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Airline ticket? CHECK. Passport? CHECK. Sex toy? Hmmmmm, not too sure about that one? Well, prepare for takeoff, because today we're talking about sex toys that are ideal travel mates, no matter where you’re headed. Let’s get this adventure started!

Just because you’re jetting off on vacation or heading out on a business trip doesn’t mean you need to leave your sex toys behind. There are plenty of fun-loving, orgasm-inspiring  toys perfect for tucking in your luggage/briefcase/carry-on. Never fear, we’ve also included some tips and tricks on how to navigate the trials and tribulations of airport security when travelling with toys!

As you may have guessed, today, we’re going to showcase some of our favourite compact, discreet and totally travel ready sex toys perfect for taking with you wherever you may roam.

Why bring a sex toy on holiday with you?

Honestly, why WOULDN’T you? Having a sex toy travel buddy along for the ride can a) give you something to look forward to when you arrive at your destination, b) help let off some of the pressure and stress of travel (an orgasm is the ultimate stress reliever, after all!), c) provide a sexy little surprise for an unsuspecting partner...the list goes on.

To Check, or Not to Check?

If your journey is going to involve some plane hopping, you may be wondering if your travel pack of sex toys would be better packed up tight in your checked baggage or your carry on. There are a few things to consider before you choose one or the other.  Now, remember, we're not security experts (shocking, we know), so these are just recommendations!

The sex toys we’ve listed here are nice and compact, so they won’t take up a ton of space in your bags. Plus, they're discreetly designed, ie. a casual glance won’t reveal their identity. That said, if you choose to pack one of more of them in your carry-on, it’s a good idea to tuck it/them into a resealable plastic bag. That way, if security happens to rifle through your luggage, your toy will be easily visible (they'll see that it's only a threat to stimulation cravings!).

Any kind of toy that’s bigger or longer than about 7” should definitely go in to your checked baggage. Larger items will definitely attract more attention as they go through the airport scanners, and are often restricted entirely from carry-on bags.

You’ll also want to minimize the amount of electronic stuff in your carry-on, as they will be inspected more closely as they go through the scanners. Anything that can’t be immediately identified will trigger an up-close bag inspection, and maybe a few questions for you, too. Avoid!

To be safe, sex toys should probably be packed in your checked bags.  Just be sure to take the batteries out first (a buzzing vibe will definitely cause you some problems!), or better yet, go with a rechargeable toy.

Ok, now that sex toy travel logistics are out of the way, let’s move on and check out some of our top choices!

Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator

A solo trip, whether for business or pleasure, can be a great chance to catch up on a little orgasm time. Scratch some sexiness off your to-do list with the Womanizer Liberty. This perfectly designed smash-hit clitoris stimulator is renown far and wide for its incredible orgasmic power AND it was specifically created for easy portability. The Liberty packs all the features of Womanizer's signature Pleasure AirTM Technology into a compact, travel-sized size that you’ll never want to leave at home. 6 intensity levels, waterproof design, and a discreet cover make it the perfect traveling companion, always ready for take-off!

We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator

When traveling with your partner, the We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator is a brilliantly sexy addition to your packing list, but don’t leave it at home just because you’re flying solo. With the We-Connect app installed on your smartphones, your partner can take control of your orgasm no matter how many miles may lie between you. The intense pleasure that you’ll both enjoy simultaneously thanks to the We-Vibe will be a fantastic addition to your traveling experience.


Mini Massager in Pink

Featuring tons of power and a shape that fits right in your pocket, this compact little vibe will knock your sexy socks right off! The tiny size and pretty pink glittery crystals will fit right alongside a lipstick in your makeup case, perfect for on-the-go stimulation. Choose your intensity settings and go to town when you’re out of town, solo or with a partner.

Pink Pussycat Rechargeable Lipstick Vibe

How cool is this? Sex toys in disguise! This elegant little treat of a sex toy is brilliantly designed to look exactly like a typical lipstick, making it absolutely perfect for packing in a carry-on or even in your purse or pocket. When you pull this out later for some sexy time, you’ll be amazed at the wonderfully soft, flexible tip and the amount of power packed in to this 3-speed vibe.


L1 Love Balls

These polished, luxurious Kegel balls are not only absolutely beautiful, they're also perfect for travel! Seriously. Kegel balls, though they're superstars when it comes to helping strengthen the pelvic floor, also happen to be pretty darn pleasurable, too. Lots of women find that wearing kegel balls when out and about creates hyperawareness of the vagina, which in turn increases arousal. Sexy! Because they're worn internally, they're the epitome of discreet, and since they're tiny, pack very easily. You'll adore the pretty hue and stimulating weightiness of OVO's L1 Love Balls.

Island Rings In Clear

Sex toys don’t get much easier to pack than a cock ring, and the PinkCherry Island Rings Cock Rings in Smoke is the perfect ring to bring. It’s got an intense hold that is sure to help your cock stay hard for the long haul. Durable and flexible enough to be used around just the cock, the cock and balls, or just the balls. In whichever way you choose to wear it, the PinkCherry Island Rings Cock Rings in Smoke will do the job, and do it really, really well.


The PinkCherry Storage Bag

You always travel in style, and so should your favourite toys. This beautiful, satiny storage solution is the best way to pack and store your sex toys to help keep them clean and organized when you travel. Made from a durable material with naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, the Sugar Sak is ideal for storing all your toys regardless of your destination.

Some More Quick Tips

Don’t forget to pack some sex lube and  sex toy cleaner to keep things sexily slippery and squeaky clean during your trip. Just remember that airlines have a 100ml limit for liquids in your carry-on, so make sure that you don’t exceed the limit or they’ll make you toss it out. Boo! For added secrecy with these items, put them in unlabeled travel-size bottles. Otherwise, we recommend that they go in your checked baggage.

Lastly, if your toy of choice does run on batteries, you’ll probably want to pack up a couple of extras in your carry-on bag just in case power runs low. If it’s the rechargeable type of sex toy or has a built-in battery, be sure to grab the power cord and toss it in your luggage. And don’t forget a power adapter if you’re headed somewhere that uses a different style of electrical plug. You gotta be prepared for anything when you travel!

Take Off, and Get Off!

There are lots of memories to be made when travelling. Make some of those memories sexy with any of the toys we talked about today, or get creative or dream up some new ways to enjoy some old favourites! Hopefully we've helped highlight how taking a toy along on your travels is easier than you might have thought. Luckily, these days, many toy designers are taking portability into consideration, so you'll be able to pack power and pleasure along on just about any adventure.

You'll find lots of portable sex toys our Travel Sex Toy Collection, click to start planning your next trip. Happy travels!

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