Body-Stocking Up

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Straight up, I didn’t really think much about bodystockings until after I finished this blog. I didn’t really know how to style them, (or wear them at all) and I guess it’s because bodystockings weren’t really a staple piece for me and I don’t think I’m alone there. I came to the conclusion during this experiment that using bodystockings as streetwear is actually super easy so I’m going to share my style picks with you! They’re completely versatile, and the crotchless feature on most of them makes total sense now. So smart!


Complete outfit showing how to use bodystockings with existing clothing

The, “Shop til I drop but then I’ll get a coffee” look

Perfect for lounging, hitting some window shopping, coffee, drinks... really this outfit can go anywhere! The rib knit top with the cutout in front lets the simple fishnet bodystocking peek through, and the boyshorts are a sweet layer! I picture this with some Chuck’s or Docs. What would you pair it with?

Outfit: rib knit top with cutout in front paired with simple fishnet bodystocking and boyshorts

The “Girls Night Out with the Boys” Look

This one’s a little more saucy! I used the same bodystocking as above, only this time I layered a booty short and a sheer, floral bralette. The bralette’s applique covers the nipples so it’s still completely appropriate to wear out. I would 100% pair with a suit jack, jean jacket, leather jacket, whatever jacket! A high waisted skirt or jean shorts would look pretty awesome with this too! The beauty is that I also see the value in a crotchless bodystocking now! I know most of us were confused about the crotchless feature, but being able to use the ‘facilities’ is a huge benefit.

Outfit: Bodystocking layered with booty shorts and a sheer, floral bralette

The “Strut, Don’t Walk” Look

A few of us here at PinkCherry have this jersey dress, including me, and let me tell you, it’s the softest dress I own. One lady here wore it to a wedding ‘cause accessorizing is key! I chose a super fun and pattern obsessed crotchless bodystocking. The high slits will show off the crazy mix and match of the bodystocking itself, but also keeps the drop-v neckline a lot more subtle. A pop of colour would also be super amazing, an empire waist belt maybe? So many options!

Outfit: Crotchless bodystocking with Jersey dress

The “Neon For Life!” Look

So we all know neon is coming back right? No? Well jeez. Read this post for some 80’s inspiration! Read More 

Now that you’re caught up, this hooded bodystocking is not only bright, fun, and daring, the brightness of it is totally on trend. This one’s got sleeves so more of the colour is shown off, especially with the shredded mini dress! Neon is a tough one, but if you keep to pairing with neutrals, you’ll be safe. Can’t wait to play around with neon a little more!

Outfit: hit the streets sleep shirt, paired with industrial net suspender bodystockings

The “Roll Out of Bed and Kick Ass” Look

Now, I know that this is titled as a sleep shirt, but I honestly wear it everywhere. I love it. The heart elbow patches won me over. It’s soft, comfy, and literally goes with everything. I picked a different shade of red with this suspender bodystocking and it really brings the sex appeal up a notch! Even though the two reds don’t completely “match” persay, I really love taking different shades and mixing it up. Not everything has to match match, it just needs to go together, and I think these two pieces go. Like two best friends that are completely opposite.


Bodystockings have their place among your everyday streetwear, some of us just weren’t aware. Until now I hope! I’m stoked to play around with my existing clothes. Adding a new kind of trend to your choices gives your old wardrobe new life too! 

Let us know how your bodystockings go - and be sure to check out all the other sexy lingerie here at Pinkcherry Canada - good luck!