Realistic Sex Toys - Lifelike Fun For Everyone!

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Realistic Sex Toys - Lifelike Fun For Everyone!


Have you always wanted to try out a sex toy, but didn’t want it to feel like a toy? Are bright pink dildos just a little too vibrant for your taste? Do you want to imagine that you’re actually having sex when you use sex toys? Well, that's where the subject of today's blog comes in! Today we're talking about ultra-realistic sex toys.

Sex toys are now more realistic and lifelike than ever before. Thanks to new technologies and advancements in the industry, you can replicate the feeling of being with a partner when you’re all on your lonesome. Alone time doesn’t need to be lonely when you’ve got a lifelike sex toy to keep you company. Even if you’re perfectly content with your neon green vibrating dildo or your bright red masturbator, consider this: using a realistic sex toy is kind of like practicing sexual acts on something that feels REAL, and might make your performance in the bedroom better. 

Alright, there may not be any scientific studies to back this up, and we may have completely pulled that theory out of nowhere, but think about it: if you’re practicing a presentation that you have to give orally, do you just read through your notes in your head? No! You get up, maybe pace around your room, and give the presentation as if you’re in front of your audience. You treat your practice like it’s the real thing, so when the presentation date comes, you’ve already done it several times pretending to have an audience, so you feel more prepared. So, theoretically, using an hyper realistic sex toy on your own just might help your performance when it comes to the real deal. 

In addition to that, you really can feel the difference with any of these ultra-realistic sex toys. Their materials and details are unlike any other toy, making for an experience that is unique and enjoyable.

All this to say: there’s a real-looking sex toy out there for everyone. Read on, friends, and see if there’s anything here that piques your interest - and we can pretty much guarantee that something will!


Realistic Sex Toys for Men and Penis-Owners

Autoblow A.I Blowjob Machine


This blowjob toy is as close as you’re going to get to the act itself.The Autoblow A.I Blowjob Machine is an automatic blowjob machine powered by artificial intelligence (hence the name)! From over 109 hours of data gathered from oral sex videos, the Autoblow A.I's super-unique stroking functions will feel as if the real deal clenching around you.

The Autoblow A.I Blowjob Machine has 10 possible blowjob experiences for you or your penis-owning partner to indulge inIf you already love using lube with your toys, this toy will be game changing!


Extreme F**K Me Silly Mega Masturbator


Isn't technology grand? This male masturbator comes equipped with a speaker that moans, gasps, and says dirty things to you while you use it, a bullet vibrator on the inside that vibrates when she talks, and is made with Fanta Flesh - a super realistic and spank-able material that feels just like real skin.

Live with roommates? Never have the house to yourself? No worries. This masturbator has volume control so you can make her as loud or as quiet as you please, and even has a standard headphone jack if you want to be super secretive. 

The Dirty Talk Interactive F*Ck Me Silly Masturbator is 5.8 inches deep, 4.55 inches high, 5.48 inches wide, with a hefty weight to it.  

The Fanta Flesh itself is waterproof, but remember to remove the bullet and the speaker before you clean it (or if you plan on using it in the shower) so you don’t damage the non-waterproof components. 


Pornstar Signature Series Vibrating Pussy Stroker


Okay, we're a little biased on this one - Bailey Rayne is a personal favourite adult actress of ours. But, the good news is that this series of self contained strokers features several other fan-favourite pornstars including  Keisha Grey, Allie Haze, and Mia Malkova - among others! 

Each model has different measurements because they’re all custom molded from each pornstar’s actual body - seriously. It’s about as close as you’ll get to the real girl (probably). And, for added realism - each model comes with a removable base that can be used as a stand for your phone or tablet, so you can watch your favourite girl while you use her model.

Adjust your suction level easily with a flip cap base and stroke away with the easy-grip case. This pussy stroker in particular is 9.5 inches long, and has a 7.5 inch penetrable hole. The included bullet vibrator provides added stimulation to enhance your experience. 

When cleaning, do NOT use soap - just warm water or a diluted isopropyl alcohol solution. As this model is very, very tight, lots of your favourite water-based lube is recommended for the most enjoyable usage. 


Ultra-realistic Sex Toys for the Ladies and Vulva-Owners

RealRock Curved 7 Inch Ballsy Dildo


Suction dildos are some of the most versatile dildo sex toys because they can be stuck to plenty of smooth, nonporous surfaces for endless hours of hands-free fun. RealRock Curved 7 Inch Ballsy Dildo in particular features incredibly realistic details, from the veiny textures along the shaft to the weighted balls that are practically begging to be squeezed. Stick it on your floor, on the side of your bathtub, or use it handheld for a truly lifelike experience.

The dildo is 7.25 inches long, has an insertable length of 5.25 inches, and a 4.5 inch girth at its largest point. It can be washed with warm soapy water and is most compatible with water-based lube.  

And, for those of you who enjoy pegging your partner, the RealRock Realistic Dildo is also harness compatible! 


King Cock 6 Inch Dildo

Interactive Masturbator Pipedream

Oh, man. This toy is incredible.

King Cock 6 Inch Dildo has a hefty weight and suction, making it stable enough to ride and giving it a more solid feel. Using a good quality water-based lube to add lots of slipperiness, this toy induces maximum pleasure and the most fulfilling orgasms.

The entire model is 6.5 inches long and 1.75 inches wide, with a nice, hefty girth of 5.4 inches. And if that's not enough, the king details a showcase of a smoothly tapered head and a shaft criss-crossed with subtly swollen veins that will leave you shaking.  

This toy can be washed using warm soapy water or your favourite toy cleaner, and should be completely dried before storing it away. 


Natural Real Skin Hot Cock Rotating Thruster Vibe

Vibrating Lifelike Rabbit Vibe Real Skin

A classic rabbit vibe with a twist - literally! 

The Natural Real Skin Hot Cock Rotating Thruster Vibe features a clitoral stimulator with 12 vibration modes and 12 different throb modes to replicate intense penetration. The combination of clitoral stimulation and rotating thrusts specially designed to hit all of your sweet spots make for a pleasurable experience that’s - dare I say it - possibly even better than actual sex! The effects are described as “deep, rhythmic thrusting along with dizzy, head-spinning circular vibration”. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty great to me.

The veiny details on the shaft make for a lifelike feel during penetration, and the thrust modes make it feel less like a dildo that you’re controlling and more like sex with a partner. The vibrator is 10 inches long with an insertable length of 5.4 inches, and a girth of 4.6 inches at its largest point. It comes with a USB cable to recharge the battery.

While the shaft of the toy is waterproof, the bottom part isn’t - so no shower playtime for this bad boy. Clean carefully using warm soapy water or your favourite toy cleaner, and partner with a water or silicone based lube for a guaranteed good time.

Are you convinced about the advantages realistic sex toys have for both women and men? Great! Now, go explore the large collection of ultra-realistic sex toys and see if anything else catches your eye. We’ve only begun to scratch the surface here, go see for yourself what else we have to offer!

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