Sexy Sleepwear to Wake Up Your Wardrobe

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Sexy Sleepwear Bedtime Lingerie


Finding the perfect sexy sleepwear piece can be a dream come true! Just because you’re wearing it to bed, doesn’t mean it needs to look as tired, right? I love glamming up my nightwear because it makes me feel fabulous as soon as I wake up. If you’ve been hitting the snooze button on your nightwear wardrobe, it’s time to (hypothetically, of course!) caffeinate those pj's and get yourself some shag worthy snuggles! I’m excited to share some amazing pieces perfect for all shapes, sizes and styles. Time to rise and shine! 

The Romper

Blue Lace Onesie Romper Sexy Sleepwear


I call this the sexy onesie. It’s the perfect pullover for those looking to update their casual sleepwear closet. This piece is the ultimate combination of sexy and cute. The romper is amazing because it provides the opportunity to mix materials. This means you could have a sexy lace top paired with a comfortable cotton bottom. I would say this is a match made in heaven! This item also happens to flatter ALL body types because of its versatility. If you’re willing to put in a couple of hours shopping, I guarantee you will find a romper that will make you feel like your very own sleeping beauty.


The Black Eternity Rose Lace Teddy is a dream come true. The low-cut lace top and cheeky boy-short bottom are fun, flirty and fabulous. This black romper is effortlessly angelic and truly a must-have piece for the new year! You can “sleep” right out of bed and onto the couch with ease knowing this stretchy romper provides cloud-like comfort.


The Satin Slip


Lace Satin Slip Sleepwear Nightie


I am absolutely in love with the satin slip. The luxurious material and obvious sex appeal makes this item a must-have for sleepwear. This nighttime piece knows no boundaries when it comes to style, pattern and colour. Whether it’s long and lace or short and mesh, you can surely find one that meets your fancy. Another incredible aspect of the satin slip is that it’s trending as a “night-out” staple. This means that you can walk off the street and into bed without even having to get changed! Plus, it allows hotties to interact with you outside your bedroom and imagine the dirty deeds you could do later with them in the same outfit. Talk about a win-win situation!


The Stripes Over Paris Soft Pink Babydoll is an elegant, timeless and star-worthy slip. From the lace fitted bra to the delicate satin lining, this piece is a guaranteed jaw-dropper. This is also innerwear that could easily be made outerwear. Throw on a sexy pair of heels and a leather jacket and take this outfit for a night out on the town. 


The Set


Two Piece Lingerie Set Sleepwear


Everyone knows that 2 is always better than 1. The sleepwear set happens to be proof that the perfect pair does exist! I love to increase the seductive nature of this outfit by cropping the top and booty shorting the bottoms. This piece really gives you the ability to accentuate all your best body parts. If you happen to be like me and appreciate your booty, find a high-rise short that highlights your plump rump. If you cherish your girls more, choose a set that focuses on a low-cut top to make your breasts pop!


The Black Opaque Cami and Booty Shorts are a delish set worth dipping your sleepwear wardrobe into. This piece includes a sheerly amazing black cami and booty shorts that fit every mood. I believe this is a staple piece for every closet. I personally have 2 pairs that not even my boyfriend can get me out of.


The Kimono


Kimono Red Robe Sexy Sleepwear


Dream in Japanese with a beautiful Kimono. These traditional garments are now becoming extremely popular sleepwear pieces for people all over the world. The Kimono is typically patterned, silk and has a distinct separation at the top. The material feels silky on your skin - and against a partner's, too! -  and allows every body part to breath with complete ease. Thanks to their very well-deserved popularity, you can now find Kimonos at a large number of lingerie stores worldwide.


The Black Satin and Eyelash Lace Robe is a sultry sleepwear alternative to the Kimono. This piece is ravishingly red and romantic! The satin and lace embellishments reveal an amazing v-cut element to accentuate your cleavage. If you’re the kind of person that thinks robes are a waste, you’re sure to change your mind after you hug yourself in this material. You will never want to get out of bed again. 


The Sleepshirt


The morning after never looked as good as you do in your sexy sleepshirt. This comfortable and warm option allows you to cover your top while fully exposing your bottom. You get to show off your sultry stems and even a little cheek if that’s what you desire. I find this option to be extremely playful.


Whether you decide to dress it up in satin or dress it down in cotton, you’ll feel naughty and naptime ready! The sexiest aspect of the sleepshirt is the ability for your special someone to just slip into you without having to take anything off. It’s ease, breeze and a whole lot of tease. My man loves it because it looks like I am wearing one of his shirts. You can play with the one-night stand fantasy even if you’ve been a couple for years.  


Time to Spice Things Up


It’s easy to become complacent in your full piece snuggie or grey tracksuit when it comes to sleepwear and I’m not saying that there's anything wrong with that. There's definitely a time and place for comfort over style, but you just might find that a sexy slip or seductive sleepwear set can be just as comfy AND look fantastic.


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