How to Use an Anal Douche Properly

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How to Use An Anal Douche Properly


Whether you’re the bottom or the top in your anal sex-loving relationship, you might be wondering about ways to eliminate any possible brown from the equation. There are a few ways to handle gussying up your derriere, but for many people, anal douching wins the popularity contest. 

This mostly safe and convenient practice is an effective way to make your back entrance a little more inviting. Not sure how to use an anal douche properly? That’s where we come in with all the what, when, where, how, and who of it to make sure you understand the ins and outs of how to clean out your bootyhole.


How does an Anal Douche Work?

Learning how to use an anal douche effectively can seem a bit intimidating. We here at PinkCherry want to take a little of the pressure for perfection away by covering the nitty-gritty of what you need to know. Understanding what to do and what not to do will help you to be more comfortable during and after douching or using an enema, leading to more enjoyable anal sex and anal play.


What is an Anal Douche?

Anal douching, as we know it today, dates to the first United States patent in 1957. Still, we’re sure lots of folks were partaking in this hygiene practice far before that. Anal douches clean the rectum and anal canal by rinsing the interior area with water or specialized solutions. An anal douche product itself is the tool used to insert the cleansing liquid into the rectum. They are most often shaped like a bulb with a slender applicator tip. The applicator tip is the part that is inserted, while the bulb containing the liquid is squeezed to expel the fluids into your butt.

Anal douching is performed to cleanse the rectum from stool for the purpose of anal sex or anal play during other forms of sex. Now, some people accept that a little poo is just par for the course when dealing with butt stuff. Others may feel embarrassed or grossed out by it. In either case, please know that douching is a personal choice. It’s not required, but it can help you and your partner feel more comfortable when playing around back.

Quick note: an anal douche is not to be mistaken for an enema. An anal douche only cleans the upper rectum area, while an enema cleanses farther up and into the lower portions of the large intestines. 


How to Use an Anal Douche

Like we mentioned, whether you use an anal douche or not is up to you. However, learning how to use an anal douche properly (if you decide to use one) is non-negotiable.

1. Preparation: Start with clean products. Everything should be fully sanitized to prevent infection. Use water that is lukewarm to prevent burning the sensitive lining of the anus or follow the included instructions for any enema solutions.

2. Lubrication: Once you’ve reattached the bulb to the nozzle (or applicator), apply lube to the tip and length of the nozzle. Your rectum does not produce moisture the same way the vagina does, so lube should not be skipped with anything anal.

3. Position: Find a comfortable way to position yourself for douching. You can try any position that feels right to you, whether that’s on all fours, lying on your side or your stomach, or while hovering over the toilet. If you’re experiencing discomfort before you even get started, chances are that douching is not going to feel the greatest.

4. Insert, Squeeze and Repeat: Slowly insert the tip of the nozzle and carefully continue inserting. Stop if you feel any pain. Squeeze the bulb firmly to release the contents into the rectum. Remove the douche and hold the liquid in (using your pelvic floor muscles) for 10-15 seconds before emptying into a toilet. You can refill your douche and repeat until the liquid runs clear. Most times, you will need to douche more than once.

5. Sanitize: Once you’re through using your anal douche, it needs to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacteria spread and mold growth. Use a gentle soap and warm water for cleaning. Let everything air-dry. Be sure to wash your hands too!


Types of Douches and Enemas

There are quite a few different products you can try when learning how to use an anal douche to see which one is right for you.

  • Fleet enemas: One of the safer options for anal douching, they are widely available for purchase. The nozzle comes prepared with lube for your convenience and includes a saline solution. Follow the included instructions for correct usage.
  • Shower shots (or Shower Enemas): This form of anal douche includes a hose to attach to your shower. These aren’t always recommended because your water pressure settings might be too strong, and you shouldn’t use warm water. If you still decided you’d like to try a shower shot, follow the included instructions to minimize risk. You should not insert the nozzle, but you can hold it directly against the anus for a clean result.
  • Enema bulbs: These rubber bulbs are reusable when properly cleansed after use. Fill the bulb with water or other approved solution. The nozzle is inserted into the anus, and the bulb is squeezed to release the fluids into the rectum. Nozzles can be hard plastic or a flexible material.
  • Enema bags: Though they look like a hot water bottle, you never want to use warm water (especially if you are just learning how to use an anal douche). Enema bags are usually included in an enema kit with everything else you’ll need. The bag is filled with your chosen solution and can be squeezed to release the contents into the rectum. Some enema bags also have a hook on the end to hang rather than squeeze. In this method, gravity does all the work for you.


Anal Douche: What Kind of Water and How Much to Use 

Plain tap water, in general, will work for your anal douching needs. If you’re douching on a regular basis, however, frequent use of tap water could lead to a chemical  imbalance in your innards. Your body depends on a healthy balance to properly regulate itself, so we recommend a sterile saline solution for daily anal douches. These douching liquids contain the proper amount of sodium electrolyte for body safe uses.

Store-bought enemas can sometimes contain laxatives. Sure, they can be good for clearing you out, but laxatives can cause stomach cramps, which is not sexy. 

Things you should never use when learning how to use an anal douche (or ever for that matter):

  • Olive oil or other kitchen/cooking oils
  • Bleach or other household cleaning agents
  • Alcohol (no matter what percentages)
  • Cosmetic products like makeup remover, micellar water, etc.


While we’re on the topic of water used with anal douching, we should discuss pressure and temperature. Always use lukewarm water or solution to prevent burns. If using a shower shot (or shower enema), make sure the water pressure is gentle to prevent injury.


How Long After Anal Douching Before Sex

For most individuals using an anal douche, the water will exit your body within a few minutes. However, sometimes it can take up to an hour for everything to fully drain. While you’ll probably want to be close to your bathroom during this time, you can use your waiting period to make your other sex preparations. Get your lube and any sex toys in place, set the mood, have condoms ready, etc. 


When to Use an Anal Douche

Again, personal preference is a huge factor when it comes to when and how often you use an anal douche. Some people feel that it’s needed for every time they have anal sex. For others, it’s not required at all.

If anal sex and/or anal play are the main ways you and your partner enjoy your time together, anal douching can be a part of your normal preparations the same way some people wax or shave their private areas regularly. If seeing a little brown every now and again doesn’t bother you or your partner, you might not consider it necessary.  If you’re not planning on any backdoor activities, you can skip anal douching altogether.


How Often to Anal Douche

Timing how often to use an anal douche is not as important as what you use. There are no recommendations on how often you can and cannot douche. Still, there is some consensus that more than once in a day is probably overkill. Ideally, a few times a week is an acceptable anal douche frequency.

Everyone’s body responds differently to stimulus and foreign substances entering the body. Using an anal douche is no different. It’s important to pay attention to potential changes in your body, so they can be addressed if needed.

The other thing that can occur when you use an anal douche too frequently is disruption of your normal elimination (pooping) schedule. Using laxatives that are sometimes included in store-bought douching or enema solutions can affect the way your body normally functions.


To Bulk or Not to Bulk

What is bulking? Bulking is the process of taking medication or altering your diet to increase elimination (pooping).

While laxatives will effectively help you in this endeavor, they carry side effects that are less than sexy. Laxatives can cause abdominal cramping as they irritate the lining of the intestines. They can also cause you to have more volume in what’s coming out than you would have on your own. This leads to more cleanup efforts.

Increasing your fiber intake through fiber supplements or diet can be a safer form of bulking with minimal side effects. Fiber can help you stay on a regular pooping schedule and reduce constipation. Foods rich in fiber include:

  • Pears
  • Strawberries
  • Avocado
  • Apples
  • Raspberries
  • Bananas
  • Carrots
  • Beets
  • Broccoli
  • Artichoke
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Lentils
  • Kidney beans
  • Split peas
  • Chickpeas
  • Quinoa
  • Oats
  • Popcorn
  • Almonds
  • Chia seeds
  • Sweet potatoes


If you aren’t used to eating some of these foods, we recommend adding them to your diet in small servings. Too much fiber can cause you to have loose stools, bloating, cramps, and gas, so don’t overdo it.


Is Douching Really Necessary?

The bottom line is… No! Learning how to use an anal douche or not is completely up to your own preferences. While it’s great to think of your partner, make sure they’re respecting you and your body’s normal functions too. It’s perfectly normal to see some brown every now and again when participating in anal play or anal sex. You should never be shamed or shame anyone else for this natural occurrence.

While it’s not a requirement to incorporate anal douching into your hygiene practices, you always need to follow best health recommendations to inhibit bacteria spread. In relation to anal sex, this means frequent showering or bathing as well as washing your hands before sex. After any sex (but anal sex particularly), you should wash your hands and clean any fluids from your body with warm water and gentle soap.   


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