Emojis and Their Sexual Meanings

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Emojis and their Sexual Meanings


In today’s high-tech world, sexting is a common part of many relationships. Sending sexy messages to your lover is a great way to communicate and build up the anticipation for when you’re together again. If you have little ones (or roommates!) running around the house, sexting can be a great way to keep your plans for the evening secret.


Sometimes, we need shorter ways to communicate through text messages. Don’t get me wrong, novels have their place. Still, sexting should be short and simple. Why not use emojis in place of some sex-related terms, body parts, and other innuendos! While emojis are a great way to quickly relay a message, the visual aspect is also an alluring way to stimulate your partner from afar.

Faces, Fingers, and Actual Body Parts

Devil-horned face – This emoji can be used to say you are horny. Maybe you’re feeling a bit naughty too!


Drooling face – This can mean a person is really into you, or this emoji can mean something a bit more intense, like what a face might look like after a blow job or cunilingus.


Finger pointing up – This emoji can mean getting fingered. Use a taco or peach with it to tell them where you want them to touch you.


Lips – The lips symbol can mean kissing or making out. You can also use it for oral sex connotations.


Okay hand sign – The o-shape you make with your thumb and pointer finger can mean a vagina just waiting to be entered.


Party face – Utilize this emoji when you’re in the mood to party (maybe even a literal sex party). The party blower shown in this symbol can also suggest some blowing action, maybe until he blows his load.


Tongue – Oral sex or licking are easily conveyed with the tongue emoji. You could also mean the receiver of your sexts is tasty.


Tongue-out face – See “Tongue.”


Winky face – The wink is a coy way to say you want a lil somethin somethin. This suggestive little face means you want to do it.


Carrot – The carrot emoji can represent a penis, but we don’t recommend sending this one to your lover. It is generally meant as an insult to say that the size didn’t quite live up to expectations. It is most often shared in texts between gal pals.


Fortune Cookie – Taking the entendre term cookie to a surprising level, the fortune cookie emoji means the vagina. Maybe this came to be because of the joke to say “in bed” at the end of your fortune with real fortune cookies. Caution: This emoji can be meant to speak negatively of Asian women, so use it wisely.


Hot dog – The wiener part of the hot dog emoji somewhat speaks for itself. The bun can represent buns (the buttocks), so this emoji is typically used to convey anal sex.


Lollipop – Sucking and licking come to mind with the insertion of a lollipop emoji. It doesn’t reference any specific body part, and, like in Lil Wayne’s song, you can say you want to lick them like a lollipop.


Sushi – This emoji is used less often, but it can be a symbol for the vagina. The emoji usually depicts a sashimi style of this Japanese favorite, depending on the app or your cell phone carrier. Sushi rolls (like in the Drake song) would probably be a more accurate representation of the vagina, but the symbol is still used for these purposes.


Taco – Vaginas need representation too! The taco has become a celebrated symbol for vagina. The emoji is often shown with meat, so it can also mean it needs to be stuffed with (ahem, ahem) something.



(this food category gets its own subsection in this article due to how many juicy foods can be used to represent getting it on)


Banana – Another food that represents the male anatomy, a banana can mean you want to have sex someone. Think of peeling off the skin of a banana as ripping off his clothes.


Cherries – This fruit emoji has a double meaning. Cherries have been a traditional term for the hymen of a virgin woman (popping your cherry). In sexting, it can also refer to the male testicles.


Eggplant – This fruit symbol closely resembles a large penis. It is one of the more common emojis used to represent a sexual term. You can utilize it to mean you want the D or to reference your partner’s or your own package.


Peach – The peach is one of the more well-known emojis used to represent a body part. It perfectly resembles the buttocks, so it is used for the butt – sometimes meaning anal sex. Some use this emoji to represent the vagina as well.


Red Pepper – The red pepper symbol can be used in place of the fire emoji. Use this spicy hot pepper symbol when you want to express how hot someone is. You can also use it to suggest you want to spice things up.


Strawberry – When you think of strawberries, you might consider their ripeness. Similarly, you can use the strawberry emoji to say you’re “ripe for the picking”. Send this symbol if you’re DTF (down to fuck).

Other Common Symbols

Bed – “I’mma put you to bed, bed, bed,” is the famous line from J. Holiday’s song “Bed.” What a great song to make love to, am I right? You could also use this emoji in conjunction with some tool emojis to mean you want to break the bed together.


Bone – The bone emoji somewhat speaks for itself. You can place a question mark after it to ask someone if they want to bone or use it to talk about your boner (or erection as the proper term).


Camel – The camel is a common symbol for Wednesdays, or hump days. You can use a camel in emoji form to say you want to hump someone or be humped by them.


Cancer zodiac sign – The symbol for all the Cancers out there is a perfect 69 rotated on its side. While it’s meant to look like a crab for the zodiac symbol, we’d rather use this symbol for a little oral action.


Explosion – For sex that leaves you speechless, an explosion emoji is just the trick.


Fire – Fire is hot. The emoji can similarly mean you’ve got the hots for someone or that they are hot. It can also mean your getting hot and bothered over them.


Fireworks – Do you remember in 90’s sitcoms where two characters would kiss for the first time, and they’d see fireworks? Well, this emoji is kind of like that only the firework is an orgasm. It does somewhat look like it’s bursting.


Hammer – Get over here, and lemme see what you’re hiding under that tool belt! The hammer emoji screams “nail me” or “pound me.”


Lightning bolt – If your love is like electricity, the lightning bolt emoji is perfect to let someone know they’re setting off sparks in you.


Rhino – While it seems like a rhino isn’t sex-related, he comes with a fun accessory: his horn! Use this emoji to let your lover know you’re feeling horny.


Rocketship – An emoji for sex that is out of this world.


Rollercoaster – It’s a legitimate ride. Use this emoji to tell them to hop on and strap in for some bumpy fun.


Scissors – The sex position “scissoring” can easily be represented by the pair of scissors emoji. A guy might take this the wrong way (snip, snip), so make sure your lover knows you’re referencing a sex position and not dismemberment (total turnoff).


Showerhead – Let your sexting recipient know you want to get squeaky clean with them while you have some shower sex. Perfect for right after some dirty foreplay.


Water droplets – Use this emoji to represent sweat or other bodily fluids. If you need to tell them how wet you are with excitement, this symbol is a surefire representation.



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