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Fashion trends inspired by the Oscars


Another year, another Oscar weekend to look back on! Yes, it’s been a week already since the big day and I’ve done all the picture-cruising from the red carpet that I can handle. There were a few trends this year that stood out the most so here’s our PinkCherry picks inspired by the greatest night in Hollywood!


Oscar awards style and fashion trends - red carpet like a boss


So many ladies rocked a pantsuit this year and I’m all for this! Pants for me are the most comfortable thing to wear no matter the occasion, and I’ll grab my staple black jumpsuit before any skirt or dress. These ladies are on the same page, taking a masculine must have and turning it into sophisticated loveliness! The 'Tuxedo Royal' set brings the white button up and tie idea to a whole different level keeping it charming but oh so drool worthy! Classic black is always a great place to start with lingerie or any other style trend you might be interested in trying. The 'Ebony Twilight Teddy' brings a choker harness to the mix which accentuates the endless cleavage possibilities! These new arrivals mix masculine traits with feminine details, like harnesses and lace for one of a kind looks.


Pink was all the rage at this years Oscar’s award gala


So many pinks, so little time! The array of pink shown on the red carpet was inspiring! I haven’t been much of a pink gal in the past but jeez! Look at these peeps! Stunners, all around! From a soft velvet baby pink to a saturated rose, these celebs knocked it out of the park! We love pink too, so for every shade that donned the carpet, I’ve selected a piece to match!

Obviously there was no better choice than the 'Pink Velvet Parfait Panty' to go with the soft pink velvet suit. The oversized bow of dress number 2 made for one striking silhouette which couldn’t be matched, but the 'Can’t Pink Straight' babydoll is something I think you’d want to slip into after a day in a structured gown. Ammiright? The 'Pretty in Pink Teddy' is far more structured than the matching dress, I’ll admit, but the colours are actually spot on. The play of orange on dress number 4 has a gorgeous layering effect that seems completely effortless, and for that, I love it. It’s also Dame Helen Mirren so, that’s more why I love it. Last but not least in this array of pinks goes to a feathered, dynamite gown in a heavy magenta. *drool* Our 'Fruit Punch Drunk Love' dress matches perfectly and demands almost as much attention!


Sexy shiny silver was another popular trend at the Oscars


The final trend of this years Oscars goes to…….

Super fun, shiny and reflective, mirror dresses! Now, these dresses are HEAVY and there’s nothing like a red carpet to make them look effortless even though these ladies may be struggling to life the hem. Our style pics are way lighter both in weight and texture. The 'VIP Black Sparkle Mini Dress' has been a top seller of ours since PinkCherry’s inception, and for good reason! The bodycon fit is incredibly sensual and with the glitz of glitter thread, this dress shimmers with every movement! The 'Velvet Moon Cropped Bustier' is structured and boned in all the right places but still shines on when the light catches in just the right way! Finally, my vote for New Years is the 'Can’t Party Wait' teddy. A killer neckline that runs all the way down is one way to break hearts and take names!

The Oscars is a great place to find something new to add to your wardrobe. Maybe try something new, or find a new way to style something old. Either way, I hope you found something to pique your interest this year! And as always, don’t forget to tag us on Social with #PinkCherry because we love seeing what you do!

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