Gifting Sex Toys This Holiday Season

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Holiday Season Sex Toy Gift Guide


There are quite a few reasons to make this the year to add some fun sex toys and novelties to your gift-giving traditions. If you’re not sure what kind of sexual products Santa should add to his sack for some holly jolly fun, you’re in luck! We’ve got a full list to cover most of your sexy gift recipients. 


Reasons Why You Should Give Sex Toys as Gifts 

You might be wondering if giving sex toys as gifts is a good idea. If your recipient is open about their sex life with you and you can gift discreetly, it is usually okay. Still, the forward method of bestowing butt plugs to your bestie might be too much. In those cases, your friend might be more comfortable with you giving them a gift card. If you’re unsure, you should ask them first. They might even give you an idea on what they need to add to or start their collection. Some reasons you might want to give someone a sex toy gift are:


Let someone know you’re thinking of them

Maybe you have a friend who is always confiding in you about something they want to try. Maybe you have a family member who seems a little lonely this year. Maybe you have a co-worker who just got divorced. Sending a sex toy or novelty for circumstances just like these lets your squad know you’re there for them. You’ve got their back, and their front!


Get what you want out of your sex life

Feel like you’re missing something? Is it time to spice things up in your relationship? You can always give your partner(s) the gift of a sex toy this holiday season to let them know what it is you want. It’s almost like giving yourself a gift at the same time as your partner(s). If you’re too self-conscious to talk about trying new things, gifting sex toys is a great way to let your present do the talking.


Just because it’s 2023

Let’s be honest, 2023 sucked! But one of the best things to come out of it was many people have opened up to exploring their sexuality. Why not keep this positive outcome going by giving your special someone something sensual from PinkCherry! Add that little ho ho ho spirit to their holiday in true 2023 fashion.


Sex Toy Gift-Giving Guide 

Now that we’ve covered the “why” in giving sex gifts to celebrate the holidays, let’s discuss the “what” and the “who”. After that, you can decide on the “when” and “where.” It’s important to understand what kinds of gifts are appropriate to give to certain recipients (generally speaking). Really, it’s up to you in what you give your loved ones. At the end of the day, just remember to respect their lifestyle choices and the comfort levels in your relationships as lovers, friends, family members, co-workers, etc. But if you need ideas for sex toy gift giving, read on!


Solo Play 

Since we’re in a pandemic, it’s even harder on our single friends and family members. Quarantining has definitely put a damper on the dating scene. Help your solo friends stay safer at home this holiday season by broadening their masturbation selections with a new sex toy!


  • For the vaginas - There are tons of sex toys you can gift to women/people with vaginas! In fact, there aren’t many toys that won’t work with female anatomy. A great dildo or vibrator will almost always win you points in the best gift category, but if you’re really looking to get their toes curling, look to clitoral suction products. Some sex toys even feature both a vibrator and a clitoral suction in one, including some very special rabbit vibes. Vibrators that are waterproof can even be paired with body care products (like bubble bath or a sweet-smelling shower gel) for a double pleasure whammy. Don’t forget lube! You should also think about the materials the toy is made from and if your recipient has a preference. For instance, the sensation and weight of a metal dildo will be much different than something in soft silicone, so these differences should be taken into your shopping considerations. 
  • For the penises - You might be wondering what kind of sex toys to purchase for your penis-having friends. Of course, you can always just ask them what they’re into, sex-toy wise, but you really can’t go wrong with a great stroker, or pocket pussy. Whether they’re into oral, vaginal, or anal sex, you’ll find one that fits. How about a prostate massager for hitting that P-spot? They’ll be singing your praises! Cock rings also come to mind for your male pals. The gift of harder erections with possible vibration? Yes please! 


And since we’re being very careful to wash our hands this year, don’t forget to pair your sex toy purchases with the appropriate cleaners for a germ-free good time.


Couples Play 

What do you get for the couple who has everything? Sex toys, of course! What you will get for each set of lovers can depend on their makeup, but there are also toys that will appeal to just about everyone. You can almost never go wrong with dildos and vibrators. Lubes and other sensual items are also a great way for couples to add in some massage and foreplay fun. We also recommend sex toy storage products, especially for couples with kids in the house or those couples living with other family members.


  • For the straight pairing - If you’re gifting to a couple consisting of at least one male and one female, you can either get a sex toy item they can enjoy together or something they’ll enjoy alone. For gifts with each other, vibrators that come with a remote control are popular. One person gets to control the pulses the other person is receiving. Certain ones can even be utilized over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, meaning they don’t have to be together to use it. 
  • For the homosexual pairings - We highly recommend purchasing sex toys that suit a woman’s body or a man’s body based on the couple you are gifting to. You can refer back to the “For the vaginas” and the “For the penises” sections of this article to get a better idea. Strap-on dildos and other wearable harnesses are a great gift idea for your lesbian friends. Gay men might be more open to using anal toys. Don’t be shy to ask before you buy to be sure you’re getting them what they really want.
  • For the sub/doms - While we haven’t touched on BDSM sex toys yet, we haven’t forgotten about them. If you know someone who’s excited by chains and blindfolds, it’s perfectly acceptable to gift them related sex toy products if you’ve cleared it with them. Those in sub/dom relationships might enjoy some silk rope, ball gags, whips, etc. If you’re not sure what to search for, don’t sweat it! PinkCherry has an entire section of bondage products to choose from.


Silly Novelty Items as Stocking Stuffer

Want to get all the laughs Christmas morning? What better way to make her smile than to overstuff her stocking this year with a giant dildo? Looking for something that’ll make him blush? Try something edible or a sex-themed coupon book.


Sexy Games

We want to highlight one final area in our sex toy gift guide, and that’s sexy games. There are a few reasons we feel this category deserves a special mention. For starters, everyone loves a good board game. A little healthy competition never hurt anyone, and a fun pair of dice or a sexy card game might be just the thing to get you in the mood. Adding some adventure to your love life with directions on how to handle your foreplay can be helpful when neither of you want to take the lead in your lovemaking.


If you’re looking for the perfect White Elephant gift, a sexy game might be the ticket. White Elephant is the party game where you can steal each other’s gifts until everyone has unwrapped at least one present. The beauty of this game is that the presents are anonymous, so no one has to know who brought the sexy game to the party. The games range in price, so you can also stick to the set budget if your party has one in place.


Get Gifting!

Giving a sex toy or other sexual related product as a gift this year doesn’t have to be intimidating. PinkCherry has loads of options to fit any budget with categories to find products for every need and want. Whether you’re shopping for your co-worker, best friend, cousin, or your partner, you can trust PinkCherry to have everything you’re looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Get shopping here!

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