How Do Nipple Suckers Work? How To Use Nipple Stimulators

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How Do Nipple Suckers Work? How To Use Nipple Stimulators


Did you know that nipple stimulation is an equal opportunity activity? That’s right — nipple play can be enjoyed by any-gendered individuals! 

For real though, nipples aren’t inherently more or less sensitive depending on your sex or gender, and the ability to give them a bit of a squeeze, flick, suck, or pinch in the bedroom (or maybe out of it?) can be a real game-changer. If you’re looking to enhance your sensation play bedroom wrestling game, bring in men’s nipples, women’s nipples, his nipples, her nipples, their nipples — they’re all fair game. Nipples ftw!

Plus, did you know that some folks can cum just from nipple action!? Yes, according to sexpert Annabelle Knight, “Stimulation of the nipples arouses the sensory cortex in the brain and, in turn, arouses the genitals. Approximately 1% of women and people with vulvas can achieve orgasm through nipple stimulation alone.” 

I mean, wow. Isn’t it worth exploring whether you or your partner is in that magical 1%? 


What are nipple suckers?

Now, when it comes to nipple play, for some folks, a mix of pleasure and pain can be just the right type of joy to shoot to orgasmic heights. But others might just want the nipple pleasure without the pain. Nipple suckers to the rescue! These kinds of nipple toys can apply just enough vacuum-inspired pull to make those nipples realize how important and lovely they really are.

According to Knight, “Nipple suckers are a fab way to temporarily get larger, more reactive nipples. They are designed to draw blood to the nipple to increase responsiveness and further stimulation."

Nipple suckers are a boob/breast/chest-focused sex toy for sensation play. They can be used on other areas of the body, as well (clit sucker anyone?), and the tech that makes them exciting even shows up in some professional settings. Bet you’re wondering what that’s about — well, for example, if you’ve ever experienced cupping as an addition to massage therapy, that cupping device clearly is basically just a big giant nipple sucker. ;) 

So how do these magical contraptions work? Basically nipple suckers apply a bit of pull to the nipples by lowering the pressure of the nipple suction cup/sucker when it’s applied against the skin. Sometimes this is achieved by a plunger that’s pulled or twisted out, or a bulb that, when squeezed, pulls more pressure out of the suction tube, forcing those perky nipples up inside.

The sucking aspect of nipple suckers is similar to breast pumps for female nipples, which use a nipple pump to extract and store breast milk. While it might not be recommended to use a breast pump as a nipple sucker sex toy, there’s nothing really preventing you from trying. #innovation

The best nipple suckers come in various levels of complexity. Some are fairly simple, consisting of just a silicone cup that creates suction, while advanced nipple suckers have turn-screws or added gizmos like vibe-tech (oh hi, vibrating nipple suckers) that can ramp up the sensation play by stimulating the nerve endings, all but guaranteeing your partner’s sexual arousal.


Nipple clamps vs nipple suckers

While nipple clamps offer a consistent pinch, nipple suckers offer a consistent pull to the sensation mix. Not everyone is into the pain sensation that a clamp provides, but getting those sensitive nipples stuck in a sucking tube might be just the nudge you need to get your boo to jump into the nipple play deep end.

Both after clamping and nipple sucking, nips end up being extremely sensitive. And it’s good to know that when you’re using suction toys, even more blood and fluid is pulled into the designated tissue area than with nipple clamp toys (tissue area meaning the chest, breasts, and nipples). So the timed release of nipple clamps, or strategic play with the nipple suckers can even help turn an orgasm into a nipple orgasm.


Why use nipple suckers?

For a few reasons: One, like the best nipple clamps for beginners, nipple suckers offer a way to stimulate the nipples without having to pay constant attention to them. This frees up your hands, mouth, and attention to focus on other things, like sliding in a prostate massager, anal beads or other anal toys, or getting out the body paint to express your artistic side while your special friend writhes in pleasure.

Two, using them can be a huge turn-on. A lot of couples like to use nipple suckers and then have their partner lick, flick, or tease their nips in some way. Why? Because the nipple suckers sensitive the eff out of the nips, making them extra ready to get some good good lovin’.

Finally, if you’ve got inverted nipples, nipple suckers can be a quick home remedy to help those nipples gain some outward perkiness. That said, the nipple suction provided on inverted nipples might not create a permanent solution, and if nipple inversion is bothering you, surgery might be an option for a more permanent fix. (Also, for the record, there’s nothing wrong with inverted nips. All bodies are sexy, y’all.)


How to use nipple suckers

Do you know how to use nipple clamps? Just like these toys, you’ll have to attach them to the area you desire. If your nipple suction cups are having a bit of a hard time getting attached to the nipples, chest, or breast of their desire, add a little lube to the ring of the cone or tube. This allows the suckers to get a better seal so they can really get their pull on.

Once firm suction can be achieved with these delightful pressure tubes, apply them to the chest, leave them on for a minute or three, then take them off and stimulate those nipples to the end of time. The chest and nipples should be very sensitive directly after removal.

After use, nipple suckers need to be cleaned and put away. This nipple toy  can be used with any toy cleaner, or also warm water and some mild soap. After a good nipple tease session, these trusty toys can be shunted back to sex toy storage.

Nipple play, while not on the most extreme end of BDSM play, does have a place in the power exchange dynamic that can be extremely fun to lean into. So throw on your latex clothing, tie up your boo, pop on some nipple suckers and use a magic wand on them while they’re helplessly stuck in a sex swing. Just a thought.

If you’re still having trouble getting a visual on how to get the suckers to latch on properly, there are plenty of Youtube videos that can help. They can show you how to get nipple suckers (or maybe vibrating nipple suckers) attached to sex dolls that own perfect (but extremely fake) breasts.

Nipple suckers, like any other sex toy, are meant to add a bit more fun and spice to bedroom activities. (Pro tip: pair them with a Rabbit Vibrator for an extra memorable time). Please don’t let nipple sucking be the end of your depravity, though — there’s so much to explore! For example, chastity cages, cock rings, seductive leather clothing, anal sex toys … the list goes on. 

And that’s a to-do list you can get behind.



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