Get Off the Fence! Buying Your First Sex Toy

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Buying Your First Sex Toy | PinkCherry


If you have pre-conceived notions about sex toys that are holding you back from making your first purchase, we’re here to bust the myths and help you learn all the fabulous things that sex toys can do for your sex life.


If you ever watched the show Mythbusters, you know how interesting (and hilarious) it is to see just how wildly different that popular rumors, urban legends, and myths can be from reality. Well, let us tell you that they could easily revise that show for 10 more seasons dedicated solely to the topic of sex and sex toys and still barely scratch the surface of all the myths that exist.

Unfortunately, a lot of these misconceptions are holding many people back from a world of sexual delights and exciting experiences that make toes curl, headboards rattle, and neighbours wonder what you’re agreeing with so loudly at all times of the day.

To us, restricting yourself from that kind of pleasure is just plain wrong, and we refuse to let it go on any longer.

That’s our mission with this article, and yours too, if you choose to accept it. We’re going to bust some of the most common myths about sex toys wide open and help you overcome your apprehensions, get you excited about the fun that sex toys can bring to your sex life.

Get ready for some sexy knowledge bombs to be dropped, because here we go!


Myth #1 – ‘Sex toys are only for (insert stereotype here).’


To deal with this myth, we need to talk about the fact that most people have absolutely no concept of just how big (really, REALLY big, wink wink) the sex toy industry actually is. Most estimates put the global value at around $15 billion each year. Unreal, right? That’s a hell of a lot of dildos. Look, we may have started off with a boring statistic in this article, but we have a point to make, so stay with us.

When we look at the first myth on the list, that sex toys are only for ‘certain types of people’, we inevitably hear stereotypes that we aren’t even going to mention here, because we firmly believe that no matter what way you choose to be, its 100% awesome, and you should just keep on, keepin’ on! That being said, let’s look at the numbers for a second, if sex toys were only for certain types of people, would it be a $15 billion a year industry? Heck no! Sex toys are for everyone, and anyone who says otherwise, well it’s an opinion, not a fact.

The reality is that most people who have sex toys simply don’t talk about it. For them it’s a part of their personal, private life that they don’t broadcast to the world (or even close friends in many cases). That’s why you can’t just look at someone and know if they ‘are the type’ to use sex toys. It’s not like we wear badges or buttons for everything we like, so do yourself a favour and let go of those tired old stereotypes of ‘who sex toys are for’, because they just don’t hold up.

Myth #2 – ‘I wouldn’t even know how to use a sex toy.’


This one always makes us smile a bit, because most of the sex toys out there are used in pretty much the same way as any other kind of sexy fun time. You’re not going to need to take an advanced sexology class to learn how to use them. Most of the time it’s just ‘Insert Tab A in to Slot B’. If you can manage that, then you’re pretty much good to go.

Ok, we may have oversimplified that a little bit, since there ARE some toys out there that are a bit more complicated and we recommend a little more experience before trying them. But for most people, the first sex toy they buy will be a vibrator/dildo, cock ring, or male masturbator that are extremely simple to use and very straightforward. They really aren’t intimidating once you start to learn a little more about what they do and how they work.

For a great primer on the different types of sex toys, we’ve got a fantastic resource for you to refer to. Our Sex Toy 101 article is a great introduction for sex toy beginners and novices, with plenty of helpful information that you can use to navigate through the various categories and styles of toys.

Some helpful hints to know is that lube is very important, and you should always read the instructions to get the most out of your new toy. Also, keep in mind that there are plenty of handy resources you can check out online on how to use any kind of sex toy properly.

YouTube is a great way to learn the ins-and-outs (how’s that for a pun?) of any sex toy you can name. Here’s an example video from Womanizer, one of our most popular brands, for their clitoral stimulators.

Myth #3 – ‘Couples who use sex toys must have some kind of sexual problem.’


Uh, what? Seriously? The biggest problem that couples who use sex toys have is that there aren’t enough hours in the day! It’s a fact that some of the strongest relationship bonds come from being completely in-tune with what our partners desire pleasure points are, and knowing that we can please them. Being totally open and honest with our partners allows us to learn what each person REALLY wants, cutting through all our guesses and assumptions and getting down to the truth.

Sex toys are a great way to extend the pleasure, try new things with our partners, and form even stronger emotional bonds as a couple. Most of the sex toys out there can be used by either gender, and there are many different toys that are designed specifically for couples. The We-Vibe is a perfect example of this, and has rave reviews from countless couples who can’t say enough about how awesome their shared sex experiences are thanks to it.

Being open with your partner about sex toys means that you’re going to be more open with them about sex in general, and this is always a good thing. Couples who openly share their feelings and respect each other’s wants and needs often report greater happiness and satisfaction with their sex life, as well as deeper emotional connections.


Getting Started With Adult Toys Couple WeVibe

Myth #4 – ‘Using sex toys isn’t natural.’


On the surface, this myth may make a lot of sense for some people. Of course, if we take a step back and think about it, we do A LOT of things that aren’t necessarily ‘natural’, including using tools and objects in many different ways. For example, we can eat perfectly well using nothing but our hands, but knives, forks, and spoons sure make it a heck of a lot easier, right?

The existence of sex toys is as old as civilization itself. We created them because we wanted different ways to get pleasure, and make things easier and faster, just like we do with any kind of technology. The idea that we are ok using tools and technology in all other aspects of our lives, from travel to cooking, but sex is the ONLY exception doesn’t make a lick of sense to us. We have the technology, so what could be more natural than using it to take advantage of all the wonderful and sexy benefits?

Myth #5 – ‘Using a sex toy with my partner must mean that I’m not good enough.’


No way, Jose. This myth does nothing except lower our self-esteem and make us feel inadequate, when the reality is that bringing sex toys in to your relationship can be a great benefit to the satisfaction and pleasure you both get out of sex. For the majority of us, bringing a sex toy out to play means that we want more of our partners, not that we want them less. Sex toys are an added bonus to an already amazing experience, not a replacement or substitution.


‘Do you want fries with that?’ YES!


‘Can I interest you in dessert?’ YES!


Why miss out on something awesome when you don’t have to? We say, order that extra scoop of ice cream and enjoy! Think of sex toys the same way, and we guarantee you and your partner will love the extra indulgence. Now that’s what we call a real treat!

Shake Off the Hang-Ups and Go For It!


We hope that this has been inspiring for you, and that your eyes are opened a bit wider to the incredible delights that sex toys can offer. You don’t need to be worried or embarrassed about buying a sex toy. Quite the contrary, actually. They’re exciting, fun and will definitely help you REDUCE the stress and worry in your life!


Buying your first sex toy can be a wonderfully liberating experience and helps to get you way more comfortable with your own sexuality in a way that can spread positive vibes (if you know what we mean) to your relationship. Whether you are looking for a new way to pleasure yourself or a toy to help add some variety and spice to sexy time with your partner, you won’t regret taking the plunge and buying your first sex toy online.


Start by simply browsing around the different sextoys that are available for women, men, and for couples. Read some of the reviews and testimonials and see what might strike your interest. We’re sure that once you start reading the opinions of real people just like you who have discovered a toy that rubs them the right way, your interest will go from ‘mild’ to ‘intense’.  Now, start exploring the variety of sex toys we offer and have fun!