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Sexiest Canadia Cities 2020


This time of year, there’s lots to celebrate. Don’t let the grey skies and snowplows get you down, it’s true! We’re more than halfway to spring, Valentine’s Day chocolate (and sex toys, and lingerie!) is on sale, and once again, it’s time for PinkCherry’s Sexiest Cities round-up! 

This year marks our eighth edition of Sexiest Cities, and we’re counting down the Canadian cities with the most sex toy sales per person. Really, we should call it PinkCherry’s Canadian Cities Whose Inhabitants Are Most Likely to Have Very Impressive Sex Toy & Lingerie Collections, but that title doesn’t exactly roll off of the tongue! 

Anyway, without further adieu, let’s have a look at the top five largest (population over 150K) sexiest Canadian cities. 

This year, Vancouver comes in at #1. Must be those mountains. Vancouverites, you beat out your neighbours to the east, with Calgary ranking at #2. Saskatchewan, you made the top five twice, with 3rd place going to Regina and 5th place to Saskatoon. Greater Sudbury, Ontario also holds strong at  #4, moving up from last year’s 5th place. 

Want to see how your big city ranks? Here’s the full list of 32 sexy Canadian cities with a population of over 150,000.

If you don’t see your city, don’t fret! We’ve got an even bigger list right here. This one looks at a larger range of cities, taking populations of over 50,000 into consideration. Proving once again that size isn’t important, Victoria BC takes first place, with Fredericton NB, Moncton NB and Fort McMurray leading Vancouver. 

You’re probably wondering exactly what the citizens of our first place sexy city spent their sex toy dollars on. We definitely were! In Vancouver, the top 5 products were classic black stockings, our very own PinkCherry Anti-Bacterial Toy Cleaner, the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation clitoral stimulator, Hydra Natural Glide Lubricant and finally, the beloved Original Magic Wand massager.

Click on the infographic below for more entertaining facts:


PinkCherry Sexy Cities 2020 Infographic


Well, that wraps up this year's edition of PinkCherry’s Sexiest Canadian Cities. Remember to check back next year to see if your city can crack the top 5! In the meantime, have an amazing Valentines Day. XOXO



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