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Polyamorous Sex And Relationship Guide


Let's face it — love is a beautiful thing, but it is subjective and can be a complicated roller coaster of emotions. Ultimately, we love who we love, and nobody can stand in the way of that. While you might have specific sexual preferences, others may swing different ways, and that's perfectly okay! 

Although many people spend their time with one (and only one) partner, others choose to express their love to multiple partners by engaging in relationships that are known as "polyamorous". These types of relationships are different from monogamy, but the sincerity and feelings involved are just as powerful and meaningful. That's why we at PinkCherry are proud supporters of those who choose to be happy in a polyamorous relationship. However, while polyamory is more common today than ever before, it's still met with some confusion from time to time. We're here to help set the record straight! In this informative guide that continues our series on eight types of relationships, we'll explain more about polyamorous relationships and offer three ways to make yours even more fulfilling.

What Does a Polyamorous Relationship Entail?

First things first — what is a polyamorous relationship and how does it work? When you are involved in polyamory, you decide to date numerous partners romantically at the same time. These relationships can include individuals with different backgrounds and sexual orientations, meaning you could share love for both a man and woman at the same time if you are bisexual.

Additionally, each polyamorous relationship can be intertwined into the same engagement, or you could be with a polyamorous partner who is participating in other, completely separate relationships. Regardless, a polyamorous person is committed to consensually loving multiple partners. And, to keep the love pure and the hot sex exciting, everything is disclosed to all participating partners to ensure everybody's on board. 

Why Some People Prefer to Be Polyamorous

As we mentioned, who we love is strictly our business, and being polyamorous is no different. It is, ultimately, a decision that reflects a desire to fulfill our need to care for multiple people, but the excitement of each relationship is just as important.

Being Polyamorous is Fun

Sure, relationships are (mostly) about love, but there are many other fun perks involved in dating somebody romantically. In a polyamorous relationship, you have the option of hanging out with or sleeping with your various partners, making it easier to keep sex exciting and fresh.

Polyamorous Relationships Mean More Love

Sex aside, you also get to love more than one person, make awesome memories and go on plenty of fun-filled dates in a polyamorous relationship. This keeps your engagements moving in a positive direction while you learn more about your partners. Most importantly, because everyone involved is dedicated to strongly loving one another, being polyamorous can help you become more intimate and honest in your relationships (and yourself).

Make Your Polyamorous Relationship More Fulfilling With These Three Tips

Nobody likes to be in a relationship that is going nowhere, leaving us feeling empty or thinking we were better off alone. Although polyamorous relationships are centered around love, they are not immune to the destructive issues that can cause problems which are difficult to resolve. So, before you start a new polyamorous relationship or upset anybody in your current one, heed the following advice to keep yourself out of the doghouse. 

1. Keep Boundaries In Place

Just like any other relationship, practicing polyamory comes with its own set of rules that you absolutely must adhere to in order to ensure that everybody is happy. These guidelines include outlining what is and isn't okay in the bedroom, scheduling dates that don't interfere with plans you made with another partner and, overall, learning what makes each individual person happy or unhappy. Remember — your relationship is meant to aid in your quality of life. Don't squander anybody's happiness by ignoring their needs.

2. Be Consensual

We've already discussed how love and consent are at the center of any polyamorous relationship. However, because this topic is extremely important, we feel the need to address it again for anybody that needs a reminder. If you are going to date anybody in a polyamorous relationship, you and everyone else must be fully comfortable. If this is a problem, don't be afraid to speak out on your (or anybody else's) behalf. 

3. Keep Things Exciting!

Nothing is worse than dating somebody who is uninterested in spending time with you, so don't be that person! Being polyamorous is supposed to be fun and thrilling, so make the effort to think outside the box and plan exciting things to do with your partners. Simple activities like going to dinner or a movie are open to both intimate, one-on-one dates or large hangouts, and can make a world of difference to your loved ones. Additionally, the same can be said about the sex you have in a polyamorous relationship, so make sure you spice things up in the bedroom with titillating couples sex toys or other phenomenal sensual love sex toys.

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