Fantasy For Her Kegel Train-Her Set in Purple

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Fantasy For Her Kegel Train-Her Set

Product Description
It was her little secret. She had started with the lightest almost two weeks ago and had worked her way up to the heaviest. At first, she was a bit nervous about inserting something weighted into her vagina, but the lightest hadn't  seemed that heavy. Now, she enjoyed the full feeling and inmate sensation when her body responded to the weight.

Melding velvety silicone with progressive weightiness, Fantasy For-Her's Kegel Train-Her trio offers a perfect starting point to kegel training plus two more advanced level options ideal for maintenance and continued practice.

Weighing in at 50g (1.75oz) at lightest, 80g (2.8oz) in the middle and 110g (3.9oz) at heaviest, each teardrop Train-Her conforms naturally to individual curves once inserted. Used to tone the PC (pelvic floor) muscles, kegel practice can play a big role in transforming sex into an even more enjoyable experience for both partners. 

A strong pelvic floor allows for more control over sensation and pleasure- some women notice stronger and more intense orgasms, and most report an overall tightening effect that, needless to say, will be appreciated by lovers of both sexes. Strong pelvic floor muscles can also help tighten and tone the vaginal canal after giving birth, restoring snugness and bladder control.

Supple, ultra smooth, and perfectly flexible, the chosen Train-Her inserts comfortably (a little water based lube can help with placement). Along with stimulating the PC muscles, causing a flex effect that results in a strengthening effect over time, your chosen Train-Her can also stimulate nerve-ending rich areas of the vaginal canal and inspire arousal.

In super-smooth silicone, the Kegel Train-Her balls clean easily and thoroughly using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any favourite water based lube- please avoid contact with silicone lubes and formulas.

* Each Kegel Train-Her is approximately 7" (18cm) in total length, 1.1" (2.8cm) in diameter and 3.6" (9.1cm) in circumference

SKU: PD-4930-12 | UPC: 603912752144 | MPN: PD493012 (274)


SKU: PD-4930-12 | UPC: 603912752144 | MPN: PD493012 (274)

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Based On 11 Reviews
Fantasy For Her Kegel Train-Her Set

Great Product

Wife loved these only used the lightest ball and she loves the sensations. For me she was so moist and her vagina was super warm this tighten her up with just 20 minutes in her. Every thrust into her had her quivering with pleasure after we removed it, for me it made her extremely tight and felt like i was being milked.

Fantasy For Her Kegel Train-Her Set

Best kegel ever!

Better than ben wa balls, better than any other shapes of kegel balls! These ones fit perfectly, as their teardrop shape matches the shape of your body. Highly recommend.

Fantasy For Her Kegel Train-Her Set

Great workout

I can feel the workout

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