The Best Ways to Celebrate National Orgasm Day!

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The Best Ways to Celebrate National Orgasm Day!


Looking for a reason to celebrate? Maybe with some sexiness? Saturday, July 31st is National Orgasm Day! It’s one of our favorite days to celebrate, and we think that everyone should take the time to have an orgasm (or three).


Hold up, before you celebrate, let’s dive into the history of National Orgasm Day, look at why we celebrate it, and learn how you can best celebrate this day dedicated to pleasure. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!


The Origins of National Orgasm Day

National Orgasm Day is celebrated on July 31, but it wasn’t always. What we now know as National Orgasm Day was actually inspired by ‘International Female Orgasm Day’, which is celebrated on August 8.


Female Orgasm Day was first celebrated in 2007 in Esperantina, Brazil. It came about (so to speak) as local governments trying to reduce the taboo around female sexual pleasure and the stigma around women who express their sexualities with no shame. To celebrate this holiday, events were organized with a focus on women and positive sexual empowerment. Another goal was to address the orgasm gap between men and women.


The celebration of this day spread quickly, with more and more countries joining in. Eventually, the specifics of the day were widened, and National Orgasm Day was born. Many people still celebrate International Female Orgasm Day as well as National Orgasm Day. And we say, why not? You can never over-celebrate the bliss of orgasms!


Best Ways to Celebrate National Orgasm Day

Ready to celebrate? There are a few ways to celebrate National Orgasm Day, and one, obviously, includes having an orgasm of your own. Aside from indulging in some sexy self pleasure, there are other ways to celebrate as well.


Spend some time researching the topic of orgasm, orgasm inequality, or the orgasm gap. Many people, particularly women and people assigned female at birth, don’t experience orgasms on a regular basis. In general, the stigma around women masturbating and experiencing sexual pleasure on their own terms is fading (which is a very, VERY good thing), but it still exists. Plus, many women and people with vaginas simply don’t experience an orgasm during penetrative sex. 


To celebrate by yourself, do what feels best for you. Of course, there are plenty of amazing vibrators you can try, but if you’re not into sex toys or you can simply use your hands and fingers. No one knows or understands your body as well as you do. So, feel free to explore and enjoy the pleasure you deserve.


How to Celebrate If You Have A Hard Time Reaching Orgasm

If you have a difficult time reaching orgasm, please know that you’re not alone. Many people, specifically women and AFAB folks, have trouble getting there. This is particularly true of ‘traditional’ or penetrative sex. 


Luckily, there are literally millions of tools available to help you or your partner reach orgasm. You may need to experiment a little - or a lot - to find one that works for you, but what a pleasure payout when you do! Here are a few.


1. Try a Kegel tool, like a Ben Wa ball to help tighten, tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Learning how to control those muscles can help you experience stronger orgasms that leave you feeling truly satisfied.


2. If you struggle to have an orgasm with a partner, try a vibrating cock ring. Not only can this couple-friendly sex toy help them last longer (if they have a penis), the vibration can provide targeted clitoral and outer stimulation.  that is so necessary for so many women to reach that blissful release.


3. If you aren’t comfortable bringing toys into the equation (and some people aren’t - that’s okay!), you can try sensation lubes or lotions. These contain special ingredients that create warming, tingling, or cooling sensations, which can help increase sensation, and make orgasm easier to achieve.


4. Spend some quality time getting to know your body, and finding out what really takes you over the edge. It might help you to watch, listen to, or read something that really turns you on. Grab some tingly bath salts, candles, wine, or whatever relaxes you. Whatever it is, give yourself the chance to fully experience pleasure.


Fun Facts for National Orgasm Day

Men Fake Orgasms Too!

Often, we think that only women fake orgasms, but studies have shown that over a quarter of men have faked an orgasm at some point as well.


People Who Are Politically Active Have More Orgasms.

It might seem strange that this day started as a political movement, but when you look at the data, it isn’t so strange. In fact, people who are politically active and engage in political discussions actually have more sex and better sex.


Millennials Have Some Catching Up to Do. 

On top of everything else millennials have thrown at them, they are less likely to have satisfying orgasms. Part of this is because millennials are having much less sex than their parents were.


People Have Better Sex on A Random Tuesday Than On A Holiday. 

There is a lot of pressure around having orgasms and amazing sex on certain holidays, but most people admit that they don’t have their best orgasms on anniversary nights, Valentine’s Day, or other major holidays.


Celebrate Your Sexual Pleasure Any Way You’d Like

National Orgasm day is a fun holiday, so let’s all celebrate. That said, you should celebrate your orgasms on a daily basis. Orgasms help you feel better in your own skin, help you to reduce tension in your life, and can even make you healthier physically and mentally. It’s a triple win – plus, orgams just plain feel good.


Celebrate orgasms every day by having great sex with your partner(s), or enjoying some solo time play with or without sex toys. It’s your orgasm, your way, so enjoy every chance you get – not just on July 31st!

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