Does Your New Year’s Resolution include Kegel Trainers? It Should!

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By Sunny Rodgers, ACS, Clinical Sexologist and Sexual Health & Wellness Educator, Jimmyjane


Kegel Exercises Ben Wa Balls for Better Sex


Happy New Year! Have you ever thought of adding intimate exercise to your 2019 list of resolutions?


Many people start new workout regimes this time of year, but few think to include exercise that will enhance their sex lives. That’s because the benefits of these intimate exercises are often overlooked. Allow me to share some insight into how Kegel exercises can be beneficial for you.


Kegel exercises have actually been around since the late 1940’s. There was a trend in the late 1990’s that touted Kegel exercises as a way to become a better partner during lovemaking. Pelvic floor exercises are seemingly popular right now because our society as a whole is becoming more and more acceptant of sexual health and wellness.

Pelvic Floor Muscles Are Important For Health, Happiness, And Better Sex

Pelvic floor muscles are not only responsible for a few unsexy things like urinary and fecal incontinence when these muscles are weak, but also strong pelvic floor muscles can provide a range of sexy benefits such as improved sexual arousal and response, increased pleasurable sensations during sex play, and even heightened orgasms.


The first benefit that Kegel exercises do is draw additional blood flow to your pelvic floor. Just like an erect penis, female Kegel exercises can aid in healthy blood flow and circulation to the pelvic region to help increase sensitivity and arousal – so, practicing pelvic floor exercises will help prepare your body for sex play. Kegel exercises also tone and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which makes them healthier, and can make sex play more enjoyable due to enhanced sensations. Plus, being able to squeeze your partner tighter during sex play also helps heighten their experience as well.


Kegel exercises can help build stamina for better sex because stronger intimate muscles allow you to last longer during sex play. This is important because women need on average 20 minutes of active foreplay to be ready for penetration. That means being in tip-top intimate shape can lead to longer foreplay sessions, which translate to more satisfying sex sessions.


As for better orgasms, strengthening your pelvic floor helps tighten your PC muscle (pubococcygeus muscle), which is one of the muscles that involuntarily contracts during orgasm. Since your PC muscle will contract on its own during orgasm, making sure that it’s well toned will make it easier for your body achieve a stronger orgasm.

How To Locate Your Kegel Muscles

Try stopping your urine mid-stream. When you can do this – you’re in command of your Kegel muscles.

A Kegel Exercise Routine For Your New Year’s Resolution List

The most important workout for women wanting to improve their sex life and strengthen their pelvic floor is a Kegel muscle-specific exercise regime. This can be done in a variety of ways, but there are some that work better than others. One easy way to strengthen these muscles is squeeze them, hold, and let them go.


Squeezing and releasing Kegel muscles for 10 seconds at a time for about five minutes each day will help strengthen them, so you can enjoy all the benefits that tone Kegel muscles can provide.


With a Kegel muscle exercise aid, such as the L1 Love Balls in Lilac, you can start with a lighter weight to insert and squeeze, and then move onto a heavier weight as strength increases. Kegel trainers allow for increased results by giving muscles something to squeeze against, just like resistance training.


Most of the time, results can be felt within 8-10 weeks with daily exercise, just like any other tried-and-true exercise program.


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Kegel Exercises Can Be Done Anywhere

Exercising via this ‘Squeeze-and-Release’ technique can be done just about anywhere – during your commute, standing in line, while watching a movie. I do Kegel exercises whenever I have to wait in line – places like Disneyland really give me a great workout!

What About Intimate Exercise For Him?

Men also have PC muscles. Exercising these muscles can also help elevate his penis strength and boost sex play enjoyment. The easiest way to exercise his PC muscles is to take a towel and drape it over his penis. Then, he can “bounce” his penis up and down by tightening his muscles. The towel can be dampened to add additional weight as his muscles begin to strengthen.