Maximizing Mutual Masturbation: 5 Tips To Help Couples Cum Together

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Mutual Masturbation With Sex Toys


It’s pretty safe to say that sexual intercourse is an extremely important element in most relationships. Sex brings you and your partner closer together, yes, but it also helps you learn about each others special desires, possible kinks,  and specific pleasure needs. Mutual masturbation is a sexy couple’s sexual activity that can add another level of heat to your already steamy sex life. Masturbating solo is amazing, of course, but indulging in self-pleasure together can be even more amazing. Plus, you might learn a new skill - it's the power of observation! And as a very sexy bonus, mutual masturbation can open the door (and your minds!) to the possibility of using sex toys together. From an evening filled with erotic vibrations to swinging into the morning on a fancy fetish swing, the opportunities for pleasure are almost literally endless. So, how to orgasm at the same time, exactly?

Today we're outlining a few tips and showcasing some special toys to target all your sexy togetherness needs. Follow along as we explore some of the best ways to get closer when the lights go down, fire up some extra passion and learn how powerful the simple act of sharing pleasure can be. Ready? Here we go.


Sharing is Caring

This statement is as clear as it, ahem, cums. No one likes a selfish partner. There’s nothing worse than catching yourself in a daydream mid-sex or pretending that the most boring body bang caused your knees to shake. Let’s be real, we’ve all been there. This is especially horrifying when you're involved with a partner you love. Mutual masturbation is an amazing way for a couple to explore equally beneficial sexual pleasure. In simple terms, monkey see, monkey do. You have a front-row seat to your favourite movie, starring your very own hottie. It gives each partner the chance to share what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to their ultimate climax. Try watching each other masturbate one at a time, once you get more comfortable seeing what gets your partner off, let your hands explore their body. This will allow each person to map out the hottest trigger points on their road to climax.


Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Clitoral Pump



There may be different types of vibrators but this one vibrator is a customized dream to make your any vulva-owner scream. It features tons of stimulating vibe patterns, convenient wireless design, and added suction to the tongue-lapping action. The Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure Clitoral Pump Vibe's flicking, licking, and suction action, coupled with a luxurious design create the perfect recipe for an unforgettable climax. It is the red carpet of female sex toys, so let your partner play the star. 


JimmyJane Astra Stroker Vibe


Penis owners don't have to feel left behind with this handy gadget! This vibrator is the master machine for all things that please, and it knows exactly where to concentrate its attention - and vibration! Let me tell you, there is nothing hotter than watching your dude peak off the vibrations of the marvelous Satisfyer Men.


Set Up The Steaminess

Setting a sexy mood is just as important as slipping on your best set of garters. There’s nothing like a sultry candle and some chocolate body paint to really help ignite flesh on flesh. Being in the dark can also make you feel like your most dangerous self. It can be an easy way to slip into yourself or onto him without feeling embarrassed. This is often the hardest part of male masturbation and female masturbation. Do I look sexy? Am I turning him on? Am I bringing him to a different level of arousal? Introducing a seductive setup that increases your sexual tension into your midnight madness will allow you and your special someone to touch without a glowing blush.


Oral Sex Adult Dice

Oral Sex Adult Dice

For the gamblin' man, woman and orally fixated people of all stripes! Roll both dice to reveal your next move - one die sets up and erotic action, the other picks the body part said action is to be performed on. When it comes to going down, may the odds be ever in your favour!


Show and Tell 

I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! As we rack up sexy experiences, the sexual benefits of show and tell reveal themselves. Mutual masturbation allows both partners to show off their skills, which is a huge turn on. Watching your significant other rub his or hers, while you rub yours, can add a whole new level of intrigue to your sex life.


Play With Me Kinky Adventures Bondage Kit


Play With Me Kinky Adventures Bondage Kit


This is the ultimate kinky collection for couples looking to get their freak on. The kit includes a mini crop plug a classic flogger to play with, along with some simple, super sexy tweezer clamps and ultra versatile rope wrist and ankle cuffs. Spice things up with  ten Kinky Adventure Cards that'll create the perfect play scenario for you! It is the Hugh Hefner of sexy couples’ equipment. The kit is amazing for mutual masturbation because it gives you the perfect amount of options. The box almost guarantees that one item with be able to satisfy both partners. There is truly nothing that strengthens a couple’s bond more than leaving the bed hot, wet and begging for another round. The more you play with this toy, the better you get to know each others’ desires. So, get ready to dip, drip and lick all night long. 



Why be yourself, when you can be somebody else? Although this isn’t your usual life hack, it is a great way to get comfortable in the bedroom. There’s a dirty mistress hiding under every housewife that is just waiting to show some skin. Let mutual masturbation be your chance to act out a fantasy you’ve always wanted to play out in your head.


WhipSmart Body Swing



Set your sexy intentions loud and clear with a sex swing. You can enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest desires with this incredible Fetish Fantasy Swing. Being bad truly never hurt this good. Strap your partner to the swing and let them watch with no control. You are the Black Widow, ready to taunt the victim of your kinky web. This is the perfect couple’s toy for mutual masturbation because it allows each partner the chance to have full control. Each person can have a chance in the driver’s seat and focus on whatever parts please them.


Play with Porn 

Now let’s face it, replicating porn can be a daunting task on a good day. The actors/actresses always seem to be choking, spitting and sucking in ways that don’t seem humanly possible. If you or your partner are slightly frightened by the idea of contortion, mutual masturbation is the perfect way to dip your toes without getting soaking wet. There’s no need to copy what you’re seeing; the idea is to get turned on by the scenario. This way, you and your partner can set the stage for your own porno, allowing less pressure for more sexual pleasure.


Main Squeeze Bailey Rayne ULTRASKYN Stroker



In a world of sexual fantasies, dreams really can  come true. The Main Squeeze Bailey Rayne ULTRASKYN Stroker showcases a true-to-life mould of Bailey's pussy outside and a multi-chambered texture inside. Control tightness by squeezing the gloss black side panels for increased friction. If you and your partner are looking to fulfil your alternative desires, let this toy guide you into a sexier sunrise. Feel the sex toy’s sexual energy, watch your lover penetrate the deep interior while you show them how much it turns you on. There’s something kinky about the Main Squeeze and its ability to mimic a hot porn star. Leave all inhibitions at the door, and you never know what could be in store. 


We've Never But We Will

We've Never...But We Will

This sex game adds a whole new level to a couple’s sexy playtime. Bring some habanero heat to your mid-week treat. We've Never...But We Will is a daring game that lets you and your partner explore new and passionate ways to strengthen your bond. With 120 daringly delectable cards to play with, the sky is not the limit. If you love a good sex adventure, this is the perfect game to warm up to mutual masturbation. I love the fact that you can hide these cards around for your partner to find. Sneak one into their lunch box or in the front seat of their car to have them dreaming of you all day long. It's the adult version of hide and seek, with the reward being your shared orgasm peak!


Enjoy Each Other

It’s not always easy to get to know your partner on a sexual level. How can you know what they like if you’re not even sure you know what you like? The simple answer is practice and confidence. Take the reigns and be your own Beyoncé in the bedroom. It’s okay to look or feel silly when it comes to sexual activities in a relationship. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of embarrassing moments, but it’s ultimately brought my partner and I closer together. If you’re feeling dangerous, introduce a toy into your routine. All the sex toys and games mentioned above are especially easy ways to watch and be watched in a way that thrills each other. 

Masturbating together gives you the ability to understand your own body while mapping out your lovers’ hot spots. It’s an underrated sexual act that presents couples with an alternate way to enjoy each other and introduce sex toys as a new way of pleasure. The opportunities to please and be pleased are endless. You don’t need to be the Brad Pitt or Angeline Jolie of masturbation to reap the benefits of this rewarding couple’s activity.

I think it’s fair to say that couples who play together, stay together. We’re lucky to live in a world where wet dreams really do cum true. Get off with the hottest sex toys that are perfect for couples who play together!

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