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Male Masturbators And Sex Toys


When it comes to masturbation, “it’s not what you stroke, it’s how you stroke!” So why not treat yourself to a pleasure machine designed to make you feel like your throbbing member is the best in the world? When you switch up your masturbatory repertoire, you're also working to increase sensation and heighten sensual awareness, plus, it can make you better in bed! As good as your (or your partner's) hand can feel, integrating different strokers and sex toys  add variety and excitement to your satisfaction routine. That's never a bad thing.

For many of us, regardless of anatomy, masturbation tends to fall into a pattern. For men and penis owning people,  this is especially true. A quick up and down stroke session in front of the computer or in the shower is all well and good, but when you change things up, the results just may surprise you! Don't worry, you don't need to go nuts with strange stroke locations or times of day. What we're suggesting is that you focus on trying new sensations with the help of some of some of the best sex toys for men. Going back to locations for a second, that's easy, too.  If you’ve always been a shower guy, just dry off and head into the living room or switch up the home office chair for the bedroom. Remember variety is key! Consider these masturbatory habit changes as you would a well-rounded workout. You wouldn’t want to make every workout a leg day- you want to try new things to feel new ways and get into tip-top sexual shape.

Sex Toys for the Bedroom

According to a study cited in The Huffington Post, the bedroom is the most-masturbated-in room of most homes. Shocker. Of the six most common places to masturbate, the bedroom comes in at a whopping 80%. Most people choose to self-pleasure in the bedroom, which frankly makes a lot of sense. It’s a private space with a bed in it and usually that’s all one needs for a basic session. 

If you have roommates or kids in the house, it’s hard to prioritize finding a new area to wank it in. So in order to make the most of this popular spot, try a truly revolutionary sex toy like the JimmyJane Arvos Stroker As the name implies, this masturbator offers 1 vibration modes and 5 intensity levels.  Curled into an faced chamber with super-soft silicone wings curving around the circumference, the Wand fits easily in your (or your handy playmate's) palm and fits penises of all shapes and sizes. You can use it for stroking, frenulum stimulation, or as an edging tool. 

Shower Sex Toys

Coming in at number two on our list of common places to masturbate is in the shower- which is probably where your partner imagines you pleasuring yourself. There’s no statistical evidence to back this up, but isn’t nice to think they’re picturing you touching yourself in the shower? A fantasy about fantasizing- so meta! If you’ve never been one of the 31% of people who report that the shower is their favorite spot, then it’s time to try a warm, wet orgasm under running water with Satisfyer's multifun couples vibe. It's as sexy solo as it is with a partner. Fit the USB rechargeable, silicone vibe around your penis like a cock ring as you use your hand to stroke and squeeze your shaft for a totally new mastubation sensation. This is an ideal mens toy to try, if you do have a partner and are wanting to have your solo session be more than just self-serving. 

Many men / penis owners are not as accustomed to vibration as their female-bodied partners, so spending time on your own to see how you like it equips you for greater enjoyment of toys in the bedroom. And because this wearable vibrator is designed to stimulate the clitoris (if worn as a cock ring during penis-to-vaginal intercourse), wearing it while masturbating has the added bonus of preparing you to be more adept while using it with your partner.

Sex Toys for the Bathroom

If the shower session doesn’t sound as steamy to you, but you want to get out of the bedroom rut - try jerking off in the bathroom standing erect (tee hee) in front of the mirror. Sexologist pioneer Betty Dodson helped revolutionize female masturbation by encouraging women to get a hand mirror to watch themselves explore. Because the male member is front and center, we often don’t think about men deliberately looking at it, but seeing and watching are different things. You see your penis all the time, but have you watched yourself in a state of ecstasy? The two are very different. 

This mirror exercise is also a great opportunity to spend time appreciating your whole entire body. Men and women tend to concentrate heavily on a man’s penis during sexual scenarios, so taking time to take it all in can really boost body confidence. For this practice, we recommened a blow-job inspired stroker.  Lube it up and get into it!


Toys to use on the Couch

Make the most of your man cave or living room couch! Man-spread out with your pants down and go to town with the Satisfyer Men’s Vibration Stroker. This sexy, high-tech looking mens masturbation stroker is the Rolls Royce of mens toys and totally different from the feeling of simply using your hand to climax. It’s also a perfect toy for one of the most fun ways to masturbate- with a partner. Take a note from this dude’s playbook… “Lubed up and the wife twisted this around and played with the different settings while she licked and sucked on my balls and I came pretty hard.” Damn son! Of course he came pretty hard and you can too. All you need is a couch, your vibration stroker and one very sexy, generous wife. Just be sure to thank her with your words, actions and an orgasm (or two) of her own. 

Toys for the Kitchen

You know what they say, the party always ends up in the kitchen. Why not have a party with your penis and come in the kitchen? It’s one of the most unique places in your home to rub one out and that greater novelty can lead to greater orgasm. Let an automatic stroker become your new favorite appliance! These masturbators offer totally unique hands-free sensations, plus they make it easy to play with position changes . If you usually stand, sit on the counter. If you prefer laying on your back, try leaning forward in a way that mimics the doggie-style position. Practice edging by bringing yourself to the brink of orgasm, then stop and start again. By allowing your mastubation to be more similar to intercourse or partner play, you're setting yourself up for better sexual training. 

Renowned relationship expert, Esther Perel says that while we all acknowledge that sex is natural, we sometimes forget that it is also an art and a skill. If you’re one of the many people who falsely believes that great sex is inherent, take the pressure off yourself. Great sexual satisfaction comes from listening to your body, exploration and practice. It’s an evolution and each time you play on your own or with a partner, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to get even better at sexing. Of all the skills you practice in life, this might easily be the most fun. 

Time to Bring them Home!

Wherever and whenever you choose to masturbate, adding a suction stroker sex toy, cock ring or other mens sex toy can revolutionize your understanding of your own pleasure. Different sensations make for different experiences and thus, different orgasms in terms of intensity. 

Explore more fun sexy toys for men here and see for yourself how novelty and variety just might be the best thing to happen to your cock since your hand!



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