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Lingerie 101: Sexy Lingerie Buying Guide


When the weather gets cooler outside, it makes sense to heat things up inside! A new sexy ensemble is a great gift for the holiday season, whether you’re the one giving it as a gift or wearing the lingerie as a gift to them.

While dressing up just to take it all off may sound a bit counterproductive, there are tons of reasons to sexily suit up. First off, lingerie can be a feast for the eyes of your partner(s). Slipping into something scintillating can also be a total confidence booster. Plus, there’s nothing like lingerie to set the mood! If you’re confused about where to start with your lingerie shopping, don’t get your panties in a bunch! PinkCherry is here with all the info you’ll need to buy bras, bustiers, and babydoll sets to your heart’s content.

Lingerie Buying Guide

Whether buying to wear for them or purchasing so they can wear it for you, take the following into consideration when shopping:

  • Check the size - If you’re buying lingerie for your lover to wear and you’re unsure of what sizes to purchase, you can check what they already own. If you know which undergarments fit them well, you can look at the tags on those items to get the most accurate sizes. You should cross reference several items since different brands may carry different sizes. If you’re purchasing lingerie for yourself to wear, you can do the same to get the most accurate purchases.
  • Bra Buying - If you’ve never bought a bra before, you might be intimidated by figuring out the right size. The letters correspond to the cup size, while the numbers correspond to the band size. If you haven’t bought a new bra in a while, consider taking your measurements with a fabric tape measure. First measure your band size by wrapping the tape all the way around your rib cage, right under the breast, while keeping the tape level. For the cup size, measure around your body at the fullest portion of your bust (34-36 – AA, 37-38 – A, 39 – C, 40 – D, 41 – DD/E, 42 – DDD/F/FF, 43 – DDDD/G/GG, 44 – H/HH, 45 – I, 46 – J/JJ, 47 – K, 48 – L, 49 – M, 50 – N).
  • Consider comfort or push the limits -There are two ways to shop for lingerie – stick with a favorite or try something new. If you have a favorite style of lingerie, there’s nothing wrong with trying it in a new color or different material, like satin versus lace. If you’re wanting to be daring, you can try something you’ve never worn before.
  • Buy with both of you in mind - Who are you shopping for? While you can totally enjoy lingerie by yourself, there’s no reason you can’t pick something you’ll both like. You should think about what your partner enjoys while remaining true to yourself. If you’re shopping for them, you can pick something you think looks hot, but you should remember your partner’s comfort and consent.

Different Styles of Lingerie to Suit All Body Types

The type of lingerie you choose can help you set the mood. When you shop, think about your intentions. If you and your partner are into role playing, you might choose a lingerie costume. If you’re wanting to give your spouse a sexy striptease, more layers equals more time for temptations. If you want to exude confidence, choose something that highlights your favorite features.

Bra and Panty Sets

The key to the perfect lingerie set is finding a good fit that flatters the bust. A pushup bra can get the team nice and perky, and a plunge will reveal more cleavage line. Matching these up with complementing panties is an easy way to kick up your undergarments to the next level. You can find sets in almost every material known to man with embellishments galore. The best part about the simple bra and panty sets is that you’re generally able to wear them under most clothing without your partner knowing. You can take your date day into the night without the quick change needed.

Teddies and Bodysuits

If you want something flattering for any body type, go for a teddy or bodysuit. These one-piece items (generally speaking) cover you/them from crotch to shoulders. These usually slip on like a romper or sometimes feature snaps at the crotch so you can put them on over your head, like a shirt. Whether it be made of lace, satin, cotton, or polyester, a teddy or bodysuit will move with your body. Being that they are one piece, you can usually get them off quickly if you and your partner just can’t wait anymore. If you want an edgy daytime look, you can wear a teddy or bodysuit tucked into a skirt or pair of pants with an open cardigan or jacket.


If you love your lingerie so much that you don’t want to take it off, you can find many items in a crotchless version. These items feature a hole or slit in the crotch area to allow for penetration from a sex toy or your lover without having to take it all off. There are panties that have this feature as well as many bodysuits, bodystockings, or teddies.

Body Harnesses and Cage Lingerie

Body Harnesses and cages can take the shape of any other kind of lingerie as far as lines and cuts go. They feature straps that can crisscross and connect at various areas. They often fall into the BDSM category but not always.

Bustiers and Corsets

Bustiers and corsets can be used either under or over your clothing. Used to help create an hourglass silhouette, they cinch in the waist and lift the breasts. Corsets use lacing to tighten, while bustiers usually clip or snap on. Some of these pieces use boning made from metal strips, real bone, or bundles of strong feathers. Corsets date back to the Victorian time period.


Garters were invented to hold up stockings. The garters attached to the top of the stocking at one end and the garter belt at the other. The garter belt is worn around the waist. You can adjust your garters and belt to fit your body perfectly. If you are interested in garters and garter belts, they are sometimes available as a set with a matching bra and panties and are often featured in the “accessories” category of many lingerie stores.


Like bodysuits and teddies, bodystockings are a one-piece garment. They usually feature long tights, and sometimes have sleeves. They are normally made from nylon that stretches to hug every curve of your body. Some are also crotchless for easy access in the heat of the moment. The drawback to bodystockings is that they are usually one-size-fits-all. This means cutouts and patterns won’t hit at the same point on every person’s body.

Babydolls and Chemises

Babydolls and chemises might seem like the same thing, but there are a few major differences between the two. A chemise will have more of a traditional nightgown silhouette, slimming the body and cut off near mid-thigh. The babydoll has more of a flowing appearance with a shorter hemline. Sometimes, there is more support for the bust with either an underwire or cups. If you want to pull off wearing one of these for daytime, we suggest pairing with a pair of jeans and an oversized coat ala Y2K-style. Don’t forget your kitten heels!

Roleplaying Lingerie

Lingerie for roleplaying can come in any form you want it to. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be designed as lingerie. Whatever you find sexy is up to you, be it a nurse or a nun. Typical sexy role playing lingerie includes schoolgirls, cats and bunnies, nurses, maids, flight attendants, police officers, cheerleaders, pirates, and more.

The Answer to Men’s Lingerie

We couldn’t leave this article without covering ways men can dress up for their partners! There is lingerie designed for men that accentuate the penis and scrotum in countless ways. There are just as many roleplaying costumes for men as there are for women. Everyone loves a sexy fireman or superhero! But if thongs and g-strings aren’t your thing, there’s always the allure of the gray sweatpants paired with a white T-shirt. Don’t be afraid to show off your jingle balls on Christmas morning in a special way.

Let’s Not Forget to Wrap Up the Presents With Some Naughty Gift Wrapping

If you’re gifting your partner the experience of you wearing lingerie, you can wrap yourself up for a seductive surprise. Wrapping only part of your body, allowing your arms to remain free is the best way to achieve this in an orderly fashion. But if corny is more your style, you can just roll yourself up in some wrapping paper like a giant burrito. It may take some rolling around and limber maneuvering to pull off, but they won’t want to wait to open your package.

Did you know PinkCherry has a whole line of lingerie to choose from? In addition to other sex toy products, PinkCherry has a full range of sensual items like massage candles and romance basics to hit off your holiday season without a hitch. If you’re purchasing a gift from PinkCherry, you don’t have to worry about your partner finding out. We provide discreet billing and shipping. So, save Santa a trip and be a little naughty this holiday season.

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