How to Keep Long-Distance Relationships Spicy

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Long Distance Relationships And LDR Sex


Relationships can be hard — and dealing with distance can just make them harder. But it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, at PinkCherry, we firmly believe that distance CAN make the heart grow fonder and that all types of relationships can work. Especially when you add some fun sex toys to the mix. Use these tips and toy recommendations to keep your long-distance relationship feeling fresh (and spicy) until you can be in each other's arms at last!


Do Long-Distance Relationships Work?

Of course! There are thousands, maybe even millions, of people thriving in long-distance relationships right now, whether they live an hour apart or on opposite sides of the globe. Long-distance relationships are just like any other relationship in many regards: they require mutual respect, attraction and understanding to succeed. They also require plenty of communication, but not just in terms of frequency. 

When you and your partner talk about how to survive a long-distance relationship until your circumstances change, you need to put extra work into setting and sticking to boundaries. Some people in long-distance relationships are more open about seeking other temporary partners to curb sexual desires that can't quite be satisfied by sexting or steamy video calls. Other folks want the relationship to be closed and strictly monogamous. Whether you and your partner choose to be flexible or rigid with the boundaries of your relationship (or somewhere in between), the choice will be just fine as long as you're both happy and comfortable with it — and you're completely open and honest about what you do in the shadows.


Using Sex Toys to Liven Up Your Long-Distance Relationship

Most people in long-distance relationships agree that being cut-off from physical intimacy with their partner is one of the hardest things to deal with. But, even if you can't actually touch each other, you can still tickle each other's fancies in all the right places by sending each other sex toys. Checking the mail has never been so sexy.


Clone-A-Willy (Empire Labs)

The saddest part about long distance relationships is that you don't have unrestricted access to your partner's parts. It's a shame there isn't some way to, perhaps, clone their willy...or pussy. 

Oh, wait, there totally is, thanks to the geniuses at Empire Labs. Their Clone-A-Willy kits use body safe molding powders and dyes to create a near-perfect clone of your partner's penis. The kits also come with a bullet vibrator that is placed inside the mold while it sets so your cloned cock will have a little extra magic, too. 

Don't despair if you have a vagina — Empire Labs has developed a Clone-A-Pussy kit, too! Using the same materials and principles as the Clone-A-Willy, the Clone-A-Pussy creates a lifelike mold of your vulva, which can be used for everything from a stroker to a fridge magnet depending on what you attach it to. 

Whether you're using the Clone-A-Willy or Clone-A-Pussy, these kits can help you feel closer to your partner even when they're not within arm's reach. You can use them during mutual masturbation sessions while on a video call or during private time when you're longing for their touch. We recommend either sending your partner a kit so they can then send you the finished product or using the kit as a fun couple's craft activity the next time they're in town (if you can make it out of the bedroom for long enough, that is).



There's one sex toy brand that feels like it was made with long-distance relationships in mind, and it's We-Vibe. These top-of-the-line sex toys are meticulously designed to effortlessly target all your most sensitive areas whether you're using them on your own or, especially, during sex. 

But what really makes the We-Vibe special is the We Connect app, which can connect couples through a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection whether they're in the same room or across the globe. Using the app, partners can create custom throbbing, vibrating sensations to enjoy. There's also a secure chat function and cam visuals to make your next sexy sesh all the steamier. We recommend trying out the We-Vibe Jive or the We-Vibe Unite to experience the full extent of the app while you're apart!


Vibrators & Male Masturbators

Even if you don't want to harness the power of Bluetooth and clones, there's still plenty of long-distance fun to be had with vibrators and male masturbators. Of course these classic sex toys can be used for plenty of solo fun, but there are all sorts of ways to get sexy during quality time with your partner, too. 

For starters, there are video calls and sexting. You and your partner can exchange messages talking about how you're using the toys and imagining what you would do if you were in the same room together. You can also dictate how your partner is allowed to use their toy for a little Dom/sub play or to just make your sessions last extra long. No matter how you choose to use vibrators and masturbators over long distances, you're sure to have a great time!


Sensual Care Package

Sex is great, but there are times in a long-distance relationship when all you really want is some tender loving care. This is a great opportunity to send your partner a sensual care package that will encourage them to pamper themselves until you can come and do it for them. The best place to look for a care package would be our sensual love section, which has all sorts of romantic goodies for your partner to enjoy.

  • The Hemp Seed Massage Oil: This self-care kit includes natural hemp seed products like massage lotions, Massage & Body Oil and an aromatic 3-In-1 Massage Candle that will have your partner absolutely glowing! The massage candle would be great to use on your next in-person rendezvous! 
  • Sexy Surprise Bath Bombs: Who doesn't love a good bath bomb? These fizzy, sweet-scented bombs are luxurious for sure, but they also contain hidden secrets — each bomb contains a secret toy! They're great to use on your own or when your partner is in town.
  • Oh So Smooth Shave Cream: Does your partner like to stay silky smooth everywhere? Coochy shave creams come in a variety of scents that are totally body-safe and specifically formulated for sensitive genital areas to help anyone shave with confidence. 
  • Hempseed Lip Balm: Give your partner's lips a little love even when you're not around to smooch them! This lip balm is thick, glossy and nourishing, and it's made of cruelty-free, naturally-sourced vegan products. Plus, it tastes great!
  • Hemp Seed Lotion: This luxurious lotion will help your partner's skin stay silky and moisturized any time of year. It comes in a variety of sweet scents and is cruelty-free and 100% vegan.


Find All the Sex Toys to Help You Thrive in Your Long-Distance Relationship

PinkCherry has one of the best varieties of sex toys online, so no matter what you or your partner love to use, you're sure to find it here — and probably something extra special, too. Check out all of our sex toys for couples, and good luck keeping your hearts fond in your long-distance relationship!



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