amazing products, including their Bluetooth enabled sex toys that pair with the Satisfyer Connect app. When you and your partner use SF Connect, you’ll get access to millions of unique modes, vibration patterns, and music pairings to feel the buzz, beat, or rumble. Video chat features make virtual sex feel more personal, helping to build a stronger bond with your partner.


• OhMiBod - When someone brings up teledildonics or smart sex toys, you might think of the brand OhMiBod. This company was made popular in social circles thanks to its popularity amongst webcam models utilizing the interactive ambient sound features. Originally designed to be paired with iPods, models were able to program the vibration response to the sound of the tips received by online patrons. Louder sounds mean stronger vibrations.


OhMiBod has several products that include an ambient sound mode, and they’ve also produced several sex toys that can be controlled through the OhMiBod Remote App. You have the ability to connect from around the world with text, photo, and video chat. And you can even log and track your orgasms using the OH!DOMETER feature.


Tips for Using Teledildonics

Now that you know a little more about what teledildonics is, we should give you a few tips on how to make the most of your virtual sex experience. Remote control sex toys have various features and functions, but most have a few things in common.  


• Charged: Your toys and accompanying remotes have to be charged for connectivity features to work. Follow the instructions included with your specific toy to avoid any damage. We recommend only using the charging cables included with your device purchase. Many teledildonics come with USB charging capabilities for your convenience. Different toys will have various operating lengths from a full charge, sometimes under an hour but often over two hours of runtime.


• Proper Care: If you want your teledildonics to last, you must care for them properly. Cleaning before and after use will prevent bacteria and mold growth. You can use warm water and a gentle soap or your favorite sex toy cleaner to get the job done. When storing your virtual sex toys, we recommend storing each one separately. Remember, silicone interacts with other silicone it comes into contact with, leading to pitting and breakdown. Check out PinkCherry’s sex toy storage options.


• Lube: Lube makes all the great sensations even more lovely. You can’t use silicone lubes with silicone sex toys due to the chemical reaction that occurs (see “Proper Care” section above). We suggest a water-based lube to go with anything made of silicone. In addition to lubes, you can pair your teledildonics with arousal and enhancement products.


• Online Usage: You can’t use your teledildonics without the corresponding apps. Download the app that pairs with your product and enable Bluetooth connectivity on your smart device. Follow the instructions that came with your sex toy or follow on-screen directions within the app. Finally, connect with your partner’s account and/or give them access to your controls.

• Environment: Setting the mood for sex is no different when it comes to virtual sex. Some can have sex with tons of distractions, but for others this is a no-go. Create the environment that you need, whether that means clearing out anything distracting or going all out in an immersive experience. What you do is up to you to feel comfortable in your own space. If you’re using video features, think of what you want your partner to see on camera too. You don’t have to get dolled up if you don’t want to, but many would find this visual stimulation an added treat to the virtual experience.


• Communication and Consent: Virtual sex carries the same requirements in communication and consent as any other kind of sex. You should talk with your partner beforehand to agree on what is okay and what is unacceptable. You can also share your controls with whoever you like, and you can also block them too. Being virtual is never an excuse for sexual harassment.


Shop Teledildonics and Other Sex Toys for Couples with PinkCherry

The need for sex toys made for long-distance couples has never been greater. The world of teledildonics is continuing to invent new ways to connect sexually, and we’ll make sure you have access to all the latest products. Shop for all your remote-controlled sex toys and virtual sex needs with PinkCherry!

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