Sexiest Travel Destinations for a Swoon-worthy Romantic Getaway

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Sexiest Travel Destinations for a Romantic Getaway | PinkCherry

Sexiest Travel Destinations

Travel! Vacation! Adventure! A break from the monotony! It’s what’s on many of our minds as vaccines for COVID-19 begin rolling out in some locations. It’s only natural that people are itching to hit the highway (and skyway) in search of brighter scenery and a much-needed change of pace. Families want adventure, essential workers want relaxation, and, to the point of today’s article, couples want romantic getaways!


Now, we obviously are not encouraging travel for people who are still under stay at home orders, quarantines, or travel restrictions. Still, we can all dream of the day that we can go on vacation once again. We’ve pinpointed several renown sexy travel destinations and highlighted our favorite couples resorts for your next big trip. Hopefully, these dreamy locations can soon become a reality for everyone as the world recovers.

Romantic Getaways – Sexiest Locations

Where are some of the sexiest places to take your sweetheart? When you’re able to head to the following list of lusty locations, we highly recommend you take advantage. They offer culture, views, atmosphere, foods, activities, and more that will take your vacation from simple to sexy. Be sure to pack your bags full of fun items for you and your lover. That way you’re ready to indulge with your partner whenever you’re not busy taking in your surroundings.


Paris, France

Paris, France is literally called “the City of Love'', and it’s for a good reason. For starters, it’s the birthplace of Romanticism art. This style conveys the artist’s emotions through their work, which often depicts stunning places in Paris and the people who inhabit and visit there. Paris is home to several famous museums including the Louvre Museum. You’ve probably heard of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe, but did you know there also is the Wall of Love? And let’s not forget the French language itself. There is a very poetic sound to the soft dialects you will hear as you explore small villages and stop through tiny cafes. Don’t forget to try a croissant.


Venice, Italy 

When you visit Venice, you might feel taken back in time as you travel on foot or by gondola. Take in the sites of the old stone and brick architecture as you float along on the Grand Canal. Or steal away into the calle del bezzo (alley for embracing/kissing). You might be inspired to make your relationship long-lasting if you happen to witness the Sposalizio del Mare (the wedding ceremony of Venice and the sea). This symbolic observance by the city began in 997 and is still performed by the mayor of Venice every May since.  


Santorini, Greece 

Chances are you’ve seen a photograph of Greece’s iconic whitewashed buildings dotted along a cliffside leading to some of the bluest waters you’ve ever seen. These breathtaking views provide postcard-worthy scenery. You can take a walk on the beach as the sun sets or follow along a cobblestone path to experience unique shops. You can take in these picture-perfect views as you dine on Greek cuisine. If you venture to Santorini, take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime sunset stroll around the cliff-face of Oia.


The Maldives

Ever wanted to stay at an overwater bungalow? The Maldives offers that plus white sands, an underwater restaurant, snorkeling, and more. Sunset cruises take you on a trip over the glittering Indian Ocean. Or take a dive below the surface to explore coral reefs that are home to tropical fish, sea turtles, and manta ray. The Maldives is a foodie’s paradise with tastes from all over the world while offering thrilling ambiance, like underwater, overwater, or beachside. If you’re looking for adventure, you can try parasailing, jet skiing, or glass bottom kayaking.


Maui, Hawaii 

If you’re into watching the sunrise set, Maui might be the perfect place to go for your romantic getaway. You can kiss each other good morning from Mt. Haleakala’s summit as the sun comes up. Or you can look for the unique and unpredictable green flash as the sun goes down. Attend a luau feast for a taste of food, culture, and entertainment. Take a helicopter tour to see the islands from above. There’s even surfing, horseback riding, or ziplining for the adventurous couples. If you want to discover amazing waterfalls and refreshing swimming holes, take the Road to Hana, an all-day drive fill with 617 curves.


Couples Resorts to Reignite the Flames

Are you looking for a romantic getaway without all the planning? If so, you might consider booking at a couples resort. All-inclusive destinations include your lodging, meals, drinks, entertainment, and activities for one price. Without the worrying about costs of things, you can focus more on your time together. Some couples resort packages are all-inclusive gearing more toward romance and sensuality. We’ve found five locations that offer couples resort packages to make your romantic getaway one you might not want to come back from.  


1. Excellence Playa Mujeres in Playa Mujeres, Mexico

This all-inclusive resort is adults-only. You don’t have to worry about little ones splashing while you enjoy a cocktail poolside at one of 7 swimming pools, so drink up or dive in. There are several international restaurants on-site to give you selections from all over the world. There are many bars and a theatre with entertainment every night of the week if you’re feeling like going out. If you’d rather have a night in, you can enjoy your own private jacuzzi from the comfort of your suite. Enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, paddle boarding, water aerobics, water polo, yoga, dance lessons, Spanish lessons, cooking lessons, and beach volleyball daily.


2. The Caves in Negril, Jamaica 

Every unique cottage offers you the comforts of home with all activities, meals, and beverages included in your stay. You can get a taste of traditional Jamaican food with meals prepared from local produce, offered in casual and 5-course experiences. There is different entertainment available every night at various onsite beaches and their own version of Magaritaville on Saturday nights. Watersports offer you multiple ways to explore the caves, and you might even get an encounter with a school of nearby dolphins. You can also enjoy yoga, mixology, cooking classes, rum tasting, and cave dining.


3. Magee Homestead in Saratoga, Wyoming 

Nothing says romantic getaway like a rural retreat at the Magee Homestead. This ranch features log-cabins that include kitchens and living areas. Some even feature their own fireplace to cozy up after a long day of relaxation and adventure. Speaking of adventure, you can experience horseback riding, shooing, hiking, mountain biking, yoga, cooking classes, fly fishing, archery, ATV adventures, rock climbing, and guided tours. If you’re more inclined to relaxing instead of activities, you can let your tension melt away with a trip to the spa. Select from a range of options to enjoy in a treatment room or a traditional outdoor teepee. Your all-inclusive stay also includes samplings of Rocky Mountain dining with Western-themed dishes made with ranch-sourced ingredients.


4. Kokomo Private Island Resort in Fiji

What’s different about the Kokomo Private Island Resort? They offer package choices for your romantic getaway that let you vacation how you want to. Choose from family-themed celebrations, diving packages, fishing focus, spa centered, and options to extend your stay or fly free. The romantic package features options for snorkeling and dining. All options include meals, beverages, and no-motorized water sports. You can even take a quick trip by superyacht if you can’t stay long. There are 23 different activities, covering a range of interests, including cultural experiences, farm tours, glass bottom boating. There are varieties ranging from small one bedroom villas, perfect for couples, all the way up to six bedroom residences for extended families to stay and play.


5. Ashford Castle in Cong, Ireland 

If you’re looking for romance that’ll make you feel like royalty, look no further than the Ashford Castle. There are 83 rooms, suites, and the Hideaway Cottage offering you luxurious lodging that include detail wherever you turn. 800 years of history are yours to discover as you explore the castle grounds spanning 350 acres, including gardens and a lake. Six different restaurants are sure to please. Stop in at the award-winning spa which boasts a 10-meter pool, and sauna and steam room. The Ashford is no stranger to unique experiences, with falconry at the forefront of a long list of activities to keep you busy. The “Romance & Occasion” packages offer options of meals, flowers, champagne, activities, and more all included in one fee. 


Shop for All Your Travel Needs with PinkCherry

Once you’ve decided where you’re headed, you’ll need to get packing. That’s where we come in! PinkCherry has all your intimate needs covered to make the most of your romantic getaway. Whether you’re headed to one of the sexiest travel destinations or a couples resort, you can go in style with some sexy lingerie. Don’t forget the discreet sex toys that can blend it to get past airport security and are perfectly sized for travel. Help yourself to shopping for whatever floats your boat, toots your horn, or lands your plane. Not sure what to pack? Check out our travel essentials so you won’t forget a thing.



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