5 Best Shower Sex Positions To Try

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5 Best Shower Sex Positions To Try


Are your favorite 10 sex positions feeling a little dull and, well, dry? Then you may be looking for some steamy shower sex positions, and we got you there. That non slip bath mat isn’t the only thing that’s gonna be wet by the time we’re done here! 

Listen, there are lots of great reasons to have shower sex. Besides being awesome for period sex (no need to clean up - all that warm water washes everything away), it can be super fun to surprise your partner while they’re getting so fresh and so clean. And there’s something very sensual about shower sex positions that get all that slick skin slipping and sliding together. 

So let’s take a peek behind the shower curtain, shall we? ;)


Shower sex dos and don'ts

Here are a few sex tips to keep your shower-based sex life fun, comfy, and safe:


You DO want to: Put the heat on

Heat up that bathroom! Of course things will also get naturally steamy, but you want to make sure that both partners are comfortable, and the person that’s not under the hot water can get chilly pretty quickly. So crank up the heat before/while you’re getting busy.


You DON’T want to: Use soap 

You can obviously use soap to clean yourself or your partner, but when it comes to penetrative sex, you don’t want to use it. Why no soap? Simple - it can be irritating to the delicate skin of your genitals. Same goes for shampoo, conditioner, or shower gel. 

Instead, she recommends using the right lube (which we'll get to) or doing things like oral sex instead of full-on penetration. She also goes into detail about vaginal health: “You’ll have someone think they’ll just put soap on their penis for lubricant," says Chinn, "and all I have to say is: Don’t do that!” This is in large part due to the fact that if you're a vagina-owner, that soap can mess up your vajayjay. “You’ll have good sex one day, and now you’re burning with discharge the next,” says Chinn. “Not really the way you want to go.” 

This is probably a good time to remind you that according to the NIH, soap can change the delicate pH balance of your vaginal microbiome, which can make it easy for yeast to grow (hello, yeast infection), or BV or other things. Vaginas are like self-cleaning ovens --  you don't need to do anything to clean them, and you want to be careful about what you stick in there. 


You DO want to: Consider a non-slip mat

Sounds obvious, but it can really help, especially in certain kinds of showers or bathtubs. A non-slip mat will help with the safety and ease of certain standing Kama Sutra positions, and you can always take it out if you don’t like it there on the regular. 


You DON’T want to: Go unprotected

If you use barriers outside the shower, you’ll need ‘em in there, too. According to Durex, “Yes, condoms do work in water. However, the risk of condom slippage during sex may increase when used in such circumstances.” So be careful -- and use the right lube. Speaking of…


You DO want to: Use the right lube

As OB-GYN Natasha Chinn, M.D., puts it, “While water seems like nature’s lubricant, it can actually cause dryness during sex ... because the running water washes away your body’s natural lubricant.” 

You can use a water-based lube or a silicone-based one. Many people swear by silicone-based lube when it comes to shower sex, because it tends to “stick” a bit better. There are also fun, hybrid lubes you can try out (both water- and silicone-based mixed lubes). Whatever you use, you’ll need to reapply it more during shower sex, and that’s normal. 

You DON’T want to: Spill the lube ;)

Lube is all kinds of fun for vaginal penetration or anal sex, but it doesn’t want to get on smooth surfaces like the shower floor, etc. Be careful to clean up any spills. #safetyfirst

5 of the best sex positions for the shower

The fact is, shower sex can be harder than it seems. Or as sex & relationship writer Shauna Willetts puts it, “Shower sex is one of those things that’s almost always better in theory than it is in practice.” 

She goes on, “Cue every romantic movie ever, where one person steps into the shower to find their partner rinsed and ready to go. Seriously, they’re never mid-shave with shampoo in their hair or running late for work—not to mention, someone is always orgasming within 5 seconds of player 2 entering the game. It’s all lies—anyone who’s actually attempted shower sex knows how awkward it can be (and how borderline acrobatic shower sex positions can get).”

That said, it can also be super fun and awesome -- and a lot of that has to do with, ahem, positioning yourself correctly. 

It’s also worth noting that while the positions outlined here are for partners, there’s a lot of fun shower sex to be had solo -- especially with a waterproof, suction-based dildo. You can stick that puppy onto a shower wall or floor and go to town, in all the hot, steamy delight that is your very own shower. Yes, waterproof sex toy is for all!

Now, on to the top five shower sex positions:

1. Take a Seat

This one sounds obvious but it’s actually still pretty delicious. The penetrating partner sits down, leaning their back against the end of the tub. Their legs are straight out, while the receiving partner straddles them. This one is pretty low-risk, and even if you don’t have a non-slip bath mat yet, it can be simple. You can even add some adult sex toys to spice things up. 

One thing to know is that it’s helpful to get the shower head to not be spraying anyone in the face before you get started. If you tilt it just so, you can have it spraying on the back of the receiving partner as well as on the inside of the legs of the penetrating partner. It’s hot!

Pro tip: A waterproof vibrating cock ring can add a little buzz to the mix here, and kick things up a notch. 


2. Up Against The Wall

This one is just what it sounds like -- the receiving partner holds their forearms against the shower wall, their legs spread a bit, and their tushy pushing out (ayyyy). 

The standing partner takes them from behind, squatting down a bit in order to get all up in there. Since this shower sex position has both people with both feet on the ground, it’s a safer bet than some others. 

3. Lean with It, Rock with It (aka Standing Doggy Style)

If you’ve got a shower bench or seat, you can rock out with this one. Lots of pleasure sensations to be had here, especially if you add a waterproof vibrator to the party. Or if you have a detachable shower head, bring that puppy on into the equation!

Basically the receiving partner leans forward, putting their hands on the shower seat for support. The giving partner penetrates them from behind, enjoying the view. For bonus points, try twerking it out before penetration happens. ;) The spray from that is the kind of thing you don’t want to miss. 

Don’t have a shower seat? No problem -- depending on the design of your shower space, you can actually get a shower stool that can help with this. There are even shower sex chairs (aka love chairs) specifically made for shower sex! 

4. The Standing Pretzel (aka The Wraparound)

For a more intimate position where you get to face each other, have the receiving partner with their back against a shower wall. The penetrating partner takes a wide stance (and again, you want to have a sturdy base, so likely you’ll want a non-stick bath mat under you to make this work, or a stone/slate type shower floor). 

Then the receiving partner wraps a leg around their partner’s waist, which makes insertion simple and sexy. It also ups the level of closeness you feel -- and trust, since your partner is helping you with balance here. For extra support, the standing partner can hold their partner’s thigh up. 

5. The Hot Seat

Back to taking advantage of the shower seat/bench, or shower stool. Have the penetrating partner sit, with the other person straddling them, either facing them or facing away (both are hot in their own way). 

If your shower bench is made of stone, you can also use a towel to help ease the burden of the sitting partner (sometimes the stone can cut into your legs).

Pro tip: While it may seem tempting, don’t attempt this shower sex position on the side of the tub, since you can actually hurt yourselves. Again, if you want to experiment more in the shower, there’s actual shower sex furniture that can help -- and keep you safe in the process.


Ultimately anything can become sexy if you’re playing with it in the right way (oh hi, shower shelf). And when you’re collaborating with the right partner, even the bumps along the way can lead to closeness and joy. If nothing else, you’ll have a funny story to look back on together. 

Or as sexperts Korey Lane and Sarah Ellis put it, "For just about everyone, sex is a huge part of life. It's intimate, it's satisfying, and if you're in a relationship, it can bring you and your partner closer."


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